This Other Country

[PDF] This Other Country | by ☆ JohnWiltshire, [PDF] This Other Country | by ☆ JohnWiltshire, This Other Country, JohnWiltshire, This Other Country Nikolas is the sanest straightest person he knows so can anyone tell him why he s on a gay therapy course Nikolas Mikkelsen could make a very long list of unpleasant things he s endured in his life Then order it from nearly killed me to extremely horrific and don t want to do again And what did it say about his forty five years that being hit by a tsunami would bNikolas is t. [PDF] This Other Country | by ☆ JohnWiltshire - This Other Country, This Other Country Nikolas is the sanest straightest person he knows so can anyone tell him why he s on a gay therapy course Nikolas Mikkelsen could make a very long list of unpleasant things he s endured in his lif

  • Title: This Other Country
  • Author: JohnWiltshire
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] This Other Country | by ☆ JohnWiltshire

This Other Country, [PDF] This Other Country | by ☆ JohnWiltshire - This Other Country, This Other Country Nikolas is the sanest straightest person he knows so can anyone tell him why he s on a gay therapy course Nikolas Mikkelsen could make a very long list of unpleasant things he s endured in his lif

  • [PDF] This Other Country | by ☆ JohnWiltshire
This Other Country

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  1. John spent twenty two years in the military, perfecting the artof looking busy whilst secretly writing He left as a senior officerwhen his tunnel was ready for use He is now living in NewZealand until he can raise enough money to leave Although hehas no plans to return to the army, he can occasionally be caughtpolishing his medals.

  2. 5 stars Review completed December 15, 2014 I just want him to Use his name, please I want Nikolas to decide what he fucking wants I want a boyfriend not an employer with an overactive cock Don t swear at me And don t be crude You re not my boss any Stop telling me what to do Right Mr Mikkelsen, Nikolas, perhaps you d like to tell us why you agreed to come here I agreed to come here because if I didn t I would probably not get laid tonight I m not going to fucking attend a gay counseling course D [...]

  3. Written June 23, 20154.7 Stars As always exciting suspense, a thrilling plot and intense steam with much heart, feel and grand loveBook 4There isn t any review writing time right now so this will be very short More later when I m back home in wifi land again This Other Country is the fourth installment in a so far in my opinion great series My reviews, the main characters and view spoiler I was kind of stunned after, the first book, Love is a Stranger 4.5 stars Here were two rough, kinky, horny [...]

  4. 5 StarsThis was so, SO, SO good Seriously though.I can t even, I loved this thing so much.For realz.So, in an effort to avoid a continuous gush fest of saccharine teenage fangirling, I will instead endeavor to give out the loudest of shout outs Nik and Ben You two legit rock my casbah You guys are the cheddar in my cheese.The peanut in my butter.The croutons in my salad.The spa to my brown rice ghetti Dear John Wilsthire You Are The Man.For serious The things you accomplished in this book and th [...]

  5. He was a lion impersonating a pampered Persian house cat for a while, and surrounded by flowers, bespoke tailoring, literature and art, people didn t see the untamed wildness of the amber eyes, nor suspect the killing rage that lay just beneath the surface of the impeccable grooming Nikolas Do you know this feeling You ve just finished reading a book, a book so incredible you both couldn t wait to find out what happened and was dreading when you had read the last word because then it was over An [...]

  6. Another awesome read in this series Nikolas and Ben have become fixtures in my life right now I feel like I personally know themor at least I wish I did Again this book was full of revelations Only this time it was about their relationship The action was a bit less, but the emotions ran higher.It took me through the wringer though this book made me laugh out loud multiple times, it also broke my heart and pissed me the hell off As for the pissed off partI m not gonna say much , because again, I [...]

  7. You are going to L.O.V.E This Other Country Of course, I m assuming you ve read the first three which you definitely need to do first If that s a go, then I m also going to assume that you love Nik Ben accurate Has to be This was fun and lighthearted than what we re used to Now, when I say fun and lighthearted, I m still talking about Nik and Ben There was still suspense and crazy shenanigans, but there was a different feel to it this time For starters, I wasn t in agony over their relationship [...]

  8. If I could give this book stars I would While the other books were good, this one was brilliant For only the second time in my life, I pulled an all nighter How could I not The story had everything I made so many notes, marked so many passages as quotes that I need time to formulate them into a decent review.This book has wonderful sex scenes, heartbreak, sadness, laugh out loud humor, it ticks every box without being a product of paint by numbers writing.The sheer story telling craft impressed [...]

  9. Nikolas discovered flower arranging could be done in the living room And, amazingly, could be done whilst lying on the sofa, watching a movie And drinking a bottle of red wine.One of the main things I love about these books is that they are seriously funny There are so many giggly moments dotted throughout the books, even when something horrific is going on in the background I ve never laughed so hard in my life Ben opened his mouth to reply, a horrified expression forming on his face, but Nikol [...]

  10. I want all my friends to read this series, it is so very, very, very good These protagonists, MCs are as brilliantly written, if not better, than my favourite m m couples to date It may be time to move over and make room Ty and Zane, Dex and Sloane.Ben and Nikolas have arrived and they are Hard, Hot and Raw Many of my reviewer fiction opinion friends will probably have realised by now that I am not a fan of the sexual act laid graphically down, bare and open in my chosen genre This is not so muc [...]

  11. Full Reviewage on Prism Book Alliance Do we fight over who is in charge, Benjamin Ben frowned No I have you exactly where I want you Nikolas chuckled I highlighted and wrote down this quote from towards the beginning of this book It s a theme that carries through the entire story Little did I know And I m so freakin happy I found out.This book picks up basically where The Bridge of Silver Wings, book three in the More Heat Than the Sun series, left off As do the emotion, heat, confidence and omi [...]

  12. No surprise here 5 Loving starsThis Other Country is slightly different from the previous books It concentrates on the relationship between Nik and Ben Just because suspense and action takes somewhat a back seat, it doesn t mean there are no thrilling moments and I loved this book just the same as all the others.The dry humor in the first half of this book was just superb, but I guess Nik and Ben undercover on a gay couple therapy course speaks for itself The second half got me thrust into a si [...]

  13. OMG OMG OMG I love this series, the twists, turns, grit, it s been a roller coaster ride I love Ben and Nik Give me HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  14. This is my most favourite book in the series so far.The first half of the book had me chuckling, snorting and laughing out loud as Nikolas and Ben come to terms with their mission of infiltrating a therapy course for gay men as a florist and a hairdresser Nikolas eased the file towards him Ben with the enthusiasm of a man pulling his prostrate cancer prognosis notes They just stared at it Ben s attempt at chocolate mousse for a while Nikolas was tempted to point out that he d seen similar things [...]

  15. 4.5 stars This series gets better and better and yes, I said it and confirm Ben and Nick are insane in the best way and they deliver each time This time, Ben and Nick decide to go undercover to a gay therapy course to discover why a young cousin of their friend killed himself after shooting some classmates Of course, it s Ben and Nick, so what could possibly go wrong Not to mention the fantastic cover for Nick, the high maintenance blond God impersonating a florist One has to appreciate the iron [...]

  16. Incredible What comes up with this author Just when I thought I should read the first part of this series again because the beginning was so incredible beautiful it happens just VERY different than expected The whole time I was thinking, with what will he comes up this time So good So unpredictable So adorable.I have it already written I love Nik Ben and I adore John Wiltshire.Dear John, thank you so much for sharing Ben Nik s Stories with us.

  17. There comes a time in every readers life when they know that the characters in the story they re reading have definitely taken up a special place in their heart That happened to me with this series after book 2, Conscious Decisions of the Heart, and my opinion has only strengthened with this instalment.5 stars for this emotionally charged read, I ve loved Ben from the start what s not to love A beautiful, beautiful man with model looks, green eyes and dark hair, oozing sex appeal and who knows h [...]

  18. My thoughts on this book series in no particular order This book has all of the tropes amnesia, misunderstanding, terror plots abound, aloof billionaire, half blind dog and cute redhead kid It is expensive, although a dollar less on and there is the odd editing error Sometimes it seems like a stream of consciousness and kinda rambly They never use lube and have never flagging junk Ever Ouch I should be rolling my eyes and scoffing at the ridiculousness of this series of books But I ve been immer [...]

  19. This series is like crack Seriously it s damn near as addictive as a Mary Calmes series I want to read the next book so freaking bad, but I can t because tomorrow I start a buddy read with three awesome ladies over on GR and it s a book I m not going to miss out on reading with them for anythingeven Mary Calmes would take a back seat on this one, I had to use all my will power and then some not to jump into the next book this time So as much as it pains me and believe me it does I m setting the [...]

  20. 4.5 starsHere I am, the fifth book into a series Normally ennui would have settled in long before now But no Somehow this author manages to feed tidbits or big dollops , adding to Ben and Nik s story, giving than enough to pull you along in the wake of their awesomeness.Are they nice guys Not always, no Sometimes they are downright narcissistic, petty, pouty, morally compromised hedonists And then they are the sweetest, most generous, most intriguing lovers ever The messes they get into, the gr [...]

  21. Another delectable episode in the lives of Nik and Ben, can t get enough of this pairing There were so many things Nikolas had done for him that should elicit his gratitude and love , but the handing over of that chocolate digestive topped them all He felt awful, guilty but stuffed the gift in very quickly before his saviour could change his mind.

  22. Another awesome read by John Wiltshire.Will reread as soon as I am done with the next book.

  23. 5 power of the mind stars Then you re like a heartbeat I ll miss you when you stop Nik Wow, this book really put me through the wringer It was funny, hilarious, thoughtful, fucking infuriating, beautiful and fantastic.I loved how the book explored Ben and Nik s relationship in new and surprising ways The development between them was profound, and also necessary in a way, I think Ben found or took back of himself or his old self Nik also got humbled when the roles were reversed, so to speak Both [...]

  24. I really enjoyed this I am a great fan of the series and need to catch up This story finds Ben and Nicholas going undercover at a course camp for gay men Odd things have happened to some of the men who attended the course and a friend of theirs tried to investigate but has gone missing And so Ben and Nicholas become Nigel and Justin, playing roles but also using their survival strengths and experience to uncover what is really happening.I enjoyed this It reminded be of all the ghastly courses an [...]

  25. 4,5 Libro 4 de las tribulaciones de Nik y Ben y de momento, la calidad se mantiene Esta entrega tiene momentos muy divertidos, Nik en terapia es algo digno de ver, pero es que Ben, mi maravilloso Ben, est inmenso suspirando Los quiero mucho, son pura qu mica, sigue habiendo demasiado sexo por m2, pero cuando se ponen tiernos e intensos, me matan.Creo que no llego a redondear a 5 porque en alg n sentido, en lo referente a su relaci n, siento que dan demasiadas vueltas a lo mismo y que como dicen [...]

  26. Omg Definitively one of my favorite couples Ben and Nikwhere to begin Their love story, their adventures s so well written, funny, heartbreaking, hot this author is so smart I can t describe how happy I am that I can still find thx to my fellow readers such talented authors.John Wiltshire is now in my top ten favorite authors list This series is one of the best I ve read Can t wait for the next book.write faster mister Highly recommended

  27. I wish I had the words to do justice to just how exceptional this series is.With Ben and Nikolas, John Wilsthire has created one of the most perfect love stories I ve ever read There s so much complexity to Ben and Nikolas and the emotional bonds between them keep getting deeper and deeper, book by book.I m so excited for book 5, but just wish I didn t have to wait another month

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