Too Rough For Love

Free Download Too Rough For Love - by Adair Rymer, Free Download Too Rough For Love - by Adair Rymer, Too Rough For Love, Adair Rymer, Too Rough For Love No one has survived my love But she still wants to try On Sale for a Limited time Star ached for an escape from her tedious routine She was desperately looking for something she couldn t quite place Then the deadly Steel Veins bikers rolled in and she got than she bargained for Her past now a smoldering wreckage Star s only salvation from the the vicious gang No one has surviv. Free Download Too Rough For Love - by Adair Rymer - Too Rough For Love, Too Rough For Love No one has survived my love But she still wants to try On Sale for a Limited time Star ached for an escape from her tedious routine She was desperately looking for something she couldn t quite place T

  • Title: Too Rough For Love
  • Author: Adair Rymer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Too Rough For Love - by Adair Rymer

Too Rough For Love, Free Download Too Rough For Love - by Adair Rymer - Too Rough For Love, Too Rough For Love No one has survived my love But she still wants to try On Sale for a Limited time Star ached for an escape from her tedious routine She was desperately looking for something she couldn t quite place T

  • Free Download Too Rough For Love - by Adair Rymer
    187Adair Rymer
Too Rough For Love

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  1. Adair Rymer lives in New England and loves whiskey and her cat She is always daydreaming of lovers and how to push the her own literary boundaries She loves her motorcycle and her men filthy and is keen on a hot cup of Coca Tea And above all else, she loves the people who buy her books, who encourage her to continue living her passion Sign up to my email list for the usual wonderment eepurl 5_iaP

  2. LIVE and only.99 Rough Love Stee 4 Gritty MC StarsStar is in her junior year of college, she is living a miserable life living with her aunt and uncle in Oklahoma Basically, going through the motions, not really living life All that changes when she witnesses an MC club, Steel Veins, commit murder.Once Remy enters Star s life, nothing is ever the same Her life of just getting by becomes a life of fighting to survive While it is full of turmoil and angst, she has never felt alive Everything is [...]

  3. SPOILERS Just came across this book again, after i think one year , and my god still cant forget that 80%, or maybe , i read.Wish someone fucking burn that out of my mind So badly.Book is definitely not for my safety friends.From what i remember we have there heroine, Star, who watched her family being murdered by an MC, thats how she meets our hero Remy She is taken by them in knowing she is gonna be raped and probably killed too BUT during that ride to somewhere dont remember she has two fucki [...]

  4. This world is fucked , fast and rough I am cancer I am death s handshake In my wake , I leave only ruin No, you can t trust me She is at the wrong place and time While working at her aunt and uncle s gas station a group of bikers stops and kills her only relatives Witnessing the incident Star is taken as a hostage by the group.While Top, the president of the club, tries to harm her in any way possible before killing her, Remy tries his best to keep her safe He ends up killing three of his brothe [...]

  5. This was a fast read with a cliffhanger I enjoy MC books but this wasn t what I expected, the bad ass biker is extremely violent and only showed his softer side to his future old lady after she s been roughed up a bit If this was a movie I would describe it as gorey I will be reading the next book cause I really want to find out how these two characters story ends.

  6. While this is a darker book than I typically read, Too Rough for Love is a raw roller coaster of a rideightly scary, thrilling, intense, gritty, and a bit hot I was on the edge while reading The twists and turns of this story sucked me ind I loved every minute Naive but strong girl, Star, through unpleasant circumstances gets thrown in the mix of a dastardly and deadly biker gang, Steel Veins The last thing bad biker boy and smokin hot Remy, one of the gang s leaders, needs is a young and naive [...]

  7. the heroine was orgasming after bikers killed her familyhad no interest after that Need sympathetic heroines not cold horny sluts

  8. One day in his worldMC books are my fave, so of course I couldn t resist checking out the bada biker, Remy This novella is not for the squeamish, it gets bloody fast Some things are a little hard to believe, but you never know, anything is possible, right I m gonna have to try that on a bike to give an educated verdict on the possibility, I ll let you know wink wink The author left me hangingon the back of a motorcyclewith an unknown futurewaiting for the next bookwith my kindle as hot as the ho [...]

  9. FREE US UK CA AUAttendant at her family s gas station and chased by dead end boys, Star ached for an escape from her tedious routine She was desperately looking for something she couldn t quite place Then the deadly Steel Veins bikers rolled in, and she got than she bargained for.Her past now a smoldering wreckage, Star s only salvation from the vicious gang lies in the ruggedly handsome, hard case Remy Daniels Despite all the horror and carnage, he keeps pulling her out of the flames She needs [...]

  10. Be careful what you wish formetimes you just might get it and it won t always be pretty or what you wanted at all.Star found out the hard way, when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and her Aunt and Uncle s gas station was attacked by the Steel Veins MCd she unfortunately witnessed something she shouldn t have Now her life has turned into one of the tv shows she watches and the books she reads, but nothing could prepare her for the harsh and ugly reality of what REALLY goes on when yo [...]

  11. Spoiler Ahead This was a short quick read that I liked and wished it was longer The story of Star, a young college student who is living above her aunt and uncle s gas station, and treated like a slave Her life changes when a motorcycle gang enters the gas station, there s violence and murder, the station is burnt to the ground and then she s kidnapped by the handsome, but also ruthless killer, Steel Veins biker, Remy After witnessing the crime the club president wants her dead and although Remy [...]

  12. Motorcycle madness I have never read a book with that much action in chapter ONEd it never stopped The best part When I read the words Jason Momoa to describe the main character.I was done for Sold Swooning Melting Fanning myself Sorry, where was I Oh, yeah action Too Rough For Love was a quick, nonstop action read within a motorcycle club Although the circumstances and the thought actions of the main female, Star, seemed highly unlikely, that didn t deter me from enjoying the whole ride If you [...]

  13. 3.5 stars The author gave me this book in exchange for an honest review If you want a fast paced and very hot novella with bikers, then this is your kind of read I am a fan of MC books and I was very happy when the author gave me this one to read it I enjoyed reading it and it kept my interest The story is about Star and Remy She was a witness of a crime and he was with the MC that did the crime But they knew that Star saw them and now she s in a big trouble And Remy Although he can t understand [...]

  14. I was given an ARC of this book for review and I thank the author so very much for gifting it to me Where do I start This book had me from Page One You reeled me in and spat me out and I didn t know what hit me This is a true and perfect example of a Biker MC book, it is gritty and raw, the Bikers are rough and violent and definitely not the type of characters you would want to get involved with But Star did, by default and now she is mixed up in a life of violence that has drawn her to Remy the [...]

  15. I kindly received this book as an ARC and was asked for an honest review in return This was my first MC dark read book It was suspenseful, nerve wracking, exciting, and SEXY I truly loved it and cannot wait to dive into book 2, Too Wild to Ride Star s world was turned upside down the day the Steel Veins rolled into her Aunt and Uncle s gas station Never in her wildest dreams did she expect what was about to happen next Perhaps everything DOES happen for a reasongood or bad From the moment she se [...]

  16. He s cold, ruthlessly efficient, cunning and scary He s the worst person ive ever met My name is Star and I cant stop thinking about him.I was lucky enough to be given an arc its great This book has all you need in a dark biker book hanging on by the skin of my teeth for the next part Cliffhanger alert Whens the next part outyour killing me here Adair Remy hot name for a hot biker.Star in the wrong place at the wrong timeor will it be wrong place at the right time I cant wait to read what happen [...]

  17. Advanced copy thoughtfully provided by author for honest review Absolutely loved this It was raw, gritty and disturbing but absolutely beautiful Need some time to let this sink in and process for of a review but will edit soon.

  18. I just want to say that 7 murders, 2 attempted rapes, a bar fight, the h falling in love and the H completely changing his life happened in the span of 24 hours.

  19. Too Rough For Love by Adair Rymer is the first book in her Steel Veins Motorcycle Club series.I was warned before hand that this was dark and rough so I thought I was prepared going in Phew, I don t think this is a book that can be prepared for It takes elements of the bad situations and the worst in people and somehow weaves it together into a romance of sorts It s aggressive and brutal so if the dark side of life and motorcycle clubs is not for you then I don t recommend this I m pretty sure I [...]

  20. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review When I received this book from the author she warned me that it was darker than an MC book she has seen my review on I was not sure what this would entail until I got into the book There are many situations in the book that can be sensitive for some readers and you must consider that before reading this book However with that all being said I liked how with even some of this darker subject matter that there is an amazing story line in this book [...]

  21. I received this book as an ARC from the lovely Adair Rymer in exchange for an honest review This is my first motorcycle club book so I wasn t quite sure what I was getting myself into Let me start by saying this book will blow your mind You will be on the edge of your seat at every turn of the page This book will take you on an amazing journey of Star s self discovery and Remy s search for redemption It s dark, it s violent, it s sexy as hell, and in all of that there is a light of hope and love [...]

  22. i recieved a free copy to read and review for the wicked reads review team Star wishes her life was different, exciting sometimes you get what you wish for and that s not always a good thing when Star witnesses something she was not supposed to her life is thrown up in the air uncertain on if she will survive she grabs hold of the only person who seems to want to help her Remy is a member of the gang that kidnapped Star, he is dark and dangerous and she should stay away from him be he could be [...]

  23. Este libro me fue entregado por la autora para una opini n honestaLe doy 4 estrellas Un libro interesante, al principio me costo hacerme a la idea de lo que estaba leyendo, pero al psar las paginas me fue atrapando, no es una lectura que normalmente encontrar s dando vuelta pero explica muchas preguntas que normalmente uno puede hacerse cuando conoce gente como los personajes Fue r pido de leer, los protagonistas est n bien definidos en car cter y te hace entenderlos m s f cil, fue bastante inte [...]

  24. Well, where do I start Okay, honestly when I started I thought, umm okay But the I got into the book, the I liked it It was fast paced, brutal, with an underlining of maybe a chance for someone to fall in love In this whole book, Star was in CONSTANT danger From the moment I picked up my Kindle, til I closed the book Hell, Star isn t even safe by a long shot She s a hostage, they want to kill her Remy saved her Why Why does he keep helping her, saving her from his brothers One day together, an [...]

  25. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I am a sucker for any MC books They are always a hit or miss with usually no in between Too Rough For Love was a hit for me I was unsure with the prologue but once I was mid chapter one I was engrossed into the story and couldn t put it down I didn t move until I hit the last page then I was mad it was over I find with MC books they can be very similar, it s a familiar story with very little to set them apart from the rest B [...]

  26. I have not read anything by Adair Rymer so I had no expectations of what I was about to read I found myself wanting to keep reading to find the ending.Star was living with her aunt and uncle and going to college One afternoon changed her whole world upside down.Remy was riding with the Steel Veins MC club He was a dark soul with an even darker past Him and his brothers rode up to a gas station to settle a debt Things went and worlds got changed.Remy saw Star while his brother and other were deal [...]

  27. Star is staying with her aunt and uncle whilst she attends a college close to them One afternoon Star is working at the gas station they own when the Steel Veins MC rolls in and one biker in particular catches here eye The situation soon turns bad and star ends up on the back of the sexy biker, Remy s bike, taken against her will with a promise of rape and murder in her very near future But Remy has taken a shine to Star, he does everything he can to save her from his brother Top s clutches, he [...]

  28. I really think the author did a good job coming up with the concept of this story I liked the basis of the story and I think the author is onto a great idea.I loved the grittiness of the scenes first at the gas station and then the bar It definitely shows a rough side of love, just like the title states It kept my attention and interest.I only rated this 3 stars for a few reasons I didn t feel like I got enough information on the backstory A character dies and it s not until later that you find [...]

  29. ARC provided by author in exchange for honest reviewI want my MC books to have that raunchy, gritty feel, and this has it and Star a junior in college is living with her aunt and uncle while working at there gas station She knows her life is mundane and longs for a little excitement.Remy is the most dangerous and alluring man on two legs As the MC club is in the middle of business Remy notices a young woman hiding Star that catches his eye and immediately is intrigued Though there is one proble [...]

  30. This was my first book by this author I am a sucker for an MC book and this one did not disappoint Star is looking for change, her life is tedious and sleepy That all changes when the Steel Veins Bikers roll in She soon gets excitement than she planned Remy is one of the smart, sexy , gritty bikers and he seems to take a liking to Star They are thrown together under outrageous circumstances Remy appears to be a badass on the surface but he may be so much than expected Remy can not stop himself [...]

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