Snow Island

Free Download Snow Island - by Katherine Towler, Free Download Snow Island - by Katherine Towler, Snow Island, Katherine Towler, Snow Island This novel follows year old Alice Daggett who still feels the presence of her father who died six years earlier and George Tibbets a recluse loner who returns to the island each year in an act of hommage to the two women who raised him there. Free Download Snow Island - by Katherine Towler - Snow Island, Snow Island This novel follows year old Alice Daggett who still feels the presence of her father who died six years earlier and George Tibbets a recluse loner who returns to the island each year in an act o

  • Title: Snow Island
  • Author: Katherine Towler
  • ISBN: 9780452283909
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Snow Island - by Katherine Towler

Snow Island, Free Download Snow Island - by Katherine Towler - Snow Island, Snow Island This novel follows year old Alice Daggett who still feels the presence of her father who died six years earlier and George Tibbets a recluse loner who returns to the island each year in an act o

  • Free Download Snow Island - by Katherine Towler
    497Katherine Towler
Snow Island

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  1. Katherine Towler is author of The Penny Poet of Portsmouth A Memoir of Place, Solitude, and Friendship and the novels Snow Island, Evening Ferry,and Island Light This literary trilogy is set on a fictional New England island and takes place between the early 1940s and early 1990s, chronicling the lives of two generations in two island families and the impact of war on the island community Katherine is also co editor with Ilya Kaminsky of A God in the House Poets Talk About Faith, a collection of conversations with poets All three of her novels were Indiebound selected titles Snow Island was also chosen as a Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers title Katherine grew up in New York City and attended the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins, and the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College She teaches in the MFA Program in Writing at Southern New Hampshire University She is happy to hear from book groups and to arrange Skype visits.

  2. The hand written inscription in the front of this book to a friend Carolyn states that she hopes her friend falls under the spell of the island the way she did Well, as I bought this piece garbage from the dollar clearance section, I suppose Carolyn felt the same way I did Not worth the read.

  3. An interesting read about life on a small island during WWII The characters are all really well written and I definitely got a sense of life on Snow Island It was interesting to see how drastically life changed after Pearl Harbor There is a true sense of place in this novel Even while people are away, the island is always in the back of their minds.

  4. A quiet, slow paced novel Very fitting for the quaint New England island it chronicles Without spoiling anything, I will say that if a happy ending is what you re wanting, this really isn t your book.

  5. I feel bad for giving this book only two stars It might merit a third, but in the world of everything I ve ever read, I don t think I can legitimately go higher It s not something that I would have picked up on my own, and in the first few pages, I was having trouble maintaining interest in the dreary picture painted As I continued, however, I felt myself drawn to the characters and life on the island So by the end, when ferry brought Alice back to the island AND THAT WAS IT I felt really let do [...]

  6. Alice Daggett lives on Snow Island with her mother and younger brother Since her father s death five years ago, 16 year old Alice has helped her mother run the island s small store.George Tibbits grew up on Snow Island in the well known twin houses with his two aunts Years earlier, he left to serve in the army and returned to the island in 1919 to find both the women who cared for him dead in their respective homes Now, he returns to the island every summer in an effort to reconcile their deaths [...]

  7. The Snow Island Trilogy by Katherine Towler follows the lives of a tightly knit community off the coast of Rhode Island With the backdrop of war World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War, we follow the community members, whom we come to deeply understand, as they deal with the ramifications of those wars War isn t the star of these books however, the characters are, and Towler is a master of character development Second to the memorable characters, is the rich formation of the island itsel [...]

  8. I was assigned this book to read for a book discussion group and wasn t sure about it, but I fell in love with 16 year old Alice as I followed her life on Snow Island Beautifully written with descriptions that make you feel like you are there You can picture the landscape of the island and you also can feel the isolation and quiet of life on the island Then there is the life of George Tibbits, who returns to the island every summer at exactly the same time and int he same way year after yearlivi [...]

  9. I picked this up for a buck on the used book rack of the Moultonborough, NH library on vacation Sometimes you just get lucky I ordered the second book of the trilogy when I was only halfway though this, and if all goes well it will greet me when I come home next week This novel is set before and during WW II, on a tiny island in New England presumably off the coast of Rhode Island, although the author never specifies The author s style is clear and direct, and I got a vivid picture of both life [...]

  10. The book was OK The characterizations were good The book was about people who lived on a small New England Island before and during WWII All the people in my bookclub, myself included, assumed it was an Island in Maine It took us til we were 3 4 of the way through, to realize that it was off the coast of Rhode Island The characters were boring, quiet people, who had their quirks The main character, Alice, kept having bad things happen to her I got to the end of the book and I was like Are you ki [...]

  11. I liked this book , although I though the story dragged a bit at times It is the first of a trilogy I read the second book first and thought it was better and gave it a better rating too Evening Ferry The 3rd in the series is still being written and published I like books about islands and island peopleey are rather romantic I will be waiting for book 3 Hopefully this author will get better and better.

  12. This is a quiet and lovely novel about life on an island in Narragansett Bay between the wars Even such an isolated place is touched dramatically by world events and in this coming of age story, young Alice s life is profoundly changed by the United States entrance into World War II It is a novel with no neatly wrapped up ends, but one that will stay with you, and make you wish that you had such a special place in your life as well.

  13. This novel was a thoroughly enjoyable story of a group of islanders living off the coast of Rhode Island as WWII was starting Alice, the main character, is a strong girl who must face her womanhood early I loved her character and will be keeping this book on my shelf for my own daughter when she is in her late teens Although the story was not always happy, it rang true to me I m looking forward to reading Towler s next book about Snow Island.

  14. Katherine Towler s debut novel is a beautifully written coming of age story Set in a small island off the coast of New England, it takes place before and during World War II Brimming with wonderfully drawn characters and sense of place, Snow Island was a wonderful read I was sorry to see it end This is the first book of a trilogy Ms Towler is a very talented writer and I am looking forward to reading Evening Ferry.

  15. Started this for the second time the first chpt didn t catch me at first but my mood must have been right this time Wow What a great story i can t wait to read and to tell people to read this The setting is an island I d love to visit and the characters are people I d love to know Added to it all it s the 1940 s and it s a perfect time even If it s wartime I am SOOOOO glad I picked this up again

  16. Very well written coming of age story I don t usually give 4 stars to a novel about teenagers, but this one was very different The place, Snow Island, kept me engrossed The towns people, the way the writer described the island It took place just prior to WWII It only took me a couple of days to read and that is how I know a book has kept my interest.Katherine Towler went on to write two stories after this one about the same island I have already ordered Evening Ferry.

  17. The first in a trilolgy that begins in 1941 during World War II on a fictional islandoff the coast of Rhode island The cast of characters make their way into your heart as you follow them through the dailyness of their lives The war catches up with the people on Snow Islandas the young enlist and those left behind deal with an everchanging environmen.

  18. you get so you living on the island with Alicece, steady, good people makin it through, with a couple characters and a couple guys you d like to slap across the face glad to see there are books about the island

  19. I like the author and the overall setting and story of the book It s haunting and filled with atmosphere I think I read it a long time ago, and now know why I both love it and hate it Tough story line Real Gritty Imaginative too.

  20. Definitely not one of my favorites Too many sad tragic events and an unhappy ending to top it off Wish I had been forewarned before reading it.

  21. One of the best books I have read in a long time I really enjoyed the character development and the description of the Island and its inhabitants.

  22. I really loved this book It had great characters and a wonderful story When it ended, I wanted to read it all over again

  23. Great story The ending was a little abrupt I would have liked story i.e what happens when she goes back I am glad I read it, because Katie Towler is an amazing writer.

  24. A quiet, sad, coming of age story Not entirely satisfying I would have given it 3.5 stars if I could have.

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