Always Right

[PDF] Download ☆ Always Right : by Mindy Klasky, [PDF] Download ☆ Always Right : by Mindy Klasky, Always Right, Mindy Klasky, Always Right A hot baseball romance Teetering on the brink of success as a patent lawyer Amanda Carter is courting financial disaster She s juggling her family s crippling medical expenses and a huge payment to join her law firm partners nearly impossible burdens because her father stole her identity If she doesn t pay up and win her current case everything she s worked for willA hot baseball ro. [PDF] Download ☆ Always Right : by Mindy Klasky - Always Right, Always Right A hot baseball romance Teetering on the brink of success as a patent lawyer Amanda Carter is courting financial disaster She s juggling her family s crippling medical expenses and a huge payment to j

  • Title: Always Right
  • Author: Mindy Klasky
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ☆ Always Right : by Mindy Klasky

Always Right, [PDF] Download ☆ Always Right : by Mindy Klasky - Always Right, Always Right A hot baseball romance Teetering on the brink of success as a patent lawyer Amanda Carter is courting financial disaster She s juggling her family s crippling medical expenses and a huge payment to j

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Always Right : by Mindy Klasky
    193Mindy Klasky
Always Right

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  1. Mindy Klasky learned to read when her parents shoved a book in her hands and told her that she could travel anywhere in the world through stories She never forgot that advice.Mindy s travels took her through multiple careers, including copyright lawyer and law librarian Mindy now writes full time Her books fall in a number of genres including traditional fantasy, urban fantasy, and category romance.In her spare time, Mindy knits, quilts, and tries to tame the endless to be read shelf in her home library Her husband and two cats do their best to fill the left over minutes in her days.

  2. I have read the whole series about a baseball team, its players and their various lives and romances This is the last book in the series, and, by far, my least favorite The story was a bit involved and different from the others In this one, lawyer Amanda Carter, one step away from going down financially thanks to her family s needs and wants, casually tosses her sunglasses to Rockets player Kyle Norton, currently in a no hit slump, bad for a baseball player at any time After this encounter, Ama [...]

  3. While I found this better than the previous book in the series, it was not my favorite We have Amanda, using Kyle s past to blackmail him multiple times We have Kyle, who just hands over the money as long as she comes to the games.Only once did she explain why she needed money The other times she didn t reveal her reasons Kyle asks for them but when she refuses to tell him, he doesn t push for answers.Amanda came across as greedy, only looking out for herself and her family And why doesn t she j [...]

  4. 3 1 2 stars This romance between the most up tight woman and a baseball player was a quick and easy read Amanda is an attorney with personal and family financial issues Kyle is a ball player who likes to keep things easy, but is superstitious When they cross paths, they each end up needing something from the other Kyle is up front about his needs, Amanda is not And I think that is part of the issue for me She starts to open up, but doesn t fully do so Kyle goes along with her hot and cold behavi [...]

  5. Not a home run for me, but definitely a triple.I enjoyed reading about Amanda and Kyle I liked Amanda s quirky habit of jotting down numbers when she became stressed, as well as her overall connection to numbers and math in general Although not a superstitious person myself, I found Kyle s habits adorable I ve heard of baseball players having superstitions, and I was pleased to see that the author expanded on that I m all for family helping family, but I found Amanda s family rather bothersome I [...]

  6. Kyle Norton was in a batting slump with the Rockets until a chance encounter with visitor Amanda, who passes him down a pair of sunglasses when his own break after smashing into the wall while catching a baseball But as with many sportsmen, superstitious repetition keeps bad luck away, and he needs Amanda to be at each home game batting practice and repeat the ritual of passing him these sunglasses Amanda needs quick cash to fulfill her dream of making partner at her law firm When Kyle approache [...]

  7. This is another fun story with a baseball theme written by Mindy Klasky I liked the lead into the need for the superstitious use of sunglasses provided by Amanda, a lawyer on a group outing to a baseball game with her colleagues, and the ensuing routine superstitious Kyle required of her I was NOT so happy that when Kyle, the baseball main throb, was blackmailed by Amanda It all works out in the end with some major ups and downs, but I think I would have preferred to see a bit stronger relations [...]

  8. This book is the last in the series about the Raleigh Rockets Amanda Carter is an attorney who attended a ballgame with co workers from her law firm Kyle Norton broke his sunglasses on the field that day, and asked Amanda for hers Kyle was finally able to break out of his hitting slump and believed the new ritual with Amanda was necessary to keep his slump away Amanda was working hard to buy a partnership into her law firm and also to take care of all her family s many needs, but she was struggl [...]

  9. Here we meet Kyle Norton and Amanda Kyle plays for the Rockets Amanda is a lawyer They meet at an afternoon pre baseball game batting practice Kyle has busted his sunglasses and sees Amanda in the stands and asks her for her glasses She reluctantly gives them to her.Amanda does research on Kyle and learns something about his past She decides to blackmail him Kyle goes along with it by using her for his superstition He begs her to come to all morning afternoon home games for the rest of the seaso [...]

  10. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI am sad that this series has ended but, I am also glad that it ended with dreams being fulfilled A great finale installment to an overall great series Mindy Klasky s heros and heroines are all human which is the best part of her stories They all have their quirks and weaknesses, their life histories and secrets Now I am wondering should I continue with the As You Wish series or pick up the Jane Madison or Glasswrights Series Hmmmmmm [...]

  11. who knew that blackmail could turn into hot, steamy nights with a baseball player Amanda isn t getting anywhere in her career because of her past she thinks that blackmailing Kyle can help her bring together the money she needs to help her career her family Kyle needs Amanda, she s been his good luck charm since the day he saw her, so he ll pay her off but put a clause with it She has to continue the ritual they start that first day Can this be the start of something Can they both succeed in the [...]

  12. I received an advance review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is another short, light, interesting read about baseball by Mindy Klasky The superstitious repetitions of ball players is an interesting scenario and under certain circumstances could be very expensive to maintain Each of the main characters is flawed and has secrets Even though some of the story is a little unrealistic this is still an interesting and enjoyable read and I would recommend it.

  13. Secrets Lies Blackmail Love Deceit Anger Confusion Forgiveness Did I miss something Well Mindy didn t She included all of these emotions and in this delightful book that had you crying laughing mad happy overcome confused and then just relieved that it was finally over Great book get your emotions ready to tangle cause they will.

  14. While I found the blackmail theme to be a little unrealistic I really grew to like both Amanda and Kyle They both have their issues and they both helped each other through them A strange pair but one that works I received an advanced e copy of this book through library thing in return for an honest review.

  15. My least favorite of the series I did not like Amanda at all I connected some with Kyle, but I feel his character wasn t developed enough It just felt like this book was rushed to finish the series.

  16. I received a free copy of this book from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers in exchange for an honest review I have enjoyed this series and am sorry to see it end A quick, fun read.

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