Risking it all for Love

[PDF] Unlimited Ü Risking it all for Love : by Kimberley Montpetit, [PDF] Unlimited Ü Risking it all for Love : by Kimberley Montpetit, Risking it all for Love, Kimberley Montpetit, Risking it all for Love Clean Romance with a humorous bite Ever since her high school boyfriend s death from a car accident three years earlier Jessica Mason and her hometown of Snow Valley Montana with all its awful memories have NOT been compatible Running away to New Orleans on a ballet scholarship Jessica cringes when she thinks about confronting Pastor John and the community church sheClea. [PDF] Unlimited Ü Risking it all for Love : by Kimberley Montpetit - Risking it all for Love, Risking it all for Love Clean Romance with a humorous bite Ever since her high school boyfriend s death from a car accident three years earlier Jessica Mason and her hometown of Snow Valley Montana with all its awful memor

  • Title: Risking it all for Love
  • Author: Kimberley Montpetit
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited Ü Risking it all for Love : by Kimberley Montpetit

Risking it all for Love, [PDF] Unlimited Ü Risking it all for Love : by Kimberley Montpetit - Risking it all for Love, Risking it all for Love Clean Romance with a humorous bite Ever since her high school boyfriend s death from a car accident three years earlier Jessica Mason and her hometown of Snow Valley Montana with all its awful memor

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ü Risking it all for Love : by Kimberley Montpetit
    422Kimberley Montpetit
Risking it all for Love

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  1. Kimberley Montpetit once spent all her souvenir money at the La Patisserie shops when she was in Paris on the arm of her adorable husband The author grew up in San Francisco, another swoon worthy city, loves all things Parisian and chocolate and lives in a small town along the Rio Grande with her family.Kimberley has won many awards for her work, including the Southwest Book Award, the Whitney Award, the Arizona New Mexico Book Award, is a Crystal Kite Finalist SCBWI and included in the Bank Street College Best Books of the Year She once stayed in a haunted castle tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland, sailed on the Seine in Paris, walked the beaches of Normandy, eaten in numerous French cafes, ridden a camel in Petra, Jordan, sunbathed on Waikiki, shopped the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and spent the night in an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria She adores all baked goodies brownies, clairs, donuts, tarts, and pie, and makes a lot of chocolate chip cookies while revising Kimberley is, of course, hard at work on her next novel s.

  2. Wow I loved this book It is part of the Snow Valley series written by several different authors and was in the Christmas in Snow Valley Anthology I loved the emotions throughout Some brought back recent memories of the loss of loved ones but I really loved how the author was able to portray the pain and sorrow that Jessica, our MC, was going through And as the book progressed her healing and ability to see and understand what she had been blocking herself from.If you haven t read this or the syn [...]

  3. Jessica feels a lot of guilt about her high school boyfriend s death Hoping to feel some forgiveness from him, she goes to New Orleans for ballet, but disappointingly, feels nothing When she returns home for Christmas, she finds herself at the cemetery and meets a handsome stranger, James Jessica has a lot of emotions to deal with, especially anger She s not an easy woman to get to know her walls are tough to crack James is up for the challenge if she ll let him He s persistent and has come to t [...]

  4. I read this as part of the Christmas in Snow Valley anthology Jessica s life is turned upside down when her best friend is killed in a car accident Wanting to run away from the pain and guilt she moves to New Orleans She returns home to spend Christmas with her family and is forced to face her grief, with the help of a handsome stranger I thought this was kind of a sad story, Jessica has spent three years greaving and not knowing how to come to terms with what happened It s really a story about [...]

  5. 3.5 stars I enjoyed this novella I think anyone who has read the blurb must know it s not exactly light hearted It deals with the death and grieving of a loved one But the grief of the main character is well done and I think true to life, without being depressing for me a reader The main character, Jessica, feels responsible for the death of her best friend three years ago She goes back home for Christmas, still mourning and angry, but meets a Pastor Dude who won t give up on her.James totally m [...]

  6. Risking it all for Love is a cute clean novella about 100 pages so long for a novella It is Christian, but definitely not pushy It centers around Jessica, who lost her best friend 3 years ago during the Christmas holidays Unable to deal with the pain, she moves to New Orleans to pursue her dancing career Persuaded to come home and dance in the local production of The Nutcracker, Jessica is faced with her past at every turn When she meets James, a young man studying to be the next pastor, she run [...]

  7. 4.5 stars This book totally fit my mood today It was short and fun and sweet, and had fun main characters I love novellas because they are short and I can read them fairly quickly, but then I m not always ready for them to end James and Jessica have both lost someone close to them Jessica lost her best friend Michael 3 years ago he was the only guy she had ever dated and she feels so guilty about the way he died Because of that she has put her heart and soul into her dancing and she has done it [...]

  8. This could have been a great story, however, for me, it was just okay.I really liked the characters and found their background stories interesting as well as tragic My favorite character though, was a secondary character Sam, the wise beyond his years high school senior was funny, insightful and a really likable kid How can you argue with an eighteen year old who loves chocolate chip cookies.The plot was good, but not well executed Perhaps that is due to this work being a novella there just wasn [...]

  9. Didn t really care too much for this one There was a lot of emotional baggage that was being dealt with the entire book There was also some content in there that didn t need to be Moral Note A handful of dangs, minors drinking view spoiler actually they get drunk so that they can prove to each other they have chemistry by having sex, but after making out for a little bit they both feel ill from the alcohol And he says, what s wrong with me, I shouldn t need sex therapy at age 18 hide spoiler

  10. I m probably biased, but I love Christmas Without getting morbid, the emotions of this book are based on real life experience of losing several family members during the holiday season but I m a firm believe in hope and love and family And my MC has snark

  11. 3.5 This was a short novella about learning to forgive yourself, get over past guilt and opening your heart up to love again Jess s high school sweetheart died in a car accident when she was a senior in high school and she feels as though she s to blame because they were drunk and she let him drive She can t forgive herself and ends up moving away Three years later, she returns home for Christmas, still bitter about Michael s death She meets James, who is the new assistant pastor pastor in train [...]

  12. Risking It All For Love by Kimberley Montpetit is part of the Christmas In Snow Valley series and it is a great read Jessica Mason is still trying to recover emotionally from the death of her best friend three years ago She has moved to New Orleans where she pursued a dance career She has made a name for herself in the dance world but even with her success, she cannot find true happiness Against her better judgement, she agrees to return home for Christmas and appear as the Sugar Plum Fairy for [...]

  13. MY REVIEW 4.5 5stars I loved the story as it was set at Christmas time and it was about second chances for love The main character, Jessica finally returns home after 3 years away as she doesn t forgives herself when her boyfriend, Michael died 3 years prior in a car accident Why She finally admits to herself she didn t feel it was the right type of mature love needed forever in a relationship to last time Michael and her were best of friends She has to realize that life also goes on.Her family [...]

  14. Posted at Oh My Books I read Risking it all for Love as a part of A Christmas in Snow Valley anthology and honestly thought it wasn t going to be for me I usually like the bad boys, but I can say James, being a Pastor and all, was a great character I wasn t expecting to like him so much He was fun and patient and what Jessica needed to love again Also Jessica was a very strong characters, her feeling were so rough and real She s grieving and feels responsible for the car accident that killed he [...]

  15. This is definitely one of those easy to read, easy to get into stories This is the first time I read Kimberley Montpetit and I loved her writing It s natural and easy, and just flows Once I started reading this book I could not put it down but had to stop for sleep Read it in two sittings This story captured me from the very beginning I could feel Jessica s pain as she visits her hometown and remembers everything that she lived and how much she loved I could feel her pain and her struggle Totall [...]

  16. What a sweet romance The writing is beautiful, as is the case with all of Kimberley s work.Three years earlier, Jessica lost her best friend and first love, and also herself She ran away to New Orleans to try and forget When she comes home to Snow Valley for Christmas, she is forced to take a hard look at herself, the accident, and the relationship she lost James Douglas, an incredibly sexy pastor in training, helps her along the path to rediscovering herself, despite her objections I loved the [...]

  17. To be honest, I struggled with the heroine, Jessica She came off as a self torturing individual who would rather punish herself than re evaluate her past What kept me pushing forward was the hero James Douglas He is the ideal romantic man kind, sensitive, and determined, yet sweetly patient With James curbing Jessica s stubborn streak, the book ended on a sweet note Looking back, I ve had to acknowledge that the story was very realistic, despite the whiny heroine Without the proper perspective, [...]

  18. I received this book for free in return for my honest opinion As a small Christmas themed novella I was a little skeptical at first But this had true heart put into each and every word Plus, I am now ready to go for the holidays Jessica Mason did what most of us would do if something tragic happened, she ran She ran from home, from her past, and from her feelings She reluctantly agrees to come home for Christmas after three years of refusing to What she finds is she s missed a lot Including a ne [...]

  19. What an amazing story I loved every minute of it A very hard book to put down Jessica runs away to study ballet to New Orleans after her boyfriend is in a car accident and dies She feels responsible Jessica has built walls around her and will not let anyone in While she is at the cementary visiting her boyfriend s grave site she meets a mysterious stranger James who she seems to be attracted to James feels an attraction to her too but can he break down the walls Jessica has built around herself [...]

  20. I was given this book for free to do a honest review This was a wonderful romance to read Jessica is still grieving three years later when she finally goes back to her hometown for Christmas She has run away every since her best friend boyfriend dies in a car wreak Can she ever forgive herself for that fateful night our will she give up ever loving again She meets pastor James and feels a attraction to him and tries to run from him on several occasions and will have you laughing This was a reall [...]

  21. This was a sweet Christmas time novella about love, forgiveness, understanding, charity, and moving on Jessica irritated me at first because she seemed so angry, but as the story progressed I was able to understand why she was this way James was so sweet and understanding and patient.I felt uplifted after reading this I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  22. Jessica had a hard time dealing with her boyfriend getting killed in a car accident several years ago She had moved away and came back home for Christmas She meets James and thru him begins to heal emotionally I reviewed this book for a review This book touch my heart, Jessica had a hard time forgiving herself for Michael death She gave everyone else a hard because of it also This a good lesson to learn that we need to forgive ourselves and others before it is too late.

  23. This was a short book, which made it quick to read The story was interesting and I really liked it I wish this was a full length novel, or that a sequel would be coming, as the ending was very abrupt and left me wanting For a novella it was really good and I liked that the romance was clean I received a complimentary copy of this book to review I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book which I have done.

  24. I loved this novella The main character, Jessica, is holding on to pain and guilt from three years ago She returns home during Christmas break and after a series of unfortunate events meets the charming new priest, James There were plenty of laughs and tears through this cute story.I would love to see it turned into a Christmas movie

  25. I am in love with this author.I was hooked from the first time Jessica encounters James Douglas I really enjoyed that she speaks her mind from the get go The characters are well developed and you get to see at times just where Jessica gets her spunk from I will admit I am dying to know what happens nextSuper quick read, read it in one night because I just could not put it down.

  26. I loved this story Jessica and James are an unlikely match but that s what made the story so great I especially loved the banter between the two main characters The author does a fantastic job at keeping the dialogue real A great, quick read that will leave you feeling good.

  27. What can be better than a romantic Christmas story I love a good Christmas story and Kimberley tells a good one

  28. I loved this story of redemption, forgiveness, and love I would highly recommend this book and all the Christmas in Snow Valley romances.

  29. Kimberley Monpetit s Risking it all for Love Christmas novella is a gracious and beautiful, moving story full of love and redemption and God s peace and joy it not only is a love story but also has a strong message about forgiveness and understanding.anging lives in the process.Risking it all for Love is about Jessica Mason a young woman who is haunted by an event that occurred on December 20, 3 years ago, when she was 18 Something so bad that she fled thousands of miles from Snow Valley, Montan [...]

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