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[PDF] Download ↠ Welcome to the Spookshow : by Tim McGregor, [PDF] Download ↠ Welcome to the Spookshow : by Tim McGregor, Welcome to the Spookshow, Tim McGregor, Welcome to the Spookshow Drifting through life while her peers move on with careers and marriage Billie Culpepper fears she will never discover what she was meant to do with her life Fate intercedes when she s injured during a pursuit between a mysterious Englishman and the police detective determined to apprehend him Waking three days later in hospital Billie is haunted by horrible apparitionDr. [PDF] Download ↠ Welcome to the Spookshow : by Tim McGregor - Welcome to the Spookshow, Welcome to the Spookshow Drifting through life while her peers move on with careers and marriage Billie Culpepper fears she will never discover what she was meant to do with her life Fate intercedes when she s injured during

  • Title: Welcome to the Spookshow
  • Author: Tim McGregor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ↠ Welcome to the Spookshow : by Tim McGregor

Welcome to the Spookshow, [PDF] Download ↠ Welcome to the Spookshow : by Tim McGregor - Welcome to the Spookshow, Welcome to the Spookshow Drifting through life while her peers move on with careers and marriage Billie Culpepper fears she will never discover what she was meant to do with her life Fate intercedes when she s injured during

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Welcome to the Spookshow : by Tim McGregor
    218Tim McGregor
Welcome to the Spookshow

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  1. Tim McGregor is a screenwriter and author, living in Toronto with his wife and children When not writing, Tim can be found chasing away the nocturnal recycling people who creep into his yard.

  2. RATING 4.5 STARSWelcome to the Spookshow is book one in the Spookshow series by Tim McGregor This book was generously provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.Sybil Culpepper, or Billie, as she is known as, is watching her three best friends find their places in life as adults She still doesn t know where she belongs, what she is supposed to do So she works a few nights a week tending bar and just sort of bides her time Billie s mom was known as the town freak, and Billie lo [...]

  3. I m completely hooked I m always leery of the second book when the first is really good I m than expecting that second book curse, where it just can t measure up to the first Not here If anything, this one was better than the first The first book was awesome, it drew me in, latched it s teeth into me made me crave some Especially since it was a bit cryptic mysterious Same thing here with book 2, only now I m completely sucked in I love the characters, the MC, Billie short for Sybil isn t annoy [...]

  4. Actual rating 3.5I didn t love the main character in this, but she was okay I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as book one, but it was still a decent read There were one or two times where I started to lose interest a bit, but most of the time it was okay.Overall, A decent read.

  5. This is a prequel to Spook Show that I received for free after completing Spook Show Welcome To The Spook Show is very good Too damn good to have the problems that I found scattered throughout the book The first book, The Spook Show was streamlined, almost concise in its less is kick ass punch Book 2, Welcome To The Spook Show needs of the TLC that was apparently given to Book 1 There are grammar issues, not many, but enough to be distracting during an intense scene, such as several instances [...]

  6. This is the book I was expecting with I picked up Spookshow A lot of my questions from the first book were answered in this story I almost wish this was the first book It felt and read like the first installment So much was introduced, that things feel a bit jumpy and overwhelming at times It takes a while to see how everything flows together and for the main story to really start playing out However I understand why Spookshow is set up as the first book It does draw you into the series You want [...]

  7. I was given an electronic copy of this book by the author for an honest review As a whole, this book produces many answers that book 1 The Spookshow did not provide This book should have come first in the series, as it gives a good foundation for subsequent books to build upon Billie s struggles to understand what is happening is intertwined with her desire to keep her friends and family safe As she starts to come to terms with the direction her life is taking, Billie finally realizes that she m [...]

  8. This was a good read I only bought it because I got the first book, Spookshow, for free and it left you hanging This book gave of a background as to why she could see spirits and how she handled it once she did starting seeing them not very well, as you can imagine It was intriguing but I still did not find out what happened at the end of the first book What happened to her friend in the hospital I am interested to see if she builds a relationship with the cop after he broke up with his fianc e [...]

  9. I enjoyed this book I did start with the official book one Spookshow but was too frustrated by the jumping into the middle of the story feeling of that one Books out of chronological order are fine once the reader has a relationship with the characters but without that investment just no However, as a first book of a series Welcome to the Spookshow Spookshow 2 was a great book The plot was interesting, the characters so can t ask for .

  10. Puts Stephen king to shameThis was the best,scariest book I ve read in a long time.I can.t say enough about it.I love it I can,t wait for book 3 to come out It kept me glued to my kindle.I had to save it for day reading.Excellent Job I.m excited that I ve found a great New Author Definitely a must read I,m lending these to my friend Congratulations Tim McGregor Excellent books

  11. Really enjoyed this book The timeline following or rather NOT following from the first book was a bit confusing, but it all falls into place eventually The plot is original, the writing is good, the characters are mature and I like that they all battle to accept what is going on makes it believable It is creepy and scary and just loads of fun to read Thumbs up for this series

  12. I loved this book and could not put it down It was just as good as the first I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

  13. The grammar needs work, but overall I really enjoyed this story Everything flows together pretty well and some parts really creeped me out Just what I m looking for in a good book.

  14. GreatThe story pulled me in from the start it was very easy to read and follow The concept I like and the characters are believable I look forward to the next book

  15. In this novel, you go back before Billie knew she had the gift to see dead people You go on a journey with Billie as she learns how to deal, or tries not to deal with the fact of what is happening She s in denial that she has the gift Billie is in the middle of her own crisis when she realizes Mockler a detective is in deep trouble with an evil spirit living in his home.

  16. CreepyI liked this book as well as or better than the first I like that the story continues from book to book, that way nothing is rushed or forgotten To me, a Believer, I like the detail and feelings Billie has Just downloaded the 3rd book

  17. Again another great story I love ghost stories anyway and Tim creates some really good scary ghouls May have to get the next book as the connection between Billie and herbal friend may be explained Can t wait

  18. Book 2 While I liked the book and have been captivated by the series, I really felt as if this should have been book 1 Its almost as if Tim McGregor wrote the first book without any other books planned for the future for these characters.

  19. Welcome To The SpookshowHow Billie came back into her psychic abilities with lots of ghosts This prequel cleans up loose ends and explains much.

  20. Unbelievable This was the scariest book that I have read in a long time It had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning On to book three

  21. This book answers all the questions that the first one didn t I like that about this book This had of a proper beginning middle and end that I felt the fist one was lacking.

  22. Welcome to the Spookshow Spookshow 2 by Tim McGregor is the story of Billie Culpepper s life We start out when Billie was a child, growing up without a father and being raised by her mother who makes her living as a Tarot card reader In a violent encounter in her home, her mother disappears while eight year old Billie hides Billie is then sent to her aunt s to be cared for Her aunt is kind and loving, but refuses to discuss anything about Billie s missing parents Her aunt is a devote Catholic, a [...]

  23. Couldn t read it fast enough I really enjoyed the blend of paranormal and mystery with a hint of romance I do think the books are numbered slightly out of order it seems like the series actually starts with Book 2 if you want to read them in the chronological order of the plot.

  24. This is the second instalment in the Spookshow series by Tim McGregor, but it s actually a prequel And I have to say, it s MUCH scarier In it, our heroin, Billie Culpepper, first discovers her ability to see dead people, and it rocks her world I guess, if you think about it, it s pretty standard horror faire, but there s just something authentic about how the author describes these terrifying apparitions, and how Billie reacts to them.Billie s character is written well She makes choices which ar [...]

  25. I enjoyed the whole Spookshow series Yes, it s kind of lame to post the same review for each novel, but I tore right through them and honestly can t remember which was which they were all good Note Book 2 is actually, chronologically, the first book in the series These are good adventure tales populated by people who act in realistic ways when faced with impossible situations There s no blindly stumbling into danger, or when there is it s because the characters honestly don t understand or can t [...]

  26. Much much better than the first book which happens after this one story wise Action was fast and descriptive without being overdone on the gory side My only problem with it is that it s riddled with typos Its as if the author didn t take the time to properly edit before tossing it out to readers Shoddy and lazy That s really too bad because its such an awesome story The sheer number there are just soooo many of typos prevents me from giving it 5 stars If the story itself wasn t so good, I would [...]

  27. Great premise Terrible execution First, Billie is a whiner Get over yourself and at least attempt to learn something Second, since she can talk to the dead, why doesn t she, well,talk to the dead Who undertaker guy How did Mockler and Christina get in his basement How did Billie pull out all those people without mortuary man going nuts on her Why was boiler person in the boiler Take out the unnecessary parts like the useless scene with kite boy, and the trip back home and the visit from undertak [...]

  28. Although I enjoyed the book, I found it a bit rougher around the edges than the first book Also a tad confusing with the timeline being backwards.

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