Stud Unleashed: Barry

✓ Stud Unleashed: Barry ↠ Kylie Gilmore, ✓ Stud Unleashed: Barry ↠ Kylie Gilmore, Stud Unleashed: Barry, Kylie Gilmore, Stud Unleashed Barry Successful not so great with the ladies and all around nice guy Barry Furnukle can t believe his luck when Amber Lewis agrees to date him But when his attempt to woo her with the world s most awesome date birding and fro yo lands him in the friend zone he wonders if a guy like him ever had a chance On advice from his ladies man brother Barry returns to his actinSuccessful. ✓ Stud Unleashed: Barry ↠ Kylie Gilmore - Stud Unleashed: Barry, Stud Unleashed Barry Successful not so great with the ladies and all around nice guy Barry Furnukle can t believe his luck when Amber Lewis agrees to date him But when his attempt to woo her with the world s most awesom

  • Title: Stud Unleashed: Barry
  • Author: Kylie Gilmore
  • ISBN: 9781942238003
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Stud Unleashed: Barry ↠ Kylie Gilmore

Stud Unleashed: Barry, ✓ Stud Unleashed: Barry ↠ Kylie Gilmore - Stud Unleashed: Barry, Stud Unleashed Barry Successful not so great with the ladies and all around nice guy Barry Furnukle can t believe his luck when Amber Lewis agrees to date him But when his attempt to woo her with the world s most awesom

  • ✓ Stud Unleashed: Barry ↠ Kylie Gilmore
    380Kylie Gilmore
Stud Unleashed: Barry

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  1. Sign up for Kylie s newsletter for exclusive excerpts and subscriber only giveaways Preorder RESISTING FATE now Kylie Gil is the USA Today bestselling author of the Happy Endings Book Club series, the Clover Park series and the Clover Park STUDS series She writes quirky, tender romance with a solid dose of humor Her debut novel, The Opposite of Wild, is currently FREE on all platforms.Kylie lives in New York with her family, two cats, and a nutso dog When she s not writing, wrangling kids, or dutifully taking notes at writing conferences, you can find her flexing her muscles all the way to the high cabinet for her secret chocolate stash.Join the Gil Goddesses Readers Group to chat about Clover Park books in a non spoilerly way Also, man candy Click here facebook groups GilmoFind out about Kylie and upcoming books at kyliegil Sign up for Kylie s newsletter at kyliegil newsletterYou can also find Kylie on Twitter KylieGilTooFacebook facebook KylieGilToo KylieGilKYLIE S BOOKSHAPPY ENDINGS BOOK CLUBBOOK 1 Hidden HollywoodBOOK 2 Inviting TroubleBOOK 3 So RevealingBOOK 4 Formal ArrangementBOOK 5 Bad Boy Done WrongBOOK 6 Mess With MeCLOVER PARK SERIESBOOK 1 The Opposite of WildBOOK 2 Daisy Does It AllBOOK 3 Bad Taste in MenBOOK 4 Kissing SantaBOOK 5 Restless HarmonyBOOK 6 Not My RomeoBOOK 7 Rev Me UpBOOK 8 An Ambitious EngagementBOOK 9 Clutch PlayerBOOK 10 A Tempting FriendshipCLOVER PARK STUDSBOOK 1 Almost in LoveBOOK 2 Almost MarriedBOOK 3 Almost Over ItBOOK 4 Almost RomanceBOOK 5 Almost Hitched

  2. FREE on US today 10 19 2016 Stand alone book 1.BLURB Successful, not so great with the ladies, and all around nice guy Barry Furnukle can t believe his luck when Amber Lewis agrees to date him But when his attempt to woo her with the world s most awesome date birding and fro yo lands him in the friend zone, he wonders if a guy like him ever had a chance On advice from his ladies man brother, Barry returns to his acting roots for a little confidence rehab Suddenly he s got female attention than [...]

  3. 5 Amber Here Now STARS You know those nice romance novels with the sweet guy and the pretty girl and everything just works out and it s a good book but nothing super special Well this is not that book.It may seem like it will be but it s so much better The writing is just superb I was pulled in quickly and between the fascinating characters, the witty banter, the flow of the story and the emotions I was feeling I was blown away I loved every second Dating first, then sex, he reminded himself Tha [...]

  4. Stud Unleashed Barry was ALMOST a 5 for me very close that I almost said screw it and gave it the 5but then the things that I didn t like kept poking at me saying nuhuhuhyou always say you ll give an honest accurate review of your thoughts so it gets a 4rry I know that Barry has gotten some pretty amazing reviews on already and I can t blame them Barry the dancing cow that can t say probiotics properly is one sexy man Let s start off with what I LOVED about this book As usual, Kylie s writing is [...]

  5. I admit right off the bat Huge Kylie Gil fan here I ve read and enjoyed every single book that came my way from her last year Of course I was excited to hear a new series was coming out, and especially that it was a Clover Park spin off.As per usual, Kylie s story was full of laughs and sizzle Stud Unleashed Barry is a sexy, funny romp about opposites attract, but it s so much as well It s emotional, it s engaging, it s witty I have one problem I ve now finished each and every Stud book already [...]

  6. Barry Fernukle is a nerd A hot nerd He s sold his mobile app and now owns The Dancing Cow ice cream shop where he often dresses up like a cow Also, he was a gem His mother said so Amber Lewis is Barry s next door neighbor and the apple of his eye The blonde haired artist captured his attention ever since she dropped her thong out of her laundry basket in the hall But, she s also out of his league and dating a tattooed muscle bound sleezeball.When Barry revisits his own artistic side and lands a [...]

  7. Barrett a.k.a Barry b.k.a Bare FINALLY got his story I truly loved his geekiness from the other books but I wanted him to get his own story I enjoyed the chase he gave Amber and how he respected her and had fun while doing it I laughed at his cheesy lines and his pirate act He is just a riot who faught for the girl who stole his heart with an over the shoulder wink This books adds to a hit series by Kylie that keeps you engaged and cheering on the fro yo pirate king.

  8. Meh I was stuck between a 2 3 star rating Barry failed as a sensitive geek hero for me He was a suffocating, rich, horny, alpha poorly disguised as a nerd And Amber was vanilla, immature, and poorly disguised as a cute, quirky artist And really that whole Pavlovian sex thing was just plain annoying.

  9. I have taken it for free on I thought it would be a humorous, light romance I couldn t start to care for characters, I was so much not interested what would happen that I decided not to finish it.

  10. Fun, Hot and Geeky RomanceBarry and Amber may seem like an opposites attract kind of couple from the beginning but as the story progresses you realize they are very much the same shy about love types The falling in love with the hall neighbor was done in a very interesting way Love the dynamic with all the people from Clover Park some of my very favorite show up in this one I love that you get the entire range of human emotion with this story and it kept me hooked to my tablet from beginning to [...]

  11. Stud Unleashed Barry, by Kylie Gil, is a lighthearted romance story about Barry and Amber, two neighbors that couldn t be different After two failed attempts at dating, Barry sets out to prove to Amber they are meant to be together As always Ms Gil does not disappoint The story is fun to read and Barry s antics will keep you laughing I m already looking forward to the next book in the series

  12. Sweet love story I Love nerd storiescially when they get the girl The cow guy get a wife Fabulous funlove how it keeps you guessing til the end

  13. Pretty in PinkFive Amazing StarsI was now absolutely thrilled to read the final first book of the series, Clover Park STUDS such a wonderful, most exciting romance of all Written by Kylie Gil I so thoroughly adored this most gorgeous book so very much Barry Furnukle had never other people by the way they looked Yet when he would see that beautiful lady with the streaked pink hair He would see her as she left her home with her huge sexy boyfriend Just as Barry glanced at her coloured hair she gav [...]

  14. I was hooked on this book from the start I loved the whole geek and artist relationship I thought it was hilarious how Amber was so embarrassed of Bare s unique personality on their first few dates He tried so hard to get her to like him To me, they were the perfect couple from the beginning Definitely looking forward to reading from this Author ARC

  15. Laugh out loud BADI really enjoyed the start of this book, a quirky story about two people who have nothing in common, that are still attracted to each other Then it went downhill fast Bare turned into a sex crazed ass, and Amber into nothing but his plaything I tried, but couldn t finish it, it was insulting and stupid.

  16. Compelling storyline nothing trite or boring I read this book straight through It was funny and emotional as well as steamy and a bit deep in regards to the emotional part of the plot This romance actually had a good love story in it and the psychology behind her trust issues was spot on My heart connected with the characters And her writing was amazing I fell in love with the hero too I will read books by this author.

  17. ShallowBarry and Amber are neighbors and close friends Amber has pink streaks in her hair and is an artist, which I guess the author tried to make her edgy as if hair color and a hobby that doesn t pay the bills equaled personality Barry is the cliche nerd He s like bird watching and dressing up as a cow, and of course he s rich from programming some app about noises because what good is a male lead if he isn t filthy rich The whole brother teaching him how to pick up women didn t really happen [...]

  18. Almost in love is a very balanced book as it revolves around the couple Bare and Amelia Bare is boy next door who is kind, supportive and a geek Amelia is the hot girl next door with a pink hair streak and is also a budding artist They both are well off on the friends turf but Bare wants it to be They go on a date which ends up with a disaster So what happens next Does Bare change his game tactics listening to his brother Ian or will he be the honorable good guy till the end There are so many g [...]

  19. Almost In Love is a gem of contemporary romanceI loved it Ms Gil created two very likable characters in Amber and Barry artist teacher and a nerdy yogurt shop owner I could relate to Amber s need to create, and Barry s sweet, sexy, and sometimes nerdy behavior in regards to Amber His single mindedness in getting his girl is what drove the story SPOILER ALERT The path to their HEA was sweet, and mostly hilarious ie Barry toning up his abs and butt with 30 day workout videos really getting into hi [...]

  20. DNF at 24%.Entdeckt hatte ich das Buch im Newsletter einer Autorin, deren B cher ich sehr gerne lese, und da war die Neugierde nat rlich geweckt Aber ganz ehrlich, ich finde die Charaktere einfach nur anstrengend und d mlich Das Ganze soll wohl humorvoll wirken, kommt aber eher berzogen verquer und verzweifelt r ber Die Vorstellung des Helden bez glich des perfekten 1 Dates ist es V gel zu beobachten und dann mal eben in seinem Frozen Joghurt Laden vorbei zu schauen, sich in ein Kuh Kost m zu we [...]

  21. 3.5 nerd alert.Schizophrenic story.Cute, hidden alpha, nerd falls for pink haired, kinda free spirit The H has a crush on his neighbor and has not one clue how to win her over So, he makes a chick move and orders a Six pack abs and buns of steel video to win her heart Luckily for him, it s a good start.Plusses H has hidden dominant tendencies that win him his girl plus he can sing and dance Negs The h is a supposedly free spirit and penned in by her Physics loving family, but shuts the H down wh [...]

  22. What a breath of fresh air This is the perfect cheesy, 6 pack abs, 2 pack buttbook It was fun, flirtatious, and easy going It had little angst, a hero who was only just discovering how domineering he could be with the right girl and a heroine who was dying to be a struggling artist It was easy to read, with a ton of heart The chemistry between Bare and Amber was off the charts and the funny supporting cast rounded out the good natured spirit of this book It was a definite fun read.


  24. Sweet quirky romanceThis is a very sweet and quirky romance The characters are such an interesting mixture of nerds, artists, brainiacs and actors It makes for a very entertaining read.

  25. Cute cow This was a really cute story This story has pink hair, nerds, cows, birds and Irish jig s lol This book has laughter and romance and sex and drama I enjoyed this book He was so cute I m glad he didn t change to much Loved these two together.

  26. Cute book The cover is awful though it reminds me of The Big Bang Theory Leonard finally gets to marry Penny Geeks are cute.

  27. Short review I m glad this book was free because I definitely would have been asking for a refund Barry is a sweet shy nerdy geek trying to win over his next door neighbor Amber After two failed attempts at going on a date Barry is left feeling not good enough and tries to change himself to impress her, here lies my problem with the story Barry shouldn t have to change himself for shallow Amber who is embarrassed by him throughout the story and is only interested in him when other women start no [...]

  28. FREE on SOME spoilers belowBarrett Barry Dancing Cow IT Nerd I found him a bit strange guy obsessed with getting abs and who wore hawaiian shirts all the time He had some quirks that I just found weird and Amber didn t Pink Hair Amber I liked her creative artistic side The first date was a disaster planned by him The second date was a disaster planned by her.Somewhere along the line I got sucked into their story, but I wasn t sold on Amber liking him for who he was initially too nerdy for her, s [...]

  29. I read this story and the previous novella Almost Dating I thoroughly enjoyed both books but felt that they could have easily been combined into the one story However, I didn t like how the main female character treated the main male character She quickly friend zoned him and didn t give him a chance until he looked and acted like the stud that she wanted I understand that some females do this in real life but it turned out to be a main theme throughout both novellas Despite this, it was still a [...]

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