He Kissed Me First

☆ He Kissed Me First ☆ Sara Ney, ☆ He Kissed Me First ☆ Sara Ney, He Kissed Me First, Sara Ney, He Kissed Me First Trust me If there s one thing I m not attracted to it s an arrogant selfish and foul mouth hockey player I know what I want and Matthew Wakefield isn t it Cecelia Carter From the first moment they laid eyes on each other all Cecelia Carter and Matthew Wakefield do is bicker Fight Even though he is her roommates brother Cece just can t stand the sight of him Trust me If the. ☆ He Kissed Me First ☆ Sara Ney - He Kissed Me First, He Kissed Me First Trust me If there s one thing I m not attracted to it s an arrogant selfish and foul mouth hockey player I know what I want and Matthew Wakefield isn t it Cecelia Carter From the first moment they

  • Title: He Kissed Me First
  • Author: Sara Ney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ He Kissed Me First ☆ Sara Ney

He Kissed Me First, ☆ He Kissed Me First ☆ Sara Ney - He Kissed Me First, He Kissed Me First Trust me If there s one thing I m not attracted to it s an arrogant selfish and foul mouth hockey player I know what I want and Matthew Wakefield isn t it Cecelia Carter From the first moment they

  • ☆ He Kissed Me First ☆ Sara Ney
    300Sara Ney
He Kissed Me First

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  1. Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh out loud New Adult romances Among her favorite vices, she includes iced latte s, historical architecture and well placed sarcasm She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

  2. Actual rating 1.5 stars I thought this book would be a light, fun, guilty pleasure read featuring my favorite, enemies to lovers trope But what started off as light and comedic, quickly turned sour I had to force myself to finish I was SO close to giving up In short, this book was as fun as watching paint dry Translation Skip it.For the first time in a long time, I DID NOT like the fact that there were 2 POVs The writing was juvenile, and perhaps if the characters were in HIGH SCHOOL, the whole [...]

  3. This was quite disappointing They were immature and although it was sometimes funny it got on my nerves.Matthew was definitely a jerk a lot of times and for all his childishness still a bit adorable In the end he was the one who was mature and knew what he wantedCecilia came across as immature, insecure and quite sexual repressed So it was not really what I expected and definitely not as funny as I hoped

  4. Book two in the Kiss and MakeUp series is the story of Molly s brother Matthew and we watch as he falls in love with her roommate, Cecelia Both Matt and Cece were freaking nuts and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments in this book and it definitely had me giggling throughout The emails and texts were very funny and were a quirky touch I liked that we caught up with Molly and West and it was funny to see how Matt and West sparked off one another I did find it difficult to get into this book [...]

  5. This was SUCH a great enemies to lovers by the wonderful Sara Ney I laughed WAY than I probably should ve and the slow burn in this one was pure TORTURE Seriously I thought I was dying Matthew the asshole ended up being Matthew the asshole with a heart And I absolutely LOVED Cecilia in all her confident badassery I honestly wondered how Ney would pull off them being together in the end with all the build up coupled with the twist and turns each character was facing regarding their futures, but [...]

  6. Good and bad the good kept it from being 2 stars, but the bad kept it from being 4 stars.The good at times this book was laugh out loud funny I really did laugh The story is cute, and the characters interesting It s totally fine for a beach read when you just want to veg out My favorite parts were the banter through email and text The characters made me laugh, and I really enjoy that in a book.But there were some serious problems with the premise of the book and I m still struggling with whether [...]

  7. I m sad to say that I didn t quite enjoy this book as much as Sara Ney s other book, How To Date a Douchebag The characters acted immature for their age

  8. Lo nico que puedo decir es que odi a Cecelia creo que es un personaje demasiado indefinido y que Matt es un idiota Un desperdicio de mi tiempo.Ten a tantas expectativas

  9. 3.5 4 stars I wasn t really a big fan of the first book in Kiss and Make Up series, Kissing in Cars It was a bit too cheesy and too teenage TV drama like for my taste full review but I loved her other series so I decided to give the second book a chance I m glad I did because it s way better than the first book Cecilia and Matthew are funny and witty There is no dull moment with those two I love the whole love hate relationship going on between the two of them, and how despite it they keep email [...]

  10. this is not my first book by this author and am enjoying her other series However, this book seemed a little long winded for me and immaturee first 75% was good, then I felt like it was dragging a bit It was super funny and I did like the main characters, but the surrounding ones were just too much.

  11. Title He Kissed Me First Author Sara Ney 4 unexpected starsWhen you have a great thing going, keep going for it, and that seems to be exactly what Sara Ney did with her books Seeing as how college bound men and the women who are strong enough to tolerate them, she gives them her full attention I simply can t get enough of it and wish there was Always I m not sure if that s being selfish of me or simply a moment of fangirling going on, especially as i read Cecelia and Matthew s story I m still [...]

  12. Missed the mark Not worth the time I hate giving bad reviews since I know how hard it must be to publish your stories as an author,but this book missed the mark big time Very immature,slow moving,no plot or character development All I can say is blaghhh_ better luck next time

  13. 3.5 I enjoyed this book I really did However it didn t grasp my attention as much and I did find myself sighing and wanting to skip parts at times I absolutely loved Cece and Matt They were just perfect for each other matter how much they hated one another.What made it for me was actually the email and text exchanged between Cece and Matt That is what kept me going back for I just got a bit frustrated with the constant breaking of the forth wall that the characters did I don t mind it sometimes [...]

  14. He Kissed Me First by Sara Ney is the second book in The Kiss And Make Up Series.He Kissed Me First is a YA book for readers due to 17.Meet Cecelia Carter Cece And Matthew Wakefield They bicker like children She can t stand him Matthew is her roommates brother and go out his path is difficult.Favorite Quote Sometimes love happens when you least expect it He kissed Me First is a fun read, a cute story and I give 4 Stars Thank you Sara Ney

  15. I don t feel this story was as strong as the first but I ll explain my thoughts soon during the book touringerlyreview.wordpressBook 2 in the series involves two new characters Cece and Matthew, Molly s brother The way these two characters meet is nothing short of hilarious I won t give anything away so you ll have to read to find out what I m talking about I always enjoy new characters in series but Cece did drive me batty at times She was so indecisive and at times felt like she wanted everyth [...]

  16. Absolutely loved it.I adored kissing in cars Took me back to the awesomeness that was high school It was laugh out loud funny The characters were just unbelievable, all in a good way when I saw this book he kissed me first.jumped write in.I ll start off by saying that Sara Ney is TALENTED in ways that boggle my mind She uses her words to weave a story that draws out every possible reaction you can imagine.d it is filled with wit and humour When you should be pissed off your still about to bust a [...]

  17. So He Kissed me First centres around a new character we haven t met before, Cece and Matthew Molly s brother Cece is Molly s room mate and the first meeting between her and Matt is hilarious I really did love the opening to this book.The connection and relationship dynamics were great, I loved the banter, I love how these books really do make me laugh out loud and the friend group too.In fact, this book was ace and I m sure you are wondering why I didn t give it a 4 star right Well, its actually [...]

  18. This book had good potential After reading the sample I was really hoping to like the book It however was soooooo slow moving I couldn t bring myself to really like CeCe She kept harping on Matthew for being immature but she was just as immature Also it really bothered me that she was a prude in someways but still is about sexy times You are grown woman CeCe Anywho I think the writer is talented and I wish she would have developed her characters , condensed the chase, made the main characters ac [...]

  19. I hated this bookThis is, by far, my least favorite Sara Ney book To me, there is a lot of rambling and digression from the main story in the characters internal monologue They would be thinking of one thing and to off on a tangent like a toddler Cecelia was an OK character And Matthew was a jerk The first part of the story was boring The middle part was great It had me engaged, ands laughing at the banter as I watched Cece and Matthew circle each other And then my rating plummeted again when Ma [...]

  20. Dear god How I hated this book Let me count the ways.1 So many errors.2 The bickering.3 The freaking amount of time it took for them to be together.4 The pansy beta boy who I think was supposed to be alpha.5 He s mid 20s He seems 16.6 She s never gonna give a BJ Ever Good luck.7 Number 6 is just never resolved No man will put up with that permanently Again, good luck.8 All this fucking nonsense about a kiss Jesus.9 The way this was written to sound like two sixteen year olds who just got interne [...]

  21. Me thinks when it comes to Cece, Matthew is easily jealous, What the eff is Neve doing asking her out Is she nuts saying yes They only just met Not only that, he never ran it past me I mean, where did he even get her darn number from The boys that Matthew coached were a hoot, for a second, all three boys look confused, until Andy, who begins unwrapping his hot dog, says, Oh, so you were serious when you said you weren t gay I get it now Matthew is a very romantic man, it was worth a shot He grin [...]

  22. Yet another fab read by Sara Ney So this is book 2 in this series now focusing on MatthewMollys brotherd Cece who is now Mollys room mate at college And what a start these pair have i absolutely LOVE the banter back and forward between these characters via email and text the love hatealously they both have without realising it just makes this book so good It entertains from the first pages until the very last Fab funny LOL moments all throughout with charcters that just make you want to read the [...]

  23. This is a cute, funny read Matthew is a professional hockey player and Molly s older brother Cecelia is a grad student and Molly s roommate When they meet, Cecelia walks in on Matthew and Molly arguing and thinks he is a threat She screams at him and he thinks she s crazy Molly asks her to please email Matthew for her a few days later because she left her phone and computer in her boyfriend s car They start corresponding and it s sort of adversarial flirting It s a sweet read, but for a couple i [...]

  24. This is like a 3.5 I have been dying for the next book in the douchebag series, so I decided to check out her other books I really liked Cecelia and Matthew I thought it had a similar take with Matthew being a jerk, but I liked Cecelia dishing it right back I thought the overall plot was better in some ways than the douchebag series like it had been edited better But what ruined it was the build up to the kiss It was just ridiculous for a couple who was in their young 20s, not teenagers I liked [...]

  25. Alright, so this book wasn t one of my favs in this series Cece or Cecelia was a tad annoying and I really wanted to smack her a few times Matthew was a guy, he acted and spoke like a guy would so there was that Again the author has moments in here of hilarity which kept me going but overall I wasn t too fond of this particular book I don t know what it was, maybe I just couldn t connect with the characters I don t mean it was a bad book by any means just wasn t exactly my cup of tea This is of [...]

  26. So sweet I m so happy I read this book I love Sara Ney and when I read the first book in the series I wanted to know about Weston and Molly and this was the perfect glimpse into things after the end of their story In this story we get to read about Matthew and Cecelia And they were soo amazing together They started off pretty much enemies but that didn t last long, as their chemistry was off the charts compatible Funny banter and steamy moments make this one a definite recommend

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