[PDF] Download ☆ Taken : by Sunny Wolfe Nikita King, [PDF] Download ☆ Taken : by Sunny Wolfe Nikita King, Taken, Sunny Wolfe Nikita King, Taken This book is no longer available It is available under the author name Nikita King now Do you have a celebrity crush Everyone does What would you give to be united with yours For forty one year old Beth Lowe her crush was Roman Reed the lead singer of the rock group Phantom Unfortunately for Beth her fantasy soon turns into horror the night she and her son attend aThis book is no longer a. [PDF] Download ☆ Taken : by Sunny Wolfe Nikita King - Taken, Taken This book is no longer available It is available under the author name Nikita King now Do you have a celebrity crush Everyone does What would you give to be united with yours For forty one year old Be

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Sunny Wolfe Nikita King
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ☆ Taken : by Sunny Wolfe Nikita King

Taken, [PDF] Download ☆ Taken : by Sunny Wolfe Nikita King - Taken, Taken This book is no longer available It is available under the author name Nikita King now Do you have a celebrity crush Everyone does What would you give to be united with yours For forty one year old Be

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Taken : by Sunny Wolfe Nikita King
    185Sunny Wolfe Nikita King

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  1. Sunny Wolfe Nikita King Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Taken book, this is one of the most wanted Sunny Wolfe Nikita King author readers around the world.

  2. this book just goes to show that you can be in a monsterporn reading group with someone and still not know just what they re capable ofd THIS is why we don t get up to use the bathroom because a cat ll just flop down on your chocolate covered almonds, shove your sparkling ice out the way, and force you to go aaawwwww and stop reading because you need to take pictures of how cute she is this book starts out as a sort of traditional fantasy daydream, but then it goes through some very surprising a [...]

  3. A romance for my age Hey there Are you over 23 Is your gut not molded into a six pack Are you a mom Or old enough to be a mom Are you sick and tired of all the modern teeny waisted heroines out there that fall in love with the big man with the giant dong and then gets swept off to her happily ever after oh and she s a ninja too Well, then this is the book for you Beth is a 41 year old Mom who is just going through a divorce Her favorite rock group is in town and she s super stoked to see them We [...]

  4. This story was a little bit out of my comfort zone, containing subjects I try to avoid at any costs Regardless of that, I loved it It was refreshing, dark, and well written I actually stayed up late to read it in one sitting, so it captured my attention perfectly.The heroine, Beth, was different from the stereotypical twenty something clueless Virgin Mary types so often found in romance books lately, she felt real I admired her courage and strength despite the situation she found herself in bein [...]

  5. I really quite enjoyed this book It was easy to read and I was able to read it in one sitting cause I just wanted to know how their story would end I wouldn t say it is one of the best captive kidnap stories that I have read, but it can hold its own It was dark, intense and refreshing.But predictable, it is not At about the 80% mark, the story got a littleumm, unusual You re just hit with this revelation, new knowledge on one of the kidnappers that, well, shocked the shit out of me There is no w [...]

  6. We finally get a real life woman in her 40 s instead of the stereotypical heroine s that have been going around lately.This book is one that us everyday women can relate to She s a middle aged woman with a realistic body type who s about to get divorced and has a kid I loved it it s such a change from a lot of the books I ve been reading lately And Roman, you gotta love him I think this play s on all of our fantasies some being locked up somewhere with a famous rock star.It starts off with actio [...]

  7. 4.5 5 stars Holy shitballs batman that ending I want to read the next book NOW I loved that this book kept me guessing was Beth going to fall in love with Roman or was there going to be a twist and she falls in love with her captor Tate Was there going to be a possible love triangle I loved the chemistry between Beth _____ I loved how they were older characters too And the shit that goes down poor Beth Craaaazy I couldn t put this book down Thank you author for letting me escape in this book

  8. First off I want to say that Beth the heroine of the story is a survivor She does anything needed to keep herself safe so that she can get home to her son who is first and foremost in her mind Later the dynamics of the story change a little with time but I m not saying any .This story kept me riveted to my Kindle no matter what went on around me till I finished it then groaned quite loudly at the fact that it was to be continued Of course I knew ahead of time that it had a cliffhanger But still [...]

  9. Wow, blown away I could not put this book down My heart was racing through the entire book OMG What Beth goes through is so horrendous The captivity is so intense and the bond she forms with Roman is deep There are some heartwarming emotions going on in this serious situation There are parts you forget where they are and just embrace their unique relationship They go through so muchazy ending Thankfully the next book is out

  10. Amazing book Beth is a survivor, and Roman well he s Roman I won t tell a thing about the story except that it blowed my mind I m not sure it s the good way of writing what i felt about this story, butI smiled, i cried, i was scared and now i need the second part pretty bad Read it

  11. Got this book free on my kindle and really wasn t going into it with high hopes of it being any good But I was proved wrong The story was so different to anything I ve ever read before it was exciting, enticing and kept me wanting Literally read it in a day And Spoiler Alert but omg that ending Definitely going to be reading the second book Haunted Really good read

  12. Whoa This is a story that will both make you happy and shock the living daylights out of you Intense is but one word for the intriguing story line Dramatics to the next level Thank you for a good read.

  13. Wow this was good little read Parts of it are pretty dark, but it wast told really well, and can t wait for the next book.

  14. This book is addictive I had every emotion possible and couldn t put it down Out of my comfort zone but well worth it.

  15. Every once in a while you come across a book s that just shock you at how someone s mind the authors could come up with what your reading That was certainly the case with Taken and Haunted Both of these books should be read back to back Taken starts off normal enough A 41 year old mom and her best friend have taken her 10 year autistic son to a rock concert They are backstage getting picture taken with the band when 3 masked armed men coming in to kidnap the lead singer and in an unfortunate twi [...]

  16. Taken was an interesting read Completely different from anything I ve read before and I did love Roman and Beth The writing was great and the story flowed well My only complaints are that there was no warning of the spoiler rape which was to occur in this book I was taken aback by it, and while being kidnapped doesn t assure something like this wouldn t happen in the real world, a little warning in the synopsis is usually given to the reader I like to be prepared for something like that, so it l [...]

  17. WOW DARK TWISTED SICK As refreshing as it is, to read about a 40 year old, size 12 wearing, divorced mom, it s also a very dark story The storyline was great, it was catchy and extremely easy to read Nailed it in 2 hours, I was so sucked into it I must add, I m not a big fan of dolls now And I think I might need to stay away from Rock Star Concerts No one s here to sleep Naughty Boy ft Bastille this was on replay while reading

  18. loved, loved, loved, every single page of this fantastic story sex, kidnapping rock n roll all rolled into one blinding book.off to get number 2 can t believe it s the conclusion need lol

  19. Some of the situations in this book made me uncomfortable, but the story was amazing and captivating Can t wait to read book 2

  20. Awesome I liked and enjoyed the whole story, the ending left you wandering, Sunny did a wonderful job read the book all at once, it keeps you not wanting to put down

  21. This is the first book in the Taken series by Sunny Wolfe The beginning of the book was exciting then it got a little boring I actually stopped reading it went to another book When I went back to reading it I wished I hadn t stopped cause it had me on the edge of my seat some really sick shit happened Beth is a 41 year old mother in the process of getting a divorce She has a 10 year old son named Joey who is Autistic they both love the band Phantom Roman Reed is the sexy 41 year old lead singer [...]

  22. Everyone has a celebrity crush What would happen if you met the real person and they didn t live up to your expectations What if in the middle of your photo op, you and your celebrity crush were kidnapped That s exactly what happens to Beth Lowe, a recently separated 41 year old mother She s with her son and her best friend meeting Phantom, her and her son s favorite band This is her second time meeting the band and importantly front man, Roman She met them the previous year and was very unhapp [...]

  23. This was a little surprise I enjoyed reading this book and it was different Some minor spoilers My only issues came from factors that question the reality or how believe able the situations were At the same token I never lingered long on those thoughts It was pretty fast paced When most of it is told from one room one would think I would get bored I did not This is not insta love The hero was an asshole Everyone is in their 40 s The heroine came across as a normal woman Her and her husband are g [...]

  24. This was an ok book I think the story could have continued but of course if you want you have to buy the next book.

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