Paw Enforcement

[PDF] Paw Enforcement | by ✓ Diane Kelly, [PDF] Paw Enforcement | by ✓ Diane Kelly, Paw Enforcement, Diane Kelly, Paw Enforcement Introducing police officer Megan Luz and her loyal K partner Brigit two Fort Worth cops who are worth their weight in kibbleE S ON A SHORT LEASH Officer Luz is lucky she still has a job after tasering a male colleague where it counts the most Sure he had it coming which is why the police chief is giving Megan a second chance The catch Her new partner can t carry aIntroducing pol. [PDF] Paw Enforcement | by ✓ Diane Kelly - Paw Enforcement, Paw Enforcement Introducing police officer Megan Luz and her loyal K partner Brigit two Fort Worth cops who are worth their weight in kibbleE S ON A SHORT LEASH Officer Luz is lucky she still has a job after taseri

  • Title: Paw Enforcement
  • Author: Diane Kelly
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Paw Enforcement | by ✓ Diane Kelly

Paw Enforcement, [PDF] Paw Enforcement | by ✓ Diane Kelly - Paw Enforcement, Paw Enforcement Introducing police officer Megan Luz and her loyal K partner Brigit two Fort Worth cops who are worth their weight in kibbleE S ON A SHORT LEASH Officer Luz is lucky she still has a job after taseri

  • [PDF] Paw Enforcement | by ✓ Diane Kelly
    116Diane Kelly
Paw Enforcement

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  1. Award winning author Diane Kelly writes romance and romantic mysteries featuring feisty heroines, quirky sidekicks, and sexy leading men, with humor that leaves readers laughing out loud.

  2. openbooksociety article paBrought to you by OBS reviewer JoAnneMegan Luz tasers her partner, Derek Big Dick Mackey in the place it will hurt the most Why Because he was making sexual remarks to her all day, and when she collared a woman for crystal meth, he suggested that the two of them basically give him a sex show using her digits, if you get my drift this should have been my first clue, but I kept reading So, after she tases him, he runs to their chief and when she tries to defend her action [...]

  3. After reading Night by Elie Wiesel I just had to pick up something light hearted , cute, and all around enjoyable I ve been waiting for the perfect time to pick upbyand it turned out to truly be the perfect time This is the first in this series and it was truly enjoyable Of course, I can be a bit bias on this for I love dogs and I am a huge fan of our men and women in law enforcement The lead character, Megan is a rookie police officer who after tasering her arrogant, sexist male partner in the [...]

  4. During the first 1 3 of the book I was planning to give this 4 stars, but I ended up being very disappointed with the way the author handled the relationship between Megan and Seth She s been at pains to paint Megan as strong, short tempered and taking no shit from nobody Then she gets into this relationship and becomes all passive and submissive within the context of that relationship She passively accepts whatever he offers She may fume about it being inadequate, but only to herself she never [...]

  5. This is an enjoyable series Unfortunately, I have been reading them out of order I do recommend starting with the first book since this is where Megan and Bridget become partners.

  6. Paw Enforcement is the first book that I have read by Kelly, but it definitely won t be the last I have to admit that I am a cat lover so I wasn t expecting to enjoy a dog featuring book so much but Brigit completely won over this cat lover I absolutely love how Kelly had so much humor in the book especially when Megan and Brigit were both trying to show the other who was the boss in their relationship I also enjoyed how Kelly brought in Seth and Blast as well making a great crime solving fourso [...]

  7. A female cop A K9 partner Snark danger What s not to like Well, after 5 tries, I gave up on this book I was so annoyed with the handling of a K9 partnership and how it was portrayed that I just kept getting stuck on it I find it incredibly hard to believe there is zero training They just hand you a dog and wish you luck And, after reading her bio, I find it difficult to believe that Ms Kelly believes that either Also, while I empathized with the heroine and her situation, she didn t do herself a [...]

  8. I had serious reservations about this book in spite of loving the Tara Holloway series Alternating povs with a dog It started out rough too I didn t warm to this book at first But once the first bomb exploded the writing smoothed out and I was hooked I m eager to learn about Seth, too Full review jennoklikes post 109346

  9. Well that was definitely a unique way to start a book I do have to say that I think there was a little too much swearing and that it was a little too crude to be considered a true cozy, but that didn t stop it from being an entertaining book It was interesting having the chapters alternate between three characters I really loved the dog chapters they really reminded me of my own dogs I m also now referring to Luna as Sergeant Fluffybutt The mystery was great, with a few shocks scattered througho [...]

  10. Originally reviewed at The Book Adventures.Diane Kelly s Paw Enforcement series came on my radar because of something I read on a blog Said blog mentioned the fourth book in the series Me being me, I couldn t simply start with book four, no, a true dedicated readers starts with the first book in the series, always.Paw Enforcement introduces readers to Megan Luz, a rookie cop with anger issues working in the Fort Worth area of Texas Megan s got herself into a spot of trouble after tasering her of [...]

  11. Megan Luz is a police officer with the Fort Worth police department She is a rookie with a short temper When a incident with her taser and her partners family jewels lands her a new K 9 partner named Brigit the real fun begins Soon bombs are going off and its up to Megan and Brigit to sniff out the culprit If that wasn t enough for Megan to handle throw in a sexy and sometimes moody Seth and his dog Blast Diane Kelly knocked this book out of the park I LOVED IT I could not put it down It has a c [...]

  12. Decent read I am not a fan of multiple narrators in books especially when one is the bad guy and the other is a dog so I never fell in love with this one I also listened to this one on audio book and was not totally enad with the narrator so maybe that was part of the problem Either way it was a just ok for me.

  13. Light and fun new series just what the reading doctor ordered Two on my night stand are a bonus

  14. In Paw Enforcement by Diane Kelly, Officer Megan Luz is in trouble Only six months into her career as a police officer, she gets fed up with her disgustingly sexist partner s offensive remarks and tasers him in the groin Since the police chief admits she had justification for her action, he decides not to fire her but to reassign her to a new partner, a real bitch, complete with four legs and a tail Megan especially can t stand the fact that as a dog handler, she is required to serve as Sgt Brig [...]

  15. What a fabulously fun and funny read I laughed so many times Those of you who may have read the Chet and Bernie mysteries, featuring the PI and his dogif you enjoyed that, you ll love this It s Chet Bernie for women, only better, in my opinion.First of all, Megan the cop is incredibly ballsy She has inner fears, but acts regardless Even when she s afraid, she steps up to get the job done She s also getting over a childhood in which she was made fun of and ridiculed for having a stutter That s a [...]

  16. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole Roger CarasDiane Kelly starts her new series K9 with a bang, or rather, kaboom with a bomber running loose in Fort Worth Enter Officer Megan Lux, a new recruit to the Fort Worth Police Department After tasering her foul mouthed partner, she is reassigned to work with Sergeant Brigit, an extraordinary rescue dog who outpaces the male dogs on the force Reluctant to take on a canine partner, Megan comes to appreciate Brigit s abilities afte [...]

  17. I stumbled across this book while trolling my library s website looking for audio books I could immediately download It looked cute so I grabbed it.It wasn t soon before I was turned off For a supposed smart girl, Megan did stupid things I actually thought her tasing a co worker was warranted, but the way that her captain talked down to her made me want to scream I wanted her to go to HR or IA and tell them, all she would have needed to say was sexual harassment and things would have gone differ [...]

  18. As much as I wanted to really like this novel, I just couldn t quite bring myself to do it This is the second book by Diane Kelly that I ve read and it s the second book by her that I didn t enjoy The main character started to get on my nerves almost immediately I could ve cared less about her stutter it was her reasoning behind wanting to be a police officer that annoyed me Brigit was cute and I enjoyed reading the story from her point of view, but that was probably one of the only things I enj [...]

  19. Read by Coleen Marlo and just over ten hours of listening Audible audiobook.Gave this story a good try, listened for three hours There are a number of reasons I m done One, the dog does not behave like a police dog Eating evidence at a crime scene Ignoring commands Humping another dog during training class Really Are you serious Two, the attempt by the author at humor is just that, an attempt Granted, some of the commentary is funny, but little comes across naturally, it is all very forced and u [...]

  20. It was a struggle between 1 and 2 stars I gave it 2 stars because I didn t absolutely hate it, but it was tedious to get through The storyline had potential, a cop and her K 9 partner, I m thinking action and fun Not even close What was supposed to be funny was just tactless idiocy The main character has anger issues and has the mentality of a high school drama queen The rest of the characters are her equal The things that happened were unbelievable and I don t think she ever would have passed t [...]

  21. 2.5 Stars could have been like 3.5 if the main character didn t come across as so angry I wanted to like this book than I did I really like the setting I grew up in the D FW area of Texas, after all and I like the idea of following a K9 team through the stories that unfold in this series I didn t even mind the switching of POV between Megan, Brigit and the Rattler from one chapter to the next But so much of the book seemed devoted to Megan being angry about something justly, in many cases but [...]

  22. This was a fun start to a new series for me, featuring a young woman who is a police officer in Texas As a penalty for tasering her partner in a vulnerable part of his anatomy and he well deserved it , Megan Luz is partnered with a dog, a move which almost brings her to resigning The chapters are interspersed with short chapters that are from the dog s perspective, and others from the point of view of the villain Megan is pursuing I am adding this to my list of series I plan to keep reading.

  23. I really liked this Quite different from her Tara Holloway series That one has a real chick lit feel to it This one definitely doesn t and there s a fair amount of 4 letter words thrown out, for those who can t abide that This was a good story and I LOVE Brigit, the dog Look forward to the next one of these RECOMMEND

  24. This is going to be a really fun series She s got some good psychological issues going in her lead characters and Brigit the K 9 is one of the best characters ever.

  25. Title Paw Enforcement Paw Enforcement Series Book 1Author Diane KellyPublisher St Martin s PressPublished 6 3 2014Pages 400Genre Mystery ThrillerSub Genre Animals, Police Procedurals, Cozy MysteryISBN 9781250048349ASIN B00GVRVCE4Reviewed For NetGalley and St Martin s PressReviewer DelAnneRating 4.5 StarsPaw Enforcement Series1 Paw Enforcement2 Paw and Order3 Upholding the Paw4 Laying Down the Paw5 Against the Paw6 Above the Paw7 Enforcing the PawAfter an altecation with her male partner where sh [...]

  26. The gist A hapless Fort Worth cop, Megan Lutz, nearly loses her job after tasering her insufferable partner She reluctantly partners up with a canine cop and signs up for anger management classes Probably a good idea since she s prone to kicking her sexist colleagues where it counts But hey, who could blame her While working the shopping mall beat, she and her four legged sleuth, Bridget, find themselves in the crosshairs of the next Unabomber or I should say Tuna bomber When they re not chasing [...]

  27. Paw Enforcement is the 1st book in Diane Kelly s cozy mystery series Paw Enforcement Looking for a cozy mystery to sink my teeth into and test the waters of mystery, I decided to give this book and author a go The summary sounded intriguing and if I m honest the idea of a dog main character was a huge selling point too While I was curious to give this book a try and thought I would enjoy it, of course there was a part of me that questioned if I would truly enjoy it and if so, to what degree In n [...]

  28. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars Reviews Megan is a rookie cop who ends up doing something crappy to her partner Now, it s either be fired, or a get a new partner that has four legs and a ton of fur Megan does what she can with her new partner, but when bombs start going off things get complicated for Megan And when the cute bomb squad officer and his dog keep coming around Megan and Brigit things get even complicated for Megan This book was hilarious I adored it I thought the plot line was f [...]

  29. I am not finished with this book yet, but will get thru my last couple of chapters very fast This is a fun, light weight, quirky book It s what I call an easy read, some of the reviews questioned the reality of the book, but I found Megan Luz to be very human yes she had a short temper, but the incident with the 1st bomb revealed the realistic actuality in the life of a cop, at this very moment the book pulls you in and show you Megan underneath all the human layers I appreciate how Diane Kelly [...]

  30. Great mystery with a rookie cop who winds up with a K9 partner Brigit Officer Megan Luz has hopes of becoming a detective one day Officer Luz and Brigit are at the mall in the food court when Brigit hits on one of the trash cans Officer Luz doesn t relish the idea of having to go through a full trash can But it s her job There she accidentally discovers a bomb.Loved the way book is written as it devotes chapters for Brigit s thoughts as well as Megan and the criminal Easy to follow and kept me g [...]

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