The Dream Bucket

[PDF] The Dream Bucket | by ↠ Mary Lou Cheatham, [PDF] The Dream Bucket | by ↠ Mary Lou Cheatham, The Dream Bucket, Mary Lou Cheatham, The Dream Bucket Ten year old Trudy loves Papa than anybody else until she hears him slap Zoe her mother She is so angry at him she wishes he d die When he accidentally sets fire to the family mansion and dies in the fire she is not prepared for the shock William has cautioned Zoe not to pry into his financial arrangements She wants to know where he keeps his money in case his lTen year old Trud. [PDF] The Dream Bucket | by ↠ Mary Lou Cheatham - The Dream Bucket, The Dream Bucket Ten year old Trudy loves Papa than anybody else until she hears him slap Zoe her mother She is so angry at him she wishes he d die When he accidentally sets fire to the family mansion and dies in the

  • Title: The Dream Bucket
  • Author: Mary Lou Cheatham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Dream Bucket | by ↠ Mary Lou Cheatham

The Dream Bucket, [PDF] The Dream Bucket | by ↠ Mary Lou Cheatham - The Dream Bucket, The Dream Bucket Ten year old Trudy loves Papa than anybody else until she hears him slap Zoe her mother She is so angry at him she wishes he d die When he accidentally sets fire to the family mansion and dies in the

  • [PDF] The Dream Bucket | by ↠ Mary Lou Cheatham
    304Mary Lou Cheatham
The Dream Bucket

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  1. Welcome to the world of Mississippi born author Mary Lou Cheatham Here you will find lively stories about life in the early 1900 s on the farm and in a small village stories filled with danger close to home, romance, and moral conflicts Daily life can include unexpected danger interrupting the routine of living in a primitive time Also come and explore life in modern rural south Louisiana Mary Lou s novels center around families as they face life s challenges In every story she includes touches of romance

  2. Can you believe it s been a month since we moved into this place in the country And it s taken almost a whole month for me to read this book It fit the mood for me Here we are in a town with a population of around 1000 people Where town is a mile and a half away, and we have no car So we re learning to walk to get our groceries, to get our mail There is no door to door postal delivery , to get to the library, which is only open three times a week Needless to say, the pants are getting looser I m [...]

  3. SENSUALITY RATING NO sexual content NO Profanity NO Euphemistic code words GENRE Inspirational fictionSETTING 1909 somewhere around the Schmidt and Covings County Line CENTRAL CHARACTERS ZOE, TRUDY and BILLY Cameron SAMUEL, BUDDY and BAILEY BentonSYNOPSIS No one could find the money so Zoe and her children were forced to live in a shack on the property and keep the farm going It was backbreaking work Samuel was grateful for what Zoe and her husband had done for his twins years past He felt it hi [...]

  4. Awesome book, loved it I loved how it showed the ways of the past Times were hard but love found a way I would recommend this book to anyone.Awesome book I loved how it showed the ways of the past and how they depended on each other and God I would recommend this to anyone.

  5. This was a good read The summary is a little misleading in that it is less about the girl growing up and about the general struggles of life after a sudden devastating loss You spend quite a bit of time with the Mom and her struggles to survive life after Some time is spent with Trudy helping her to grow up yet keep her childhood Good book I enjoyed it although at times it struggled along.

  6. This is the first book I be read by Mary Lou Cheatbam I had grieved the loss of my favorite female author, Maeve Binchy, who passed away in 2012 So thankful to have discovered MLC I found myself going from tears to laughter The way that Ms, Cheatham developed both Zoe character in the story and her relationship with Samuel, was, to me extraordinary.

  7. A fantastic story that is a joyful treat to read.Book was well written with quality proofing Story line and well rounded characters make this a page turner.If you are looking for a book with gritty soulful adventure that you can t put downyou have found it Cannot wait to read other works by this inspiring writer.

  8. FantisticIt is well written and hold s your interest until the very end in fact I even for hot to eat

  9. The book set the characters in the rural South of the early years of the 20th century and led them through trials that brought unexpected change to their lives The author skillfully introduces the agents of those changes A good story about family ties bearing up under life s surprises pleasant and otherwise.

  10. This book reminded me of my childhood The story had some sad parts so do all good books, that are about history of the south and hard times the people of that era lived and endured I had a hard time not spending all my free time reading to this book very entertaining Really enjoyed the audio version.

  11. I found this to be a a fun story I enjoyed the plot and found it very entertaining I recommend this book for just a fun read.

  12. RomanceLove reading romance in the old times This is one of these books you can t put down, you ll love the it

  13. Amazing book Best book by Mary Lou Cheatham She is an inspiring writer who writes a story with reading

  14. This was just an okay read for me It was a weird reading experience because the syntax didn t fit the themes VERY simple sentence structure and dialogue handling some pretty deep themes I had to keep checking the time period to see if I was missing something I liked the characters and the premise of the story but it was a disjointed read for me.

  15. Loved it.Just finished this book It was a good read Good characterization so Fast moving Very interesting characters and story line.

  16. So.I got 38% through the bookwhich was 30% than I wanted too It wasn t far into the story that I felt this was meant for a childa preteen child A teenager probably would have felt this was beneath them There s no indication that it s meant for a younger audience, but I kept reading, hoping that maybe the main character, a young girl named Trudy, would grow up and that the writing would take on a voice mature than a 10 year old It didn t.The family fell on hard times when The family house burnt [...]

  17. This was a very interesting story set in 1900 about a daughter that overheard her mom and papa disagreeing about money Then their beautiful home went up in flames and they lost everything The father was helping put the fire out and his clothes caught on fire and her father dies This had left many challenges for their mother, Zoe it also involved another family that was trying to help her get her life back together The family had a dream bucket, they wrote their dreams on a piece of paper and dro [...]

  18. Heart warming read.It seemed to get a slow start, but well worth the wait Good historic features Great story that keeps you reading.

  19. Good, clean storyI have not read the first two books This was the third book, and I didn t need the other two to figure out what was going on.You meet two neighbor families Zoe and her children, and Samuel with his children They both have their tragedies to overcome and learn to be strong, courageous in the midst of sadness The children are full of energy, love, adventure, and willing to help with the farm work I enjoyed this book It is not one of my favorites, but there was nothing wrong with i [...]

  20. There could have been a better ending.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would have given it 5 stars except for the ending Instead of leading up to the ending, the book abruptly stopped I would have loved to hear about the honeymoon, moving into the Benton house, or perhaps the building of a new house, and maybe the reactions of the townsfolk The ending could have opened the door to several stories I did like the book though, and would recommend it to audiences of any age.

  21. setting is back in the day when the automobile was just making its way onto the scene most still drove horse and buggy Her husband was killed when their house was burned down the only place her and her 2 kids could live is Run down shack ,on their property they had to endure they never complained ,they never asked for help one day they found some money her husband had hidden just in case

  22. Kept my interest as you follow along with the widow and her children as they tryyto survive in what was such a rough time in history Hoped throughout the book that they would make it on their journey safely and could relate so well with the mother s thoughts and prayers Didn t realize this was a 3 part series and read this one first so now will have to go back and read the first 2 books

  23. Tragedy followed by love due to God s redemption.This is a story of a family tragedy Friendship, compassion for his best friends grieving widow and children lead Sam and his twins on a road to God s plan for all This is an inspiring book depicting how depending on God leads a mother to provide for her children, no matter the circumstance God s grace is sufficient.

  24. Loved itThis book is very well written I didn t know it was part of a trilogy Now I can t wait to read it s predecessors The plot though predictable, did have some unexpected twists.

  25. Sweet Sweet book Never dull Can read quickly Love the Christian thread This is a nice weekend getaway read It is part of a series but each book is an independent story based on the same place So you will not be lost if you just read one or read them not in order.

  26. Beautiful StoryIt was an interesting story of how people over come unhappy changes in their lives, and go on and survive with what they have I loved how the mother and children pulled together to take care of what they were left with and how they loved each other so much.

  27. A book that seemed much longer than it was the family tragedy, mother and family left penny less at fathers death, recover money, mom talks about n love with helpful neighbor and everyone lives happily ever after

  28. A sweet and a poignant tale of love I think the author has captured the struggles and worries of a young widow who has lost everything to fire.

  29. Good the story that shows how a woman has to learn how to take care of her family after losing her husband and her home burns

  30. NiceI have not read the books previous to this one in the series but did not have trouble following it Interesting family reading

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