The Test

The Test Best Download || [JohnLansing], The Test Best Download || [JohnLansing], The Test, JohnLansing, The Test The Test is a coming of age tale set on Long Island in that deals with race violence social politics and young love. The Test Best Download || [JohnLansing] - The Test, The Test The Test is a coming of age tale set on Long Island in that deals with race violence social politics and young love

  • Title: The Test
  • Author: JohnLansing
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Test Best Download || [JohnLansing]

The Test, The Test Best Download || [JohnLansing] - The Test, The Test The Test is a coming of age tale set on Long Island in that deals with race violence social politics and young love

  • The Test Best Download || [JohnLansing]
The Test

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  1. John Lansing, started his career as an actor in New York City He spent a year at the Royale Theatre performing the lead in the Broadway production of Grease, before putting together a rock n roll band and playing the iconic club CBGB.John closed up his Tribeca loft and headed for the West coast where he landed a co starring role in George Lucas More American Graffiti, and guest starred on numerous television shows During his fifteen year writing career, Lansing wrote and produced Walker Texas Ranger, co wrote two CBS Movies of the Week, and co executive produced the ABC series Scoundrels John s first book was Good Cop Bad Money, a true crime tome he co wrote with former NYPD Inspector Glen Morisano The Devil s Necktie, his first Jack Bertolino novel, became a best seller on Barnes Noble and hit 1 in s Kindle store in the Crime Fiction genre Lansing s newest release is the short story, The Test, a coming of age tale set on Long Island in 1963 that deals with race, violence, social politics, and young love Jack Bertolino returns in John s latest novel, The Fourth Gunman, the 4th book in his detective series.A native of Long Island, John now resides in Los Angeles.

  2. The Test by author John Lansing is a wonderful coming of age short story that transports the reader back to 1963 in Baldwin, Long Island, where they follow fourteen year old Jack Morgan as he falls for Vida, a pretty African American girl whose family has just moved into town, and their relationship stirs up racial tension among the community just as the country is on the cusp of a tumultuous period of time that will ultimately bring social and political changes.Written in the first person narra [...]

  3. A poignant coming of age tale about a teenaged boy growing up in Long Island who is confronted with the ugly truth about race prejudice Written in a style that brings the area, the era and its people to life A must read for fans of Lansing s work and a strongly suggested read for those yet to familiarize themselves with this talented author.

  4. Jack Morgan returns, for what he knows will be the last time, to Baldwin, Long Island in order to settle his parents affairs He felt indifferent about the sale of his boyhood home until he found himself parked outside Looking at the house unleashed the floodgates of memories and emotions, taking him back to 1963 when he was a boy of fourteen in a completely different social and racial climate.Jack and his two best friends, Gene and Greg, are sprucing up and getting little buzzed on beer before h [...]

  5. Hott Review John sent me this book to ask if I thought if would work for a tour at Partners in Crime It s not something I d normally read but since I like him I decided to try it out.What I liked It was tremendously interesting to me to see how different but how alike things were in the 1960s as opposed to when I was fourteen and now I felt like I was fully anticipating the dance and it s wonder and horrors as it was depicted.What I didn t like Honestly, the only thing I didn t like was the foul [...]

  6. THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN A POLISHED GEM The Test is unique coming of age love story, seemingly ripped from today s headlines, but it takes place over fifty years ago Lansing deftly transports us back to a time when life was still black and white, with not many shades of grey.Given the prevailing attitudes you d think we were in the deep South, but we re in recently integrated 1963 Long Island, where salt and pepper relationships are still scowled upon, by those on both sides of the racial divid [...]

  7. In some respects, The Test was a nostalgic walk down memory lane in the early 60 s we had garbage men and not sanitation workers Some of the upper middle class kids had maids, not housekeepers Janitors were janitors and not maintenance men But this was not a good time for all In the present time, Jack Morgan needs to sell his parents home He remembers back to when he was fourteen in 1963 Blacks were free, of course, in 1963, but they were still not treated equally The Baldwin, NY community was a [...]

  8. The Test is a beautiful short story by John Lansing that took me back in time to my high school years over flowing with teen testosterone, reeking of Old Spice, and thinking I had the world by the balls Lansing draws a very realistic picture of the period but tells it from the present.Young Jack falls head over heels for a beautiful young black girl who had just moved into the neighborhood the first black family in this Italian and Irish Long Island suburb To quote my Yiddish grandma, Oy This is [...]

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