Devlin UnLeashed

✓ Devlin UnLeashed ↠ Bethany Bazile, ✓ Devlin UnLeashed ↠ Bethany Bazile, Devlin UnLeashed, Bethany Bazile, Devlin UnLeashed Devlin Ward was a ruthless man A man born among violence with a heavily burdened mind He wasn t the sort of man fairy tales were made of but he was sinfully beautiful and addictively seductive Dark and dangerous yet utterly alluring I d fooled myself once only allowing myself to see the beauty in him despite the shadows I d glimpsed in his eyes When that darknessDevlin Ward wa. ✓ Devlin UnLeashed ↠ Bethany Bazile - Devlin UnLeashed, Devlin UnLeashed Devlin Ward was a ruthless man A man born among violence with a heavily burdened mind He wasn t the sort of man fairy tales were made of but he was sinfully beautiful and addictively seductive Dark

  • Title: Devlin UnLeashed
  • Author: Bethany Bazile
  • ISBN: 00
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Devlin UnLeashed ↠ Bethany Bazile

Devlin UnLeashed, ✓ Devlin UnLeashed ↠ Bethany Bazile - Devlin UnLeashed, Devlin UnLeashed Devlin Ward was a ruthless man A man born among violence with a heavily burdened mind He wasn t the sort of man fairy tales were made of but he was sinfully beautiful and addictively seductive Dark

  • ✓ Devlin UnLeashed ↠ Bethany Bazile
    216Bethany Bazile
Devlin UnLeashed

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  1. Bethany Bazile reads, writes, and lives in the Northeast with her husband and two amazing kids Her passion for writing was born from a love affair between books and music She loves books that draw her in and won t release her until she s inhaled every word, panting with excitement Then she realizes the sun came up, but the loss of sleep was so worth it When she isn t reading, she s conjuring up steamy love scenes and hot romance stories to share with fellow romance lovers She can t function without her cup of coffee and operates on a vampire like time frame.

  2. 4 haunted man stars I ve done some shitty things, angel When the day comes, just know I m the man who loves you No matter how you feel about me I love you Devlin UnLeashed is a story that I can t go in full detail about, but it is a story worth reading in my opinion, it s a different take on a tale I thought I have read but never really did Devlin and Julianna s story is told in three parts Part One A Monster s LovePart Two Our Twisted PastPart Three Love Transcended unfolds the details as neede [...]

  3. DNF ON HOLD 25%I just can t get into this thingd I m OCD enough to need it eradicated from my currently reading shelf, but not OCD enough to actually finish the damn thing at this time I also don t like clutter and figurines But I digress So I m putting this on hold to pick up laterNo really Okay, you re right Zooey DNFBut I ll still put it on my on hold shelfAKA the DNF on deck circle make myself feel better.

  4. God, I love crazy guys I have got to tell ya I really liked this I mean I had a couple of issues in the beginning I really hate the cover but as the story progressed I kinda forgot about them I ll see if I can remember how to write a review.And shout out to the author Please write Tyler s story

  5. 4 UNLEASHING STARSDevlin Juliana He d infected me with his poisonincurable by space and time Devlin was the virus and the antidote, and without him, I existed with a dull ache in my heart So I stumbled across this novel No regrets I really enjoyed this novel and it s not my first read from Bethany Bazile I was disappointed when it ended I wish it had been longer because I felt it wasn t as thorough Devlin hmm Mr.Ward is quite irresistible He is a schizophrenic which caused him to see and believ [...]

  6. 3 Pulled in Two Directions This was something which made me of an observer than reader The blurb and idea is on the cryptic and dark side The man has desires for this woman and it stems from the pastShe does not seem to know this thoughShe feels his magnetic pull and both of them circle each other knowing what the outcome will be.A scorching, soul wrecking, claiming encounter with her feeling a wish for maybe Him with an obsession and fight to hold back the demons This read has a complete plot [...]

  7. SPOILER ALERT I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review The first time I saw her, something inside me called out to her, and she answered that call like she d been waiting her whole life for it This is one of the most erotic, dark, twisted, disturbing books I ve ever read It deserves millions of stars Frustrating, sad, heart wrenching and exhausting as hell but in the end loved Devlin and Juliana s story Call me twisted This story is dark, tense, absolutely beautiful in a di [...]

  8. 3 posessivestarsHere are some thoughts on this book The book started off with a great premise It sucked me in from the beginning, but ulitmately ended up falling short for me Devlin had the ability to be the ultimate crazed alpha There is nothing sexy than a mentally unstable sexy man who leaves you wondering just how far he can push the heroine But nope That did not happen with Devlin He was all bark, and no bite I was really hoping that the author would play up with his view spoiler mental i [...]

  9. view spoiler Detailed scene with OW I just saw in a review that the hero was fucking OW during the years he and his heroine were apart Basically, he had an on off relationship with this OW, but he was thinking of the heroine the whole time he was with her hide spoiler br br

  10. Despite reading a few reviews before starting this book, I was totally unprepared for the journey I just took First off, let me say that this story was beautifully, and most importantly sensitively, written.The cover was freaking hot That cover model James Joseph according to Bethany Bazile s acknowledgments section has made an incredibly beautiful picture right there Lick Slurp Yum.The characters and story were extraordinary This was one of the first books I ve read about mental illness that ma [...]

  11. Devlin is cocky and oh so sure of himself, it s not implied, Julianna We re going to eff I just need to know how many of your games I have to play to get there He comes off as a bad guy but deep down, like 8,000 feet down he cares, he ran a hand through his hair and looked away I needed to know you were okay Devlin and Julianna go through a lot of ups and downs, actually to me it seemed mainly downs our boy needed help and I think with Julianna by his side he s going to do just fine I liked this [...]

  12. This story had little bits of everything going on Too much really, with too little explained.I didn t get the entire captor thing I think I missed something If anyone can explain please do Was there was no huge fall out over her kidnap Did anyone search for her abductors Or was it all just glossed over The main character purportedly has had a mental illness but it wasn t illustrated very well and further confused the story, in my humble opinion It was thrown in Willy Nilly, when it suited, as wh [...]

  13. I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review Okay, let me put it this way this is my kind of book Like, seriously Where has this author been hiding Probably behind my endless to be read list I would rate this higher if I could.What a dark, but emotional ride I loved everything about this book The writing was phenomenal, flawless and skillful The characters were so well written that I could literally see them moving, feeling, experiencing the story right on my screen And what deeply moving c [...]

  14. I hate you I know.I hate me, too.But I fucking love you And with that, he murdered me finished me off as if I hadn t sacrificed enough of myself for him.

  15. An engrossing, cleverly executed dark, erotic romance I will not give away any of the plot because it would ruin the suspense and intensity that the author has so skillfully managed There is obsession, non as well as dubious consent, a lot of violence, and at the same time, heartbreakingly affecting tenderness and love I would compare it favorably to dark romances such as Twist Me, by Anna Zaires, Underestimated, by Jettie Woodruff, or Monster in his Eyes, by JM Darhower Minor gripes Tyler Prest [...]

  16. Fantastically dark and yet it had it s sweet moments too Devlin Ward was such a well written character The author takes us on a journey through the head of a truly damaged schizophrenic man I really enjoyed this book My heart went out to Devlin And the sexy times were HOT My only problem was the cover WHY AUTHOR WHY That cover is so awful It looks like a YA NA book on first glance and that s probably the reason why I read this book so long after it came out Please get a better cover artist next [...]

  17. My 4 Star Review for Devlin Unleashed by Bethany BazileSummary Devlin Ward was raised surrounded by violence and voices he can t seem to shut off He is a man people feared and he also gets what he wants With his good looks and his alluring touches, no woman stands a chance against him One touch by this dark and dangerous man, you are addicted Devlin has finally found the one who got away and this time, he won t be able to let her go.Juliana Callahan is a survivor Trying to move on from a horrifi [...]

  18. Devlin UnLeashed is the first book I read by Bethany Bazile and I really enjoyed it I m definitely going to check out of her books I rarely read book synopsis before starting a book I find that when I do the book usually disappoints me With Devlin UnLeashed, I decided to read it because it was categorized as a dark erotic romance I started reading it with the intention of just reading it for a few minutes to get the feel for the story line and coming back to finish later Well that didn t happen [...]

  19. Bethany s writing is all consuming in this book Bringing Devlin s emotional instability to the forefront, along with his mental illness Trying to fight his demons without any help, no drugs, no doctor His only relief came from her, Juliane His obsession, his redemption, his weakness Juliane s past led her to a life her Dad planned for her What she had endured left her weak The kidnapping, the rape, the betrayal of her boyfriend when she caught him having sex with someone else, her Dad s expectat [...]

  20. 4.5 Stars Devlin UnLeashed was an intense story that pulled at my heart.First time reading this author and I was not disappointed This book sucked me in from page one Beautifully written, the author did a good job giving us two great characters I felt the strong connection between them emotionally and physically It was a beautiful twisted love story and the chemistry between the two was off the charts hot I loved Devlin The emotions he suffered, the lengths he went to, to hide his disease from t [...]

  21. Devlin UnLeashed was even better than I thought it would be It was a forbidden, beautiful, heartbreaking tale I completely loved this incredible book I was interested in Devlin UnLeashed as soon as I read the synopsis Eh, what can I say I love dark romances, and hot alpha men who claim their women and are determined to keep them That s just what I like and this book did not disappoint It s the perfect combination of dark and light, sexy and sweet Devlin and Juliana s love isn t conventional cons [...]

  22. Devlin WardJuliana CallahanWell, this was a quick read for me, by another new to me author and I enjoyed every minute of it.Devlin ward is the devil, hiding behind the guise of a successful businessman A man suffering from schizophrenia, but unable totake that final step of acceptance and seek medical help He s broken and hurting.Juliana Callahan is part of Devlin s hurt, but she has no idea that she has contributed to it Juliana s life too, looks great to the outsider, but she is also suffering [...]

  23. Karia s thoughts 4 Star and This book was like two books the first half was Devlin and Julianna meeting, falling in love, dabbling in their dark passions Then the first half abruptly ends when Julianna allows others to come between her and Devlin.Self preservation, fear, the risk of loss for all these and many complicated reasons, the two part I hated when they were apart I hated Devlin s choices the most, but honestly, I wanted of Julianna s time while they were apart She describes her feel [...]

  24. This one is hard to rate as the story and the characters are written well However as I couldnt relate to what was happening I found it over the top and not an escape rather than a tragic news story.The sex scenes were too much of the same thing and the relationship felt completely unbelieveable.Sometimes I just wished that the authour would just get on with the story it was really long winded I actually had to put it down and pick up something else to read to get out of the slump.I felt there we [...]

  25. Devlin esquizofr nico e com a influ ncia do pai transforma se no diabo e faz o impens vel.Mas Julianna conquista o desde o primeiro momento e obcecado com ela, ele segue a sua vida.Quando frente a frente com ele Julianna n o reconhece o homem do seu passado mas imediatamente impelida para ele.Ao longo do livro vamos vendo como eles aprendem a viver com os problemas, a doen a do Devlin ao mesmo tempo que se rendem ao amor incondicional que sentem um pelo outro.

  26. I had mixed feelings about this book I definitely enjoyed reading it I won t deny that in the least The hesitation comes with Devlin I get that he is dark and cold but I don t ever feel him thaw to out heroine for than a brief glimpse Was he in lust Absolutely Vengeful uh.ah In love I m not sold I know love is complicated but I don t think that s what I saw between Dev and our heroine and what they shared.

  27. Ok, so I did like this book but the H s mental illness was handled very poorly What he did to the h was so horrific and unforgivable I didn t buy his feelings for her they were OTT and seemed related to his mental illness than the h The h was really pathetic also Her actions when she first meets the H were careless and she acted like an airhead I did not care about the h s friends and their drama I did like the H s brother and really really hope we get his story.

  28. excellentThe only reason I have this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I thought it should have been a little longer This story contains an alpha male, steamy sex and angst This book also deals with mental illness , schizophrenia for one Very good book.

  29. Received from NetGalley for a Review.I liked the story but it was along the lines of Captive in the Dark

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