Away in a Manger

[PDF] Download ✓ Away in a Manger : by Rhys Bowen, [PDF] Download ✓ Away in a Manger : by Rhys Bowen, Away in a Manger, Rhys Bowen, Away in a Manger In this Christmas installment of Rhys Bowen s New York Times bestselling historical mystery series Molly Murphy Sullivan s generosity to a beggar draws her into a dangerous investigationIt s Christmastime in New York City and for once Molly Murphy Sullivan is looking forward to the approaching holidays She has a family of her own now she and Daniel have a baby soIn this Ch. [PDF] Download ✓ Away in a Manger : by Rhys Bowen - Away in a Manger, Away in a Manger In this Christmas installment of Rhys Bowen s New York Times bestselling historical mystery series Molly Murphy Sullivan s generosity to a beggar draws her into a dangerous investigationIt s Christma

  • Title: Away in a Manger
  • Author: Rhys Bowen
  • ISBN: 9781250052032
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ✓ Away in a Manger : by Rhys Bowen

Away in a Manger, [PDF] Download ✓ Away in a Manger : by Rhys Bowen - Away in a Manger, Away in a Manger In this Christmas installment of Rhys Bowen s New York Times bestselling historical mystery series Molly Murphy Sullivan s generosity to a beggar draws her into a dangerous investigationIt s Christma

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Away in a Manger : by Rhys Bowen
    352Rhys Bowen
Away in a Manger

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  1. I m a New York Times bestselling mystery author, winner of both Agatha and Anthony awards for my Molly Murphy mysteries, set in 1902 New York City.I also write the Agatha winning Royal Spyness series, about the British royal family in the 1930s It s lighter, sexier, funnier, wicked satire It was voted by readers as best mystery series one year I am also known for my Constable Evans books, set in North Wales, and for my award winning short stories I was born and raised in England but currently divide my time between California and Arizona where I go to escape from the harsh California wintersWhen I am not writing I love to travel, sing, hike, play my Celtic harp.Series Constable Evan Mystery Molly Murphy Mysteries Her Royal Spyness MysteriesAwards Agatha Award Best Novel 2001 Murphy s LawReviewer s Choice Award Historical Mystery 2001 Murphy s Law

  2. Loved this entry in the series All of the main continuing characters were present and delightful Molly went haring off without thinking things through and got in trouble per usual.

  3. The title had me a bit confused until the end Thus, the title does tie into the story Away in a Manger Molly Murphy Mysteries 15 by Rhys Bowen is a story thats setting is 1905 New York City This is the first book of this series that I have read, but I did know that Molly had been a detective In this holiday story she is married with a son and a 13 year old girl, Birdie, living with her and her husband,Daniel, a NY Police Captain At this time in NYC many immigrants are moving to America, The Land [...]

  4. Christmas 1905 is approaching, and Molly is looking forward to spending a quiet holiday with her family However, a young girl out in the cold attracts her attention, and she feels compelled to find out all she can about this girl s family Her mother disappeared months ago What happened to her Does the girl have any family left who would take her in The book gives us a wonderful look at Christmas in another time as we see different traditions we don t follow any But that feeling is balanced by t [...]

  5. First I ve read in this series and I quite liked it Molly pulled a totally stupid stunt at the end, but I guess it wouldn t be a story without it I found myself caring about the 2 children Molly and Bridie found begging on the street and am interested in learning about Molly s interesting across the street neighbors I m usually not one for period stories, but this one was very enjoyable Recommend

  6. Very sweet, but a little plebeian for my taste I think it just wasn t the right book for me I found Molly too much of a pollyanna and her telling of the events of each day repetitive and unexciting Further, I thought her solving of the mystery far too dependent on coincidence and luck to be believable and I wasn t comfortable with some of her ideas on underaged criminals But again, that s just my opinion For those who like a sweet, uplifting mystery, I m sure this will be a winner The writing an [...]

  7. I was especially thrilled when I learned earlier this year that there would be two Molly Murphy books out in 2015, The Edge of Dreams last spring and Away in a Manger this November I truly cannot get enough of Molly, her family, her friends, and the city of New York City at the beginning of the 20th Century Rhys Bowen has gifted readers with a Christmas story bonus that I wasn t able to wait until Christmas to read Having been lucky enough to receive an ARC, I even got in a bit early before the [...]

  8. As usual, Rhys Bowen describes the streets of New York during the early 20th Century in vivid detail I love Molly, but Daniel is really the most ungracious man After all Sid and Gus have done for Molly and they are always nice to him even if he doesn t always reciprocate, yet he still makes snide comments about them and can barely conceal his dislike when in their presence at times Well, guess what, Daniel Sullivan You re no prize yourself and I think it s a shame Molly is stuck with such a boor [...]

  9. A Molly Christmas.This was a nice heartwarming Christmas story to read during the holidays It will put you in a festive mood, however, I ve read the entire Molly Murphy series and I still liked them a lot better when Molly was a detective with her own agency and wasn t married to Daniel, her old fashioned prig of a husband I m just tired of hearing Daniel complain about her detecting and complain about her friends and I m tired of seeing Molly play the semi obedient housewife That story line is [...]

  10. checked this out from library to read on crowded train since I know from experience these books do not require great concentrationntimental and simply plotted but then I also know there will be nothing offensive I enjoy her royal spyness series than the Molly Murphy series Molly continues to be naive and put herself in danger but things turn out well in the end even though her husband, Captain Sullivan gets shot but recovers just before Christmas in this one.

  11. Really 4.5 stars but I rounded up Wonderful, it ended up being a worthy addition to this series However, I felt like the first few chapters were extremely slow and it took awhile for the action to start.

  12. It is great to be back with Molly Murphy by Rhys Bowen It is Christmas in New York in this time Molly is married to policeman Daniel and she has a son Liam and Bridie is living with them and helping with the chores and taking care of Liam But, there has to be a mystery involved and this comes into play when Molly is with Birdie and pushing Liam in his stroller They see a young girl out in the cold without a coat singing a beautiful song Mollie feels so sorry for her and gives her brother a quart [...]

  13. 15 in the Molly Murphy series 1905 in lower NYC, Molly s mother in law has come to spend Christmas with her son NYPD Captain Sullivan and his family in time for the news that he has been shot and is in the hospital Meanwhile, Molly and her Bohemian neighbors, Sid and Gus, have taken it upon themselves to shelter two waifs and find their missing mother An appealing holiday time story although at times the repetitive conversations speculating about the whereabouts and fate of the missing woman fel [...]

  14. It s Christmas, and Molly is dismayed to see the poor begging on the streets in New York City She is especially distressed by the young children, in ragged and thin clothes braving the chilly weather to beg for pennies Her young ward is touched by plight of a small girl and her brother and Molly is surprised to hear those children respond in a well spoken English accent Clearly, these children had been well cared for, but now seem to be nearly abandoned Not one to let such a mystery go unchallen [...]

  15. I am usually not a fan of mystery books, but this one had my attention all the way through the book Molly is taking care of a niece who happens to hear an orphan girl singing on the streets of New York city They soon become entangled in a mystery which eventually leads them to finding a family for the girl and her brother I guess cozy mysteries are my new genera to search LOL

  16. I really enjoy Rhys Bowen s writing This Christmas story was very nice with Molly, and her friends trying to help a brother and sister that were begging on the streets Molly rightly perceives that their manners and their proper English accent mean that they are no ordinary beggars She starts investigating the disappearance of their mother and discovers who they are, who wants them dead and why She finds herself torn in two directions She now has a baby and a young girl to watch over, her mother [...]

  17. A fast predictable read with of Molly Murphy s sluething drama in 1905 New York City The Author is still doing a great job of describing life during that time period as well as a realistic storyline of the drama between Molly her judgemental Mother in Law Molly s husband remains a rude bore.

  18. It s cold in the big city Pick pocketing boys work the streets They try to recruit a young lad, abandoned by his mother to the care of a greedy couple who keep him cold and hungry But does he have any family Who might they be And will they be happy to learn of his existence Hmm This plot line seems strangely familiar

  19. I love Molly Murphy and the whole series is great This one seemed light and a little too simple but maybe that s a facet of Christmas themed books Definitely worth a read if you are a fan of the series but expect it to read much quickly.

  20. Nice Christmas in July mystery, love Molly Murphy, now Sullivan, series This story begins with a little begger girl singing Away in a manger on thr streets of New York, Bridie wants to do something for the little girl, and so it begins Good read, great characters, love Rhys Bowen books.

  21. This latest installment of Molly Murphy has resolved a bit of my frustration with her and Daniel s relationship, although that again could be because Daniel is pushed to the sideline I m also not a huge fan of plot moppets and Tig and Emmy definitely qualify as plot moppets.

  22. Preparing for the holidays, life seems to finally be settling down for Daniel, Molly, Liam, and their ward Bridie But when Molly and the children come across two street urchin children, Molly quickly dedueces that these are not the average orphans Molly sets out to find out who Tig and Emm are As she gains their trust, Molly begins to realize that something is quite wrong The children have been abandoned by their mother with an awful landlord called Aunt Hettie Sid and Gus decide to intervene an [...]

  23. AWAY IN A MANGER BY RHYS BOWEN is the 15th book in the series, but that doesn t mean Ms Bowen is slowing down any with it comes to her Molly Murphy series This book, starts around Christmas of 1905, Molly as usual gets her nose stuck into crime again, even with the addition of a family.This time it all starts with a trip to town a beautiful little girl singing.Whether it s your first Molly Murphy or you are a Rhys Bowen junkie, you can enjoy the series even if you have just jumped into it I have [...]

  24. If two stars mean that the book was ok, then Away in the Manger does fit this category It is the first book of the series I have read read for a book discussion group It stands alone fine for the most part but a few details from the earlier ones may have been helpful It struck me as a nice cozy mystery Everything turns out fine with little or no hassle and lots of predictability It was a quick read but there just wasn t any meat to it Someday I might get around to reading another one but right n [...]

  25. Away in a MangerThis well developed plot and winding mystery is a perfect book for holiday reading Reading this story can put the reader in the mood of generosity of spirit and the feeling of helping others It takes place in the early 1900 s with a powerful and quite strong willed Molly Murphy, who solves in a wintery scene, the plight of several lost children who live on the streets in New York City.

  26. This history mystery is another look into the life of Mollie, Irish newcomer to New York, married life, and motherhood She s finally getting grudging assurance from her policeman husband that she s a good detective, although she retired from her business when she married With Christmas and her mother in law coming, she is going to concentrate on that Except, of course, there s the little waif singing for pennies down town Which leads to mystery and danger for everyone involved Highly recommended [...]

  27. The 15th book in the series and the 15th one I have read I like all of Rhys Bowen s books, and especially the Molly Murphys, as turn of the century NYC is a favorite setting As usual, things fall into place too easily and Molly is able to leave her baby in capable hands and go gallivanting around the city, but what s new I just wish Daniel would stop chastising her for it he knew what she was like when he married her, so he should stop complaining.

  28. Better than the last few I think Molly solved this all based on luck and hearing things at the right time It would be nice for her to just do her detective work without her saying she shouldn t be doing detective work for whatever reason We read these books for the mystery not to read her still woeing about not being a typical housewife We get it Also as a mother, Molly does a lot of reckless things Liam almost never comes first in her thought process.

  29. I found myself agreeing with Molly s mother in law rather often, and I wished Molly had been honest with her from the beginning I can t imagine my mother in law would be delighted to be left with the children, the cleaning, and the cooking, in my house, while I m out shopping Especially if my husband had been injured Other than that, and the annoyingly adorable, precocious children, the book was pretty good.

  30. Love the Molly Murphy mysteries and this one did not disappoint And it was set at Christmas time which made it all the better I love that they characters are changing and growing and becoming better people as the series progresses even Molly self centered neighbors are changing to be better people

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