Your Lie in April, Vol. 1

Your Lie in April, Vol. 1 Best Read || [Naoshi Arakawa], Your Lie in April, Vol. 1 Best Read || [Naoshi Arakawa], Your Lie in April, Vol. 1, Naoshi Arakawa, Your Lie in April Vol Kosei Arima was a piano prodigy until his cruel taskmaster of a mother died suddenly changing his life forever Driven by his pain to abandon piano Kosei now lives in a monotonous colorless world Having resigned himself to a bland life he is surprised when he meets Kaori Miyazono a violinist with an unorthodox style Can she bring Kosei back to music and back to lifKo. Your Lie in April, Vol. 1 Best Read || [Naoshi Arakawa] - Your Lie in April, Vol. 1, Your Lie in April Vol Kosei Arima was a piano prodigy until his cruel taskmaster of a mother died suddenly changing his life forever Driven by his pain to abandon piano Kosei now lives in a monotonous colorless world Ha

  • Title: Your Lie in April, Vol. 1
  • Author: Naoshi Arakawa
  • ISBN: 9781632361714
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback

Your Lie in April, Vol. 1 Best Read || [Naoshi Arakawa]

Your Lie in April, Vol. 1, Your Lie in April, Vol. 1 Best Read || [Naoshi Arakawa] - Your Lie in April, Vol. 1, Your Lie in April Vol Kosei Arima was a piano prodigy until his cruel taskmaster of a mother died suddenly changing his life forever Driven by his pain to abandon piano Kosei now lives in a monotonous colorless world Ha

  • Your Lie in April, Vol. 1 Best Read || [Naoshi Arakawa]
    445Naoshi Arakawa
Your Lie in April, Vol. 1

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  1. Naoshi Arakawa Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Your Lie in April, Vol. 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Naoshi Arakawa author readers around the world.

  2. Your Lie in April I saw the anime first then I read all the manga.This one is a REALLY beautiful story of a pure, first love There s also strong, True friendship between the characters and there s Music too This is the story of Arima Kousei and Miyazono Kaori that goes like this view spoiler hide spoiler I LOVED it SO MUCH and I cried a lot too It was deep and as life changing as a first, true love can be I really liked the main characters, they have a spot in my heart.Really Beautiful they shou [...]

  3. This rating and review are for all of the published volumes.This manga started out with quite a cliche about music and youth loves concerning a piano prodigy who traumatized by the memory of his late mother abuse, his two male and female childhood friends, and a happy go lucky violonist who fell in love with the male bestfriend At first sight, this seems like your usual rectangular love, but actually, I think there s not even a slight hints of romance here but admirations and comforting relation [...]

  4. HeyI finished yesterday this volume, it s contain 4 chapters.It started with 3 friends 2 boys and one girl arima kousei, watari ryouta tsubaki.Kousei was a pianist but he stopped playing since years.His friends try their best to make him play again but he didn t do it.One of the girl s friend her name is miyazono kaori told tsubaki to introduce her to watari since she like him, and arima start to know her, and deal with her as their support friend.She s a violinist, after she know his reason to [...]

  5. Such a promising start to a series This was so simple and cute, with minimal fuss but jam packed full of feels Full review to come

  6. Reading this feels like listening to a talented singer with great voice, who unfortunately keep making the same mistakes and hitting the wrong notes over and over again until the whole performance is kind of ruined Er, random musical analogy aside, there s actually a lot that I like from this manga s set up For starter, the fact that the the main characters are middle schoolers pre teens, which I don t see very often in manga It s a great period when kids are mature enough to start exploring com [...]

  7. bintang dibulatkan ke dua Dari awal kemunculan judul ini di jadwal sneakpeek, saya selalu bertanya tanya Bagus kah komik ini Bagaimana plotnya , dll Lalu saya nyari info di forum forum atau kanal online lainnya Sebagian besar ngasi rating yang bagus, cerita bagus, development chara dapet, feel nya dapet, dll Akhirnya saya tertarik untuk beli kebetulan mc lagi ada promo, jadi langsung lahap.Setelah baca err, apa saya terlalu berharap tinggi sama buku ini Plotnya terasa menyebalkan, tokoh tokohnya [...]

  8. First review How cute the first volume was I liked Kaori and Kousei I wish their relationship developed I also liked their friendship and the music Anime was better as it is colorful and I can actually hear the classic music Final review of the series 4.45 stars Oh my God This manga was a big feels trip It was all about friendship, love for music, love for mother, love for each other, all kinds of loves Determination and your goals in life, living to the bitseverything was beautiful and symboli [...]

  9. I have so much love for this series, especially because it is all about musicians, and specifically a pianist I have played piano and taught piano lessons for than 20 years, and anything having to do with music is near to my heart I love how the musicians in this manga are portrayed, full of the love of their artform, full of creativity, and sensitive to beauty in the world around them.Kaori and Kousei are such wonderful characters I love the whole gang of friends, and their individual stories [...]

  10. I love this story So many beautiful passages It is possible that I love this manga because I m a fan of the anime, so it s hard for me to separate the two But I did think this volume had a lot to offer and had some genuinely beautiful art and sweet thoughts behind it The anime seems to be a direct adaptation, which is a neat discovery Can t wait to read volume 2

  11. Depois de ter visto o anime quis tanto ler o mang Primeiro de tudo senti falta da m sica, o que era de esperar mas pensei que poderia ler sem me incomodar, mas incomodou s porque j vi o anime buh Por isso bem tive que o ler a ouvir musica cl ssica, e foi 5 estrelas hihih tamb m podem ouvir o Epic San no youtube Mas n o interessa, super interessante na mesma, e vale a pena ser lido porque ensina muita coisa importante.Untitled 1 copyKousei sempre foi um grande pianista quando era pequenino, porqu [...]

  12. I saw the anime of this series when it came out on Netflix It was totally worth it The art is absolutely stunning So you can understand why I was excited to read the manga after being moved by the anime.This is only the very, very beginning of the series where Kosei first meets Kaori Their relationship is essentially what whole series revolves around One of the most important elements for them is music since Kosei is a concert pianist and Kaori is a violinist though she can and does play other i [...]

  13. Your Lie in April foi um mang que recebi de presente da Lytta Miranda no ano passado, junto com o forte Vitamin e confesso, n o sabia muito bem o que esperar dele Claro, esta uma hist ria sobre m sica cl ssica e um jovem prod gio que n o v mais a beleza de seu dom, mas quanto mais eu penso, mais eu vejo que n o s sobre isto.Antes de mais nada, o mang sobre se reencontrar depois de n o ver mais sentido naquilo em que voc o melhor Existe uma triste ironia nisto tudo mas j nos primeiros momentos pe [...]

  14. this is based on the whole series, not just this volume no spoilers An extremely well drawn, well written series Literally one of my fav s of all time, moving me to tears I 100% recommend anyone new to the series to watch the anime instead of reading the manga though, as no matter how good the manga is, you cant have a music based story and not be able to hear the music The anime is astounding and if the ending doesnt make you want to bawl like a baby, then i dont know what to tell you

  15. I m aware that this series takes a tragic turn at some point, but this volume is pure romantic comedy It s fun, and cute, and might get you interested in classical music, especially live performances Share it with the aspiring musician in your life.

  16. This was January s pick for the Adelaide Ladies Comic Book Club An easy read, but it didn t blow me away Enjoyable enough that I might check out the anime, but probably not enough to keep me reading the manga.

  17. Este es un manga que ten a muchas ganas de leer, el anime result ser uno de mis preferidos tanto por la animaci n, la historia, los personajes y la m sica.Milky Way Ediciones ha hecho un espl ndido trabajo con esta edici n, ha cuidado cada uno de los detalles, es el primer manga que leo de esta editorial y tengo que decir que he quedado muy complacida.La historia sigue a Arima Kousei quien desde peque o ha sido un prodigio tocando el piano, pero quien debido a cierto desdichado acontecimiento qu [...]

  18. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Your Lie in April One of the best shounen manga Winner of the Kodansha Manga Award 2013.Adalah kesalahan besar karena iseng baca vol 1 di tengah malam Jadi tidak bisa berhenti membaca seri ini Tapi akhirnya terpaksa berhenti di vol 7 juga Mata juga jadi pedes dan bengkak gara2 nangis terus di tiap vol dan kurang tidur T_____T Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ini ternyata lebih bagus dan lebih angsty dari semua manga yg menawarkan tema musik yg kutahu Shounen Note dan Nodame Cantab [...]

  19. I am ready to go all in with a new sweet hearted manga romance, and this one looks to deliver in spades.My only real complaint has to do with the final act, when view spoiler Kaori finds Kosei hiding out and cries big fat tears about how she feels like she s about to crumble I have no doubt that her backstory will prove to be interesting and drive the series in interesting directions, but where the first volume is concerned, that scene played contrary to a lot of what the reader is shown and tol [...]

  20. This series was recommended to me several times especially on the Whisper app and after reading a couple volumes, I can truly understand why everyone loves it so much When I finished reading the second volume, I was really sad that I had not brought the other volumes along to continue the series But, hey , I am reading other series as well.This series is very emotional You will definitely get emotionally attached to these characters.

  21. A beautiful story that trusts its characters to carry the plot without needless melodrama I love seeing the friendships among the characters develop and how it affects each one individually They are unique people without being stereotypes I m looking forward to reading

  22. I became super excited and giddy while reading this and it has been a while since I felt like that while reading Your Lie in April is a really sweet and tender manga about a child prodigy who has lost his musical spark and about a girl who shows him the fun and joy that music can bring.

  23. Something about this manga just kept on tugging at my heart and I didn t know what it was but I know that I m thinking about buying vol 2 and continuing with it,

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