How do I know if I’m eligible?

Complete our eligibility checker which can be found here.

How much will the training cost, and how much will I have to pay?

Price will depend upon the number of learners, the duration of course, the method of delivery, and the course content. As each skills deal is employer-led, you may negotiate directly with one or more training provider(s) and agree the price. The extent of matched funding will vary for each skills deal depending on the GVA (Gross Value Added) potential. You will be required to make a cash contribution towards the cost of training.

Who will I contract with?

You will contract with the training provider you have chosen and you will need to pay the training provider a cash contribution towards the training. The Skills Bank will separately contract with the training provider.

I already know the training that I want – will I be able to let you know?

You will be able to let us know your needs.

What will happen if I am unable to find the course that I want?

A member of the Skills Bank team will discuss your options supporting you to find a solution which meets your needs.

Once I have agreed a price with the training provider, how does the funding work?

You will pay your contribution directly to the training provider. Once training has taken place, the training provider will contact the Skills Bank to draw down the remaining funding.

Will I need to name my employees that will be trained, and can I change names after a Skills Deal is completed?

In order to comply with European Law regarding the European Social Fund, all employees that are to receive training must be named in advance of the training taking place.
Any change to the employees attending will need to be provided to the training provider before the training takes place in order to ensure that records can be updated.

How many training courses can my employees go on?

Each employee can be trained once per funding stream. There are two funding streams: the European Social Fund and Growth funding.

Will I have to do anything after the training?

Yes, you will need to submit feedback and a review on the learning that has taken place. This is to help us ensure that quality standards are adhered to and a continuous improvement feedback loop is in place.

How long will the process take?

The process has the potential to be very quick: once you have matched with a training provider and agreed a price for the training, the Skills Bank will review and approve the application and then generate a Skills Deal. Once the Skills Deal is in place, and you have paid your cash contribution, the training will be able to take place.