Chain of Command

☆ Chain of Command Ý HelenKay Dimon, ☆ Chain of Command Ý HelenKay Dimon, Chain of Command, HelenKay Dimon, Chain of Command Retired marine Sawyer Cain can t forget all he s seen and lost but he can try to start over Opening a gun range with his closest friends is the first step toward a new life one where he finally buries the guilt he can t seem to shake So much depends on the property he needs to buy and the gorgeous but completely frustrating woman who refuses to sell it Hailey Thorne isRetired mar. ☆ Chain of Command Ý HelenKay Dimon - Chain of Command, Chain of Command Retired marine Sawyer Cain can t forget all he s seen and lost but he can try to start over Opening a gun range with his closest friends is the first step toward a new life one where he finally burie

  • Title: Chain of Command
  • Author: HelenKay Dimon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Chain of Command Ý HelenKay Dimon

Chain of Command, ☆ Chain of Command Ý HelenKay Dimon - Chain of Command, Chain of Command Retired marine Sawyer Cain can t forget all he s seen and lost but he can try to start over Opening a gun range with his closest friends is the first step toward a new life one where he finally burie

  • ☆ Chain of Command Ý HelenKay Dimon
    205HelenKay Dimon
Chain of Command

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  1. HelenKay Dimon is a divorce lawyer turned romance author After dedicating years to helping people terminate relationships she now writes romance novels full time Her books have earned praise, appeared on bestseller lists, won numerous awards and twice been named Red Hot Reads and excerpted in Cosmo She sometimes writes erotic romance, sometimes writes romantic suspense and sometimes writes contemporary romance But no matter what she s writing her books are always filled with smart banter and sexy times, and a HEA is guaranteed Sharp writing and plenty of sexy romantic sizzle John Charles, Chicago Tribune So smart, sexy and fast paced, I devour her stories Lori Foster, NYT bestselling author Lots of heat with lots of humor MaryJanice Davidson, NYT bestselling author She s a delight Christina Dodd, NYT bestselling author

  2. Check out this and my other reviews at My BlogCopy received via netgalley in exchange for an honest review Book Basics Genre Cont RomanceSeries Book 1 in the series.Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series YesRating 4 starsI truly enjoyed this book.Both main characters were likeable, and even though they were on opposite sides of the fence so to speak in certain issues, there [...]

  3. This sexy romance is the story of Hailey and Sawyer Hailey is determined to honor the memory of her adopted uncle by protecting the property he deeded to her in his will But when she meets Sawyer, a military friend of her uncle whom she s heard much about but never met, she is shocked to hear that her uncle promised him the land She s not prepared to hand it over, but neither does she expect the searing attraction she feels for him Separating business from pleasure seems like the best way to mov [...]

  4. Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsWhen I read a book and I finish it and I want to pick it up and start it over again, I know I ve read a special book and HelenKay Dimon s Chain of Command is just such a book From beginning to end I loved this rollercoaster ride romance between two people who had something big standing between their relationship What I loved is that despite the mistakes they both made along the way, despite their meddling friends, and despite the fac [...]

  5. My Review This is one of those books that is so hard for me to ratee while I completely enjoyed the book and reading it and the characters, there were major flaws with the overall story line that really weakened it overall In this book, Hailey has basically been raised by Rob, a contractor who died in Afghanistan He was one of Sawyer s best friends, although Hailey never met Sawyer Hailey inherited Rob s land which he had promised to Sawyer for his gun range On the surface that all works and the [...]

  6. In this contemporary romance, Hailey and Sawyer clash over a piece of property They are attracted to one another, so try to keep their business and personal dealings separate The two are good characters and I enjoyed watching their romance develop The storyline kept me interested and entertained.

  7. There were so many things that were off on this book that I couldn t even manage an okay rating for it One of the most annoying and noticeable issues was with editing I think one part was the result of a conversion issue between one format and another resulting in quite a few sentences ending in 3 4 instead of whatever text was supposed to be there It is really hard to figure out what is being said in conversations when huge parts of those conversations are missing That is not an issue with the [...]

  8. I started to label this book a contemporary romance, but ended up changing my mind Sawyer a former Major in the Marine Corp, his buddies are either former Marines or Seals, and there are several scenes where one of Hailey s friends is dealing with a Navy jerk ex boyfriend But that s not why Hailey has complicated issues dealing with military men She lost her parents, a former boyfriend and the uncle who raised her to fighting overseas The military is almost like a secondary character, or at the [...]

  9. I enjoyed this book a lot than I was expecting to Sawyer and Hailey were compelling, fascinating characters with heartbreaking pasts and interesting hang ups Their first two meetings were funny, especially the meeting on Hailey s porch Their chemistry was combustible, especially when they were trying to fight it I really loved watching them get to know each other and discover the secrets that they were both holding on tight to.The secondary cast of characters were just as fun and now I cannot w [...]

  10. This was a very well written and enjoyable story I liked Sawyer a lot, he was kind honourable, funny, and of course sexy I particularly liked his relationship with his friends Jason and Marcus, he was funny and loyal and their friendship showed a lot about his character Hailey was a little complicated Although I sympathised with how difficult a start in life she had, I still found her a little too acerbic for a lot of the story Although she could be funny and loyal as well, her deep distrust an [...]

  11. I normally really like this author, but this one fell flat for me It wasn t because I didn t buy into the romance between Hailey and Sawyer, but that I had a hard time buying into their trying to have some sort of relationship while trying to keep the property thing between them It didn t ring true to me.I did like all the friend that surrounded Hailey and Sawyer I loved how each and every one of them chimed in on things It seemed like everyone s opinion changed as things went on, it was intere [...]

  12. I was provided with an ARC by the publisher via NetGalley Any and all opinions expressed are mine Chain of Command was a lot of fun to read It had not only moments of emotion, great humour, and some damn hot sexytimes the characters were people I found myself caring about and cheering for.You can read the full review atMy Written Romance.I cannot wait for the rest of the Greenway Range series now This was a fabulous way to kick it off

  13. 4.5 StarsOverall, I loved this book and recommend it to romance fans everywhere Ms Dimon is a master of show, not tell and pens amazing characters You ll be wanting to pick up this gem right away Me, I ll be rocking in the corner until I get Jason Molly s book.Review posted here wp puDkz 7fe

  14. Loved I loved how sawyer fell for her I adored each character and I can t wait wait for of this series The writing was so great it just flew by One minute I was starting it the next it was over and kept me craving for Domon has a way with descriptions and words that just keeps you entertained and intrigued.

  15. Perfectly fine as a contemporary romance, but I m just not in a place with gun people where I could be okay with this, and I should have recognized that going in It s really too bad, because I like some of the things that I think were coming, but I am going to have to pass on the rest of the series.

  16. I really, really liked this one The hero and heroine were great, the chemistry was off the charts, and the secondary characters were amazing I can t wait for in this series Full review to come at thebookpushers

  17. This one was just okay for me It felt slow paced and the conflict was weak I liked the hero and heroine fine and they definitely grew on me as the book progressed Looking forward to Molly and Jason s story.

  18. Review can be read at It s About The Book4.5 starsSometimes you just need a slap upside the head and a reminder of how great an author is And this book reminded me of how funny, smart and sexy a HelenKay Dimon book is You d better believe that I m not going to let her books pass me by any The banter between the two main characters had me laughing out loud, and the relationships between all of the characters were real and heart felt, and made you want to become invested in their stories long aft [...]

  19. Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.I ve been putting off reading this book for a while and I have no excuse I requested it but each time I read the description, I just didn t feel like reading it Finally, I forced myself to get it done and, as always, I shouldn t have waited so long It was a fun book I think I m probably 50 50 or 40 60 on liking the Hailey, the heroine There were things that I liked and things that I didn t The weird thing for me was that the further I went into [...]

  20. My favorite kind of contemporaries are sweet, sexy stories without too much angst Chain of Command mostly falls into that category, and it was an enjoyable read.Hailey Thorne is living on some land outside San Diego, left to her by her adopted father figure Ray, a military contractor who died on a job in Afghanistan The land is extremely desirable in a place where there isn t much open land left, and Hailey s been fielding countless lucrative offers for the property She doesn t want to sell, tho [...]

  21. I was gifted a copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for my honest thoughts opinions and a review.Chain Of Command is the first book in Greenway Range series, This was a first for me and reading a new author you kind of get your hopes up that the book will be as good if not better than the reviews and from the first page i just new it was just that.Sawyer Cain is a Retired marine and he can never ever forget all he s seen and what he has tragically lost, but he can start over again and hel [...]

  22. 4 1 2 starsWhen Hailey lost her parents one man came forward and became her family Now all she has left of Rob is his land Many have approached her with their dreams of developing the land Sawyer and Rob shared the dream of creating a shooting range facility on the back of his property, but Rob was killed before anything could be finalized Sawyer needs to make this plan happen so he can provide for those he cares about, and he needs to keep his attraction to Hailey out of it.Hailey seems to be a [...]

  23. I m not quite sure what to say about this book, because I didn t go in with a ton of expectations I ve never read HelenKay Dimon before, and I only had the vaguest of plotlines when I started.Aaaand, it was ok I enjoyed reading it The conflict didn t feel too conflict y, and what was there was really easily overcome with some introspection and a conversation or two On the one hand, I m glad that it didn t try to dress up a relatively minor conflict as a major conflict That s pretty irritating Bu [...]

  24. The beginning of a new series Sawyer and friend Marcus and Jason along with Sawyer s sister Molly are trying to start a business with a gun range The men all ex military know their weapons so it s the perfect business for Sawyer to keep them all together and have a income A friend of Sawyer s from his time in Afghanistan offers him a piece of land.He is killed before he can put anything in writing Hailey friend Rob who she always considered a uncle is killed in Afghanistan and leaves her his hom [...]

  25. HelenKay Dimon doesn t disappoint with this first book in the new Greenway Range series.This book isn t action packed like her previous books, but it still has a great fast paced story But this time, it s the pace of the characters relationship rather than a stream of action packed events In Chain of Command, Dimon sets the stage for the new series and introduces all of the players For book one Sawyer Cain, a retired and weary marine, meets Hailey Thorne, who has a no military guy rule I loved h [...]

  26. Although I am a late comer to Helen Kay Dimon s books, I am quickly catching up Chain of Command is the first book in a new series, The Greenway Range, and I think it is going to be a big hit for Ms Dimon s fans.This series features retired and not so retired military men who want to open a gun range and have a business together It will also give them a sense of family They are led by Sawyer Cain but there is an obstacle in their way, Hailey Thorne, who was left the property when he uncle Rob di [...]

  27. 3.5 Stars This one fell short for me The concept was good and the beginning grabbed me in pretty quickly but too soon left me second guessing things As the book went on I couldn t connect with the characters any, maybe because it s told in the third person and i ve always struggled with those books.The fact that Sawyer and Hailey try to have a relationship while having the property issue between them didn t really seem realistic The way the story develops and how the secondary characters all chi [...]

  28. I received a copy of this book for my honest review from Net Galley This was a really great novel It s the first a new series by Helenkay Dimon It features Hailey a young woman who s lost a lot of people in her past due to her loved one serving indifferent branches of the military She has sworn off all military men She inherits land from her Uncle Rob and everyone wants it including Sawyer Sawyer is a retired Marine who has come back to start a gun range and security business on the property his [...]

  29. OVED this book, I loved the badnass or in my case the sexy goodness that s Sawyer, sex Hot and dirty Bodies rubbing over each other Tongues and hands Ain t nothing delicate about that The boy is just blunt, and doesn t care, the position isn t the issue Missionary works for me The idea of seeing your face as I enter you is pretty effing hot Sawyer is full of praises when his woman does something he likes, but you asked me out Totally effing hot, by the way At times his girl likes to surprise him [...]

  30. Sawyer is ready to take his military training and experience to build a firing range outside of San Diego and has found the perfect piece of land If only he can convince Hailey to sell it to him Hailey lost her father figure to war so being around Sawyer reminds her of what was lost but the piece of land that she inherited is apparently a prime piece of real estate because Sawyer is not the only one sniffing around Sawyer was not expecting a woman as beautiful as Hailey and as hard as he wants t [...]

  31. Sawyer had so much to work through just coming back from over seas and starting a new business seemed like the best thing to do He was sweet, sexy, hot and man did I say hot He had great friends and I loved reading about them as well Hailey is closing her heart and vowed never to date a marine a fater using her uncle in Afghanistan, he s left her a price of land that a lot of people seem to want But when sawyer shows up on her door step she knows he s a marine but damn he s good to look at Sawye [...]

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