Wrong About the Guy

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wrong About the Guy : by Claire LaZebnik, [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wrong About the Guy : by Claire LaZebnik, Wrong About the Guy, Claire LaZebnik, Wrong About the Guy This contemporary twist on Jane Austen s Emma features the signature wit and swoon worthy romance of beloved author Claire LaZebnik s other fan favorites Epic Fail The Trouble with Flirting and The Last Best Kiss Ellie Withers is definitely not spoiled so she wishes that George Nussbaum would stop implying that she is It s not her fault that her stepfather became a TVThis co. [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wrong About the Guy : by Claire LaZebnik - Wrong About the Guy, Wrong About the Guy This contemporary twist on Jane Austen s Emma features the signature wit and swoon worthy romance of beloved author Claire LaZebnik s other fan favorites Epic Fail The Trouble with Flirting and The

  • Title: Wrong About the Guy
  • Author: Claire LaZebnik
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wrong About the Guy : by Claire LaZebnik

Wrong About the Guy, [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wrong About the Guy : by Claire LaZebnik - Wrong About the Guy, Wrong About the Guy This contemporary twist on Jane Austen s Emma features the signature wit and swoon worthy romance of beloved author Claire LaZebnik s other fan favorites Epic Fail The Trouble with Flirting and The

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wrong About the Guy : by Claire LaZebnik
    211Claire LaZebnik
Wrong About the Guy

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  1. Please check out THINGS I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, now available in bookstores and online LaZebnik hits it out of the park with her story about pretty, popular Chloe and her loving relationship with her older, autistic sister, Ivy BOOKLIST starred review Writing with honesty and wit, LaZebnik offers a thought provoking portrayal of how people can come together despite, or perhaps because of, their differences PUBLISHER S WEEKLY

  2. I m a bit torn on this one I liked the last 20% SO MUCH and I wish DESPERATELY the whole book had been that great The first 80% wasn t bad, but it felt a bit rushed and not all there.I ve given a fair amount of thought to modern Emma adaptations There s so much that just doesn t translate to modern settings and you just HAVE to change I like a lot of the choices LaZebnik made in theory, but some of them left me a little confused because I kept trying to find connections that weren t there view s [...]

  3. Nope, nope, nope.I didn t like this at all, and it was mostly because of the main character She was spoiled, selfish, bratty, and completely disregarded her best friend s feelings and there wasn t much character development as the story progressed either.Speaking in terms of plot, I felt very distant from everything and the pacing just seemed sluggish and slow.

  4. Pages read 121 I ve been burned by LaZebnik s Austen retellings before The only one I enjoyed was of my least favorite novel.2 This book is already so obviously not Emma She s living with her mom and step father and has a younger brother 3 I quit because of the descriptions of how attractive Ellie s parents are See chapter two That kind of stuff just creeps me out in a YA novel I m quitting while I m only slightly behind.

  5. I know that Emma isn t the most endearing heroine of the Jane Austen pantheon, but I can t help but like her and her many incarnations, and LaZebnik s extension of her in Ellie is no exception Ellie is confident, ambitious, and she just is who she is Sometimes confidence can become arrogance and ambition looks like selfishness, but her actions and decisions are typically driven by good intentions and a love for her family and friends While this novel did start off slow and I had a little troubl [...]

  6. Cuteness overload D Wrong About The Guy ini buku Claire LaZebnik ketiga yg kubaca Seperti biasa tiap baca buku LaZebnik ini paling bisa bikin senyum senyum sendiri saking imutnya.

  7. 2.5 starsEllie Withers has it all, her step dad is famous and before that it was her and her mother only in a one bedroom apartment, now they have a mansion with staff.Ellie thinks that Aaron is her perfect match and future husband but things never go as planned.Ellie is a spoiled little bitch at times she could be funny, but she was really demanding everything s she want she gets, I don t feel that she works for anything or that she deserves the way that things fall in her hand When her friend [...]

  8. Enjoyed Really great dialogue, cute ship, slightly sanitized version of my hometown, but an easy breezy read with, again, really funny dialogue This book should be all dialogue Ellie was funny and charming and endearingly spoiled, and I loved George They had an excellent Emma Knightly dynamic.

  9. While this was a fun contemporary read, I didn t enjoy it as much as Claire s other books, like Epic Fail The plot had a good basis, but some of the settings and characters didn t impress me Overall 3 5 stars not the best, but still a story worth trying.

  10. MY OPINION So this book was meh at first and then OOH by the end I loved it Anyways, this book was about a girl named Ellie honestly, I completely forgot that was her name until someone said it, which was pretty rare.Ellie is the stepdaughter of a TV star and she s used to people trying to be her friend just for the sake of saying that they met her stepdad, etc But her two best friends are home and she feels pretty good.She is in her senior year and she s ready to apply to colleges She has one c [...]

  11. I did, for the sake of being honest, basically skim this I gotta admit, I really, really didn t like this Frankly, it makes me squirm I know Knightley and Emma have their differences age included , but ah dealing with that by having Emma be a senior in high school and George be this, what, twenty something post college grad Yeah, that s just creepy And don t get me started on the Frank Churchill adaptation NOPE That was just also creepy, tbh.

  12. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty This is a retelling of the classic Jane Austen tale Emma I have liked some of LaZebnik s other retellings, but I had a really hard time with this one With the annoying protagonist and unoriginal plotline, this actually ended up being a DNF read.Opening Sentence It was my first idea for Mom and Luke to make a big deal out of their fifth wedding anniversary.The Review Ellie Withers is getting ready to start her senior year of high school and she is o [...]

  13. I have enjoyed the books by Claire LaZebnik that I ve read so far and was excited to read this Emma retelling Unfortunately, this one was disappointing.Ellie was not a likeable character She was spoiled and had entitlement issues Just because she has a famous stepfather she expects things to be given to her and that she deserves them because of who her stepfather is She wants special treatment and expects people to cater to her needs It got old very fast I did not find it cute or endearing I fou [...]

  14. I usually like LaZebnik s Austen retellings Even the ones that I don t love like Epic Fail , I at least enjoy But this was so really boring and didn t capture enough of what I think is important about Emma Will anyone ever update Emma better than Clueless did though I doubt it Still this could have been way better.

  15. I actually don t know how to rate this This main character is self absorbed and shallow and much of this book is filled trivial incidents, however this is a retelling ofEmmaso it all seems fitting My biggest problem with this is that is felt like a lesser version ofCluelessand I likeClueless than I likeEmma Ellie Withers is no Cher Horowitz I felt as though as I wasn t in her head but just observing her life I love retellings but I would pass over this one.

  16. Having loved Jane Austen s Emma I was intrigued to read this modern YA take on the story.Sadly it just didn t work for me Ellie came across as spoiled and arrogant, I found it really hard to like her and poor Mr Knightley aka George was reduced to the part of errand boy for her wealthy family The chemistry that Emma and Knightley had just wasn t there.Ellie s family also featured heavily in the book and I did find myself skimming pages whenever they popped up, which was a lot

  17. I forgot how entertaining Claire s conversations are Always so witty, always full of sass I had always wanted to make a gobblers shelf but I won t because its too much of a hassle to look back on all the books I ve read and put them there but theoretically, if I were to make one, there s no doubt that all of her books would be in that list She knows what I love, she gets me hahahaha She gives me fluff which is my most loved thing in the world And witty conversations which is my second most loved [...]

  18. I feel like this retelling of Emma was a pretty loose one, making a lot of changes and cutting out some elements that I think were important to the original storyline view spoiler For example, Harriet Smith had Robert Martin in the original Who what was her Robert Martin here, or was he just removed completely hide spoiler There were some characters in this retelling that didn t appear to have counterparts in the original Austen tale, and yet didn t really add anything The George Ellie relations [...]

  19. YABC Best for older or mature teens, Wrong About the Guy is YA Contemporary We have a nice and subtle romance and a complicated drama with so much drama A drama with drama Yes, I do realize how redundant that sounds, but there is no other way to put it Set in Los Angeles, Wrong About the Guy has all the right moves and all the right words It is absolute perfection Ellie Withers, our main character and sole narrator, is a spoiled girl, to be put shortly However, she is also a great character with [...]

  20. Ellie has a charmed life with her Mom, famous stepdad Luke and little brother in an LA mansion But she thrives on getting things to go her way, whether that means sharing her infuriating SAT tutor George with her less motivated best friend Heather, getting her Mom and Luke to honeymoon where she wants them to, or planning the future of her own love life When Luke s best friend s son moves back to LA for his senior year, Ellie thinks this might finally be the time to jump start her own romantic l [...]

  21. Check out this review and at On the Wings of BooksWhat I Thought I love Claire LaZebnik s books They are always cute and fun with a little bit of heartbreak thrown in Wrong About the Guy is based off of Jane Austen s Emma I ve never read Emma don t throw stones, but Jane Austen s books are not for me , but Clueless is one of my favorite movies ever, and Clueless is also based off Emma Even though I knew who Ellie was going to end up with in the end I loved how she got there and how everything p [...]

  22. A very good story inspired by the novel Emma of Jane Austen Like in all the author s others tentatives the extrapolation is inspired For instance the sweet, innocent but also needy and tiresome relative isn t a father but a toddler with an autistic syndrome Ellie isn t an orphan, her father were just never there Her good intentions toward her best friend who isn t so naive and featherbrain as Harriet is in Emma are not to throw her into a favourable marriage, but to drag her in a college much to [...]

  23. The gif speaks for itself I love Emma I adore her relationship with Mr Knightley Depending on the mood, it even surpassed my love for Darcy and Elizabeth and that, right there, is saying something I blame it on the BBC version from 2009 starring Romola Garai and Johnny Lee Miller.The only reason I picked this book up was because I needed that romance I mean it s a retelling so I know how the story goes I m here for the kissing not the plot twists.I didn t find it There were kisses but the emotio [...]

  24. If you looking for a light reading, the one that will keep you sane in your long trip, you must try this book so Sweet About an adorable, spoiled, conceited, narcissistic brat girl Ellie That s her name And I am so grateful that I can instantly love the character Not because she is a spoilled girl, but because the author can make us see all the kindness in her without too obvious These make Ellie real As real as some teenage girl who did a lot of mistakes And what they need isn t a judge, they [...]

  25. Oh my gosh I don t think anyone would hate this book Too adorable I loved it Omg It was so cute Tthere was just one part I didn t like Where Ellie had the talk with George about Heather and they kinda got together I mean, I felt really bad for Heather I mean, she should have talked to her first But well, that s just me All ended well The one with Aaron was a shocker although I did had a suspicion But anyway 5 stars This was a very light read and adorable too I love that Ellie loves her baby brot [...]

  26. I was really excited when I picked this book to read it, but then while I was reading the book it disappointed me a lot The book was really slow and boring and I couldn t continue reading it so I stopped in the middle.This is my personal opinion so please don t take it so seriously I m not hating on the author or anything, her writing style was good and maybe she could write amazing stories but for me I m not reading any of her stories again.

  27. The Last Best Kiss and Wrong About the Guy are YA books that are less swoonish titles from Claire Lazebnik but are definitely not less entertaining They were about life, lessons and growing up but they were also very funny I kept laughing and laughing I love the heroines so much, and while some people might argue that their characters were too good or that they didn t have much going on, the stories worked well for me.Can t wait for Claire s new book coming out soon

  28. Maybe not quite four stars, but I ll round up I enjoyed this take on Austen s EMMA, but I wouldn t recommend it if you don t like EMMA It also made me want to watch CLUELESS D I plan to read by this author, because this was a quick, fun read.

  29. I liked this but it wasn t Clueless and I think I needed it to be on that level considering how much I ve liked the other books in the series.

  30. This is a cute YA retelling of Emma There was alot of amusing banter throughout the book I liked George, Ellie and the supporting characters I liked it but not loved it.

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