Here Comes Trouble

Unlimited Here Comes Trouble - by A.E. Via, Unlimited Here Comes Trouble - by A.E. Via, Here Comes Trouble, A.E. Via, Here Comes Trouble Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are very good at their jobs Being the enforcers for God and Day s notorious Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force causes the crazy duo to get into trouble than they can often get out of The pair never misses out on an opportunity to drive their Lieutenants crazy with their dangerous reckless and costly stunts landing them in theDetectives Ma. Unlimited Here Comes Trouble - by A.E. Via - Here Comes Trouble, Here Comes Trouble Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are very good at their jobs Being the enforcers for God and Day s notorious Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force causes the crazy duo to get into trouble than they

  • Title: Here Comes Trouble
  • Author: A.E. Via
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 263
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Here Comes Trouble - by A.E. Via

Here Comes Trouble, Unlimited Here Comes Trouble - by A.E. Via - Here Comes Trouble, Here Comes Trouble Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are very good at their jobs Being the enforcers for God and Day s notorious Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force causes the crazy duo to get into trouble than they

  • Unlimited Here Comes Trouble - by A.E. Via
    263A.E. Via
Here Comes Trouble

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  1. A.E Via is an author in the beautiful gay romance genre and also founder and owner of Via Star Wings Books Her writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to spicy to scandalous Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought provoking depths.When she s not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family a husband and four children.Adrienne Via has tons of stories to tell, but she really would like to hear yours Via Star Wings Books is currently accepting submissions for established and aspiring LGBTQ authors I ve contracted and successfully published a couple authors whose information can be found on my website who can tell you that my passion is giving other writer s stories the love and care it deserves so it could be a gift to another Visit my site to learn Go to A.E Via s official website authoraevia for detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, VSWB submissions, and where she ll appear next.

  2. I have re read this book multiple times now and I still enjoy reading it This is reason enough for me to change my rating from to 5 stars I really got addicted to A.E Via s books I also changed my mind about GenI would like to read his book.right now would be good POriginal Review I really liked this one This book was was HOT as shit So our two heros are both big strong, badass alpha cops, and they are both members of God and Day s team book 1 They have been partners and best friends for years, [...]

  3. 3.5 SALACIOUSLY SINFUL, FLUFFTASTIC stars 4 for the sex 3 for the plot 2 for writing quality Chris Green and Mark Ruxsberg have been partners for ages Green is bi Ruxs is bicurious and definitely hawt for his partner When they hit the sheets, they tear the bed to shreds I m amazed the frame survived the assault I loved the tension and slow burn at the beginning, because once the guys got together and it didn t take long , it was all Kiss Me and Fuck Me and Love Me galore And the lovin was oh so [...]

  4. 3.5 Stars This is another one of those cases where I really need 3.5 stars It really wasn t quite good enough for me to fill 4 stars but I also don t think it warrants only 3 But I am rounding down for lack of plot and an overabundance of typos There is no doubt the sex in this book was off the charts hot Sadly, after the 50% mark that s about all that happened in the book The first half was Rexs and Green in complete denial.They couldn t have been obviously in to each other if it hit them upsi [...]

  5. 3.5 to 4 My favourite so far.I must admit that despite its faults I find I m addicted to this series, I just can t get enough of these guys and their almost completely gay task force.As with the previous books it s totally OTT and once the sex starts there s a lot of it but I can t get enough.Ruxs and Green are partners and the enforcers for God and Day s Narcotics Task Force They ve been friends for forever but lately things are changing, Green realises his feelings for Ruxs have changed and he [...]

  6. 3.75 stars Okay, I did it I read another A.E Via book and didn t give up on it I was being to believe this author was going to be a one hit wonder, since the only book I read and loved was Defined by Deceit But I had one friend recommend and offer to buddy read Here Comes Trouble and other friend backing up the recommendation, going so far to say that I could unfriend her if I ended up not enjoying it Turns out this friends to lovers story was not a miss, and it was just what I needed after comi [...]

  7. It doesn t bode well for this story when I see a typo in the blurb From winking alpha holes to love deposits, this book sure kept me entertained.Still needs an editor but at least they didn t travel by Tardis like in the previous book.Question how old is Curtis really I know in the book it said he was seventeen but most of the time he acted, and was treated, like he was ten It had me scratching my head.

  8. 3.5 Stars This one is my favorite in the series so far No weird names except for the previous characters , no big budget movie over the top testosterone fueled action well, mostly.just a book that mostly centers on two guys finally admitting their feelings for each other and embarking on a relationship Overall, this series has been a little too much for me, with the characters being a bit too over the top for my liking Don t get me wrong, I love me some Alpha men, but these guys are over exagger [...]

  9. What I liked The action scene Slow burn best friends to lovers plot Hell yeah I did not expect to be that sappy But I really liked it I want of Curtis and Gen s storyyy Thank goodness there s no hinting about foursome in here like the previous one I m sorry I m still picky with menage.What I disliked Umm Maybe too much sex for me But I bet it s not for everyone else shrug

  10. Another fun read from A.E Via full of hot alpha males and hot growly alpha sex This one was focused on the relationship than on the action, and we didn t have much focus on the other men, although they were there throughout the story I did miss seeing God, Day, Ro and Johnson interacting however.This one was a bit fluffier than the others, but I did love the relationship between Ruxs and Green Curtis, the teenager briefly introduced when God busted him in Nothing Special, is back and plays a la [...]

  11. The good things about this book It is a best friends to lovers story The guys are badass cops Lots of sweetness Very low on the angst Some hilarious scenes the blowjob in the car scene There is a very nice setup with 17 year old Curtis for one of the next books I so want to read that one Things I liked less The badass parts were very over the top It was too much I am still not a big fan of God and Day their superiors on the force It was a bit too long to hold my interest the entire time I never [...]

  12. Another re read in anticipation of book 5 Still no sighting of IT guy I loved this one Ruxs and Green are hot and I loved how they come together Their caring of Curtis is also so sweet Now I have one book until I can get to book 5 that is waiting for me on my Kindle It s not a hardship though, because Don t Judge is my favorite of the Nothing Special series.

  13. From zero to My Two Dads in under five seconds The cop its took a backseat to the family drama in this one Considering the outlandish nature of the police business in this series, that should have been a good thing, but that s not the case, because the family bits ended up being even outlandish than the cop parts ever were.This is the story of Green and Ruxs, two of God and Day s detectives They ve been partners for years, when they both start to feel for each other All those bits are pretty g [...]

  14. This series continues to entertain me and I m really enjoying the friendship and camaraderie between these guys Ruxs Green are the enforcers on the squad who have been partners for a while They are best friends and loyal to the extreme over time they both develop stronger feelings for each other and on one drunken night they act on it Despite dramas and pain, these two continue to grow their relationship and become fathers Can t wait to see what s next in this precinct

  15. I loved it This had humor, action, sexiness, low angst, and I got to catch up with God and Day and the rest of the team Unexpectedly though, it was so FLUFFY You know, in the best possible way.It s no secret how much I love this series I think this book might actually compete with my love of Nothing Special.I absolutely loved Chris Green From the first to the last chapter he never let me down He was awesome, and Mark Ruxsberg was a delight to read about as well They complement each other so well [...]

  16. Ruxs and Green yes, I love those guys, they are just wonderful together What I liked the most was how they cared for Curtis and how the whole gang cared for him.Do you like GFY Do you like reading about hot alpha males combating crime and going from long term friendship to hot sex and finally love Then Here Comes Trouble is the right book for you Overall, Here Comes Trouble was a great read, full of surprises and lovable characters Can t wait for Curtis and Gen s book, or maybe Michael s is firs [...]

  17. 4.75 starsChris Green and Mark Ruxs are this books featured sex APD Narcotics officers This installment was a little serious than the previous two but Day saved the day when need be.Just one quick question Will Curtis and Genesis have a novella I would love that

  18. 4.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.Again with the hot growly alphas Whoa, doggy This book was even better than the last, and dare I say, it had as much intensity as Nothing Special with God and Day This can also be read as a stand alone, but you will be get much enjoyment out of it by knowing the stories of the other characters.Rux and Green are a force of nature, the enforcers of God and Day s task force team They ve become best friends, spending almost all of their time together After spend [...]

  19. I liked the storyline, but I had several issues that will prevent me from ever purchasing anything by this author again My issues 1 I almost DNF d at the beginning when Green called Curtis his sweet boy Barf Green is certainly not 90 and Curtis is definitely not 2.2 I almost DNF d again nearer the end when Genesis called Curtis my pretty , bad boy , and my pretty little bad boy It makes Genesis sound like a 90 year old pedophile I really really sincerely hope that the author will NOT use this fo [...]

  20. I feel like giving this book another chance Since I own the entire series but haven t cracked them open yet , I decided to re read THIS one and see if I feel differently In light of my intent to embark on a journey into this entire series not right now, but soon , I feel like this book deserves a clean slate and a second chance I am REALLY hoping I like it MUCH this second time around Who knows, mindsets and opinions change Another IMPORTANT reason I decided to give this book another read chanc [...]

  21. All my issues are in my reading updates.No doubt this was another hot one but I really couldn t get over how Curtis was written and some other stuff that niggled at me the whole time.

  22. Best friends to lovers plot Hell yeah Sex is scorching hot I loved that they took Curtis in and basically adopted him they became a family I want of Curtis and Gen s story.

  23. Ruxs and Green are two crazy enforcers for the Atlanta PD s Narcotics Task Force, the ones that God and Day send in to do the things that others might not They get the job done usually creating havoc in their wake But their good at what they do, and a bit of crazy makes the two of them work Here Comes Trouble is essentially a best friends to story, set in the wild, action packed world of the Nothing Special series.I can t choose a favorite between these two guys Ruxs has had a bumpy past with h [...]

  24. I recvd a beta copy of this book.I have to start with I love this series All the alpha men in one place is great This is the 3rd book in this series and I followed from the beginning God and Day then Syn and Furi and now Green and Ruxs Great story here and great secondary characters as well plus all the guys are back too I think I fell in love with Curtis and hope he gets the next book fingers crossed Gen God s brother is going to be a great character as well.It has alot of action and a beautifu [...]

  25. This is the third book from the Nothing Special series and I m just floored with how good the kind of storytelling the author was giving us here She s a genius and this series is definitely one of my favorites now Here, we get the story of Detectives Mark Ruxs and Chris Green Both are the brawn of God and Day s narcotic task force and have also been work partners for the longest time they practically memorized each other s likes and dislikes When things started to get weird between them they bot [...]

  26. I will start off by saying that I like this story much than book 2 This story flowed a lot better for me and kind of remind of why I loved the first book As always the cop parts seemed unrealistic Even though I have no clue about being one I mean would you really tuck a loaded gun into your pants I have to say that I m glad this book focus was less stuck on the crime but good googly moogly when it was still overly dramatic at some part Ruxs and Green were funny and cheesy together I know in the [...]

  27. I really enjoyed this book I give it a solid 4.5 stars I will be rereading it soon This story in the series revolves around Ruxs and Green however many of the other characters make brief appearances The focus stays on Ruxs and Green though with Curtis being integral as well Ruxs and Green are partners on the task force, but spend almost all their free time together So much so the Ruxs rarely ever heads back to his place While they work well together and are usually very honest with each other, s [...]

  28. Okay, this one was a little different that the first 2 Yes, we still have police work but it wasn t a huge focus We didn t even see the big takedown That being said we didn t get as much God and Day or Syn and Furi which I kind of missed but I ll survive It was still really, really great My favorite thing about this one was their unconditional love for each other as friends that turned into so much I just love this whole group of guys Big, macho men who talk dirty and have some delicious sex No [...]

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