☆ Deadgirl ☆ B.C.Johnson, ☆ Deadgirl ☆ B.C.Johnson, Deadgirl, B.C.Johnson, Deadgirl Dead is such a strong word Lucy Day years old is murdered on her very first date Not one to take that kind of thing lying down she awakens a day later with a seemingly human body and than a little confusion Lucy tries to return to her normal life but the afterlife keeps getting in the way Zack her crush maybe boyfriend isn t exactly excited that she ditDead is such a strong word. ☆ Deadgirl ☆ B.C.Johnson - Deadgirl, Deadgirl Dead is such a strong word Lucy Day years old is murdered on her very first date Not one to take that kind of thing lying down she awakens a day later with a seemingly human body and than a litt

  • Title: Deadgirl
  • Author: B.C.Johnson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Deadgirl ☆ B.C.Johnson

Deadgirl, ☆ Deadgirl ☆ B.C.Johnson - Deadgirl, Deadgirl Dead is such a strong word Lucy Day years old is murdered on her very first date Not one to take that kind of thing lying down she awakens a day later with a seemingly human body and than a litt

  • ☆ Deadgirl ☆ B.C.Johnson

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  1. B.C Johnson lives in Southern California with his beautiful wife Gina, his fluffy angry Corgi mix Luna, and his destructive Viking sons Dash and Wyatt He writes about snarky characters being snarky while supernatural things try to eat them When he s not playing video games, watching Marvel movies, or just generally being a ninth level dork, he s thinking about doing all that stuff All of his books, blogs, essays, and manifestos can be read at bc johnson.

  2. This book is what every young writer should read A friend of mine recommended it and I was blown away with how in tune B.C is with his audience, and how well he was able to create characters that were believable, characters you wanted to be friends with or be friends with if you were still in high school.What I loved about this book most, though, was B.C s ability to weave in advanced vocabulary that even made me refer to my dictionary I gave my cousin the book to read she s a high school studen [...]

  3. 3.5 StarsFull Review I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I actually, unfortunately, had some issues with this book up until about the 65% mark.The story itself was good, and the book was never a struggle to get through my issue was mostly that Lucy s POV read exactly the way I imagine a grown man would imagine a teenage girl to be like Her thoughts were filled with lots of jealousy judginess pettiness toward her best friends, a constant preocc [...]

  4. 4 sReview posted hereokpassionforlifeDeadgirl was a fab read, slightly strange and unusual but in a good way.The synopsis is spot on with its description of the book so straight onto my thoughts.I thought Deadgirl was a very unique story and it kept my interest all of the way through Lucy was a very relatable 15yr old going through all of the things a girl that age should be including her first date which ends in disaster She had a great voice and outlook that was easy to read and connect with w [...]

  5. Deadgirl is a very confusing, long novel yet fortunately has a very likable main character It was worth the read Although I must admit to skimming some of the middle I do wish it had been shortened.The characters, whom I didn t find extremely memorable, were still realistic Lucy is definitely a heroine to root for, and pity She has many struggles Yet I did love how she could still joke once in a while And Abraham felt like a very well written character as well I also felt the dialogue in the boo [...]

  6. Lucy Day is 15 years old and she s dead Kind of After spending all freshman year flirting with Zack he has finally asked her on a date, and what happens She disappears from the group, dies in a back alley, and he spends all night looking for her So not cool When she wakes up the next day with a killer headache and her perfect outfit ruined she notices some changes She doesn t eat, she doesn t sleep, and she doesn t even go to the bathroom The biggest different, though, is the blistering cold she [...]

  7. Deadgirl is one of Roberta at Offbeat YA s shout from the rooftops fandom books, and I m always interested in books that other people love that no one has ever heard of I feel like every book lover has at least a few, and they re usually well worth reading We also share a love of Christopher Pike, and the premise of this book strongly resembles the one in Remember Me Trigger warnings guns, death.When Lucy Day is shot to death in a deserted parking lot one night after a date, she can t figure out [...]

  8. Excerpt from my review originally published at Offbeat YA Pros Unique, mind blowing premise and setting Characters with authentic voice A lovestruck but spunky heroine Engaging, imaginative prose.Cons A couple of not completely convincing attitudes A few inconsistencies that won t really affect your reading pleasure Some small mistakes slipped through revision.WARNING Violence and attempted rape, though not described in a graphic manner Underage drinking.Will appeal to Afterlife books fans who b [...]

  9. Title DeadgirlAuthor B.C JohnsonPublisher Curiosity Quills, 2014Genre YA Fantasy, YA Paranormal I received a copy of this book free from the Author in exchange for an honest review My Review It took me about halfway through the book to understand really what was going on and it was frustrating But it was also worth it It was definitely worth the patience, and though I didn t know what was going on, I couldn t put the book down I was submerged in the depths of Johnson s prose It was an awesome ex [...]

  10. I have been sent some amazing books to review this year And you can put Deadgirl right up there with the best of them This book was just WOW This is one fantastic, didn t want to put down read Deadgirl starts at a really nice pace as you get to know the characters And then BAM The action begins There is so much that I want to talk about, but whatever I say will spoil it for you all and this is definitely a book that you MUST read Lucy Day is a normal 15yo girl, going to school, hoping to get Zac [...]

  11. Regarding The Nature Of Life Or What Happened To LucyIf this is a series it will need to be read in order if this is a stand alone it is still awesome Lucy is having the best day of her life Or at least that s the way it seems at first Then she wonders what exactly has happened to her Is she still herself What is she What happened to her This was a supernatural thriller that totally floored me with both its mysteries and originality I was left guessing until the narrator gave me the answers whic [...]

  12. Having had the opportunity to read DEAD GIRL as part of the book s blog tour, I was delighted to find it was as enjoyable as I had hoped And it didn t even occur to me that the book was written by a guy Which I dare say, impresses me not every guy can pull off writing for a female protagonist without making them look like caricatures of the female species So, score one for the team DEAD GIRL starts off with a literal bang before taking us back a few days prior to the event, as teenage Lucy hangs [...]

  13. WOW This book made me laugh and cry sometimes at the same time It was absolutely amazing I loved the main character, she was witty and sarcastic everything I could have dreamed for The other characters were great as well This was sort of a mystery it had that aspect in it several places and the answers were really unexpected and flabbergasting I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end The plot is like none other, the end is amazing, and I want MORE Amazing amazing amazing Thank you, B.C [...]

  14. Great book It was exciting, kept me asking questions, and felt original even with all the other supernatural books and movies out there I didn t know if I d be able to relate to Lucy, but she s actually pretty funny and I ended up really liking her Definitely recommend this book

  15. My Thoughts On The Book Dead is such a strong word The Plot Of The Story I ve read books in a similar vein as this one before but generally they end up going down the Reaper route where Deadgirl take a different path entirely and where it ends up is quite unexpected, but in a good way as it makes it quite individual.Lucy Day is normal fifteen year old girl, with friends and a crush on the hottest boy in school She lives an ordinary life with regular parents and a loving home until the day she fi [...]

  16. Title Dead Girl Author B.C JohnsonPublisher Cool Well PressDate of Release April 12th, 2012Number of Pages 368Source Author for honest review.Summary from You know how it is go on a date, get killed, wake up the next morning No Just me Lucy Day Fifteen year old Lucy Day falls between the gears in the machinery of the afterlife She is murdered while on her first date, but awakens a day later, completely solid and completely whole She has no hunger for brains, blood, or haunting, so she crosses zo [...]

  17. Receive a review copy from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.Deadgirl was something totally different and based on phantoms I don t read many phantom stories so this was quite intriguing for me I enjoyed the balance of the writing and language This had romance, drama, action and your typical high school student needs overprotective parents, parties and .Lucy Day is your normal 15 year old highbschool freshman Nothing unusual about her until she s attacked by 4 guys and killed The onl [...]

  18. I jumped at the chance to read Dead Girl by B.C Johnson I loved the cover and title.The story is told from the point of view of Lucy, a funny, snarky 15 year old swooning over her first love Several things were quite refreshing in this story The main group of kids are generally wholesome, their parents are involved, and the confusion of just being a teenager was realistically shown Sadly, Lucy is killed after her first date and wakes up not entirely alive or dead.The story line was unique, also [...]

  19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review This review may contain spoilers.I did really like the front cover of this book and I thought the blurb sounded really intriguing Unfortunately, I couldn t really connect that well with the main character, Lucy There was a lot of repetition in the fact that she was cute and a couple of times at quite inappropriate moments Like when she was being chased A few of the other random thoughts made sense but when you re running from someone, [...]

  20. Wow Could I give this ten stars please This was exciting B C Johnson has told a superb tale The book keeps you guessing and wondering what will happen next.Lucy, the main character is very likable and has the spunk I like to see in female characters She s only 15 and seems way beyond what I imagine would be the maturity of 15 or what I was at 15 But it is a different time and I was a late bloomer even way back in the stone age Maybe the young adults who read this will find her immature, who know [...]

  21. Lucy Day s going to have the perfect night, the perfect first date with her long time crush could be love right up until she s attacked and, to her surprise when she wakes up three days later, killed The rest of the book follows Lucy as she learns what it means to be a dead girl technically, a phantom , trying to dodge her personal grim reaper, while simultaneously making sure she doesn t let her parents know what happened, erase the memories of her friends, or fail high school It s a concept wi [...]

  22. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Rating 2.5 starsDeadgirl follows the story of Lucy Day, who is murdered unintentionally on her first date She, however, is unable to stay dead, and wakes up the next morning with nothing but a blood stained dress But why is she waking up every morning in a beach instead of her home What is happening to her body Read Deadgirl to find out.Deadgirl was an interesting book I had no expectations when I started this, [...]

  23. 3 Stars I was provided a copy indirectly from the author through a group on for an honest review OVERVIEW Yikes, I don t really know how to do an overview on this book It wasn t really that memorable, and I just put it downOS I liked Luce She was a believable teenage character There were a few points where she slipped a little from the believable realm I also liked Morgan I think she was my favorite I honestly wish there was of her in the book CONS It is pretty confusing at times You don t full [...]

  24. Lucy is 15 But, she isn t a typical teenage girl She woke up from her first date without a pulse She shouldn t be able to wake up after being shot Or should she Eventually, her personal Grim Reaper shows up make her really dead Abraham has to him than just collecting the undead girl, though Lucy has to make a decision that could hurt those she loves, though Lots of teenage angst there There are so many things that happen with Lucy and the pace of this book keep it all interesting and left me wa [...]

  25. Deadgirl The Deadgirl Saga 1 by B.C Johnson is a terrific fantasy book that will keep you entertained from page one Lucy is a girl that has no luck at all She dies, but doesn t Murdered on her first date but is too stubborn to stay dead This leads to such a crazy story that will have you guessing what will happen next from page to page, you will never be right There is also someone, not a person, after her to correct the mistake of her not dying There is also a mystery being helping her Life get [...]

  26. I thoroughly enjoyed Deadgirl This novel has excellent character development, especially concerning the use of dialogue You truly sympathize and care for Lucy and her supporting characters Lucy is a girl that everyone knows, familiar, without being what I call a blank slate Bella she is intelligent, funny, warm, and has a great sense of humor about herself and her teenage escapades The supernatural element is a breath of fresh air magical realism is a very trendy thing in young adult fiction rig [...]

  27. The character development in this book is phenomenal I got so into what was going to happen to Lucy and her friends No character is a blank slate, and none are cliches Yet, BC Johnson has time to make you care about their strengths, flaws, and outcome of the story Especially the main character Lucy She stays true to her character, but still develops throughout the novel.The paranormal element in this book is done in a really refreshing way that I haven t seen before I also loved that Lucy wasn t [...]

  28. Books Sweet EpiphanybooksandsweetepiphanyDeadgirl is GOOD.Like DEAD GOOD Pun intended grin Seriously, the beginning caught my attention and I slept at 2 in the morning because I couldn t put Deadgirl down.The storyline is riveting and gave a whole new twist to the life after death scenario, which, in this case, life after death was life though I m not really sure the kind of life Lucy is really living.Lucy is really explored in this book and I really love her personality and charm.However, my fa [...]

  29. Deadgirl was a great book about a girl who gets shot during an attack on herself, yet doesn t really die in the true sense of the word Everyone can still see her, she can still eat, drink, etce s just not quite alive While she is still trying to figure out exactly what s going on, since she isn t convinced she s really dead, strange things start to happen I don t want to give any of the book away, other than the ending is a bit sad concerning her new boyfriend Zach , so I highly recommend you re [...]

  30. I absolutely LOVED this book Loved I can t wait to read the next one Johnson s characters and the storyline were so well formed I was immediately invested and remained invested throughout As someone who once was a teenage girl, and well, still often is even all these years later, I can say that B.C Johnson really knows how to write a teenage, female, point of view I m very impressed and loved so much of Lucy s snark and self depreciating humor She s awesome Truly awesome I can t wait for DEADGI [...]

  31. Imaginative cover art and death defying prose embrace one of the best in the YA genre I have read Author B C Johnson delivers a killer story hitting on all cylinders, an unbeatable novel I love the somewhat self effacing, yet kick butt, protagonist DEADGIRL is highly recommended for all aficionados of witty, caustic, YA.

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