[PDF] Read ✓ Emissary : by Melissa McShane, [PDF] Read ✓ Emissary : by Melissa McShane, Emissary, Melissa McShane, Emissary When unquiet ghosts walk the earth the servants of Atenas God of Death guide them to their final rest in His domain For six years Zerafine priestess of Atenas and her companion Gerrard have walked the known world bringing peace to the dead and fair judgment to the living Hated and feared as a death bringer by many Zerafine has never regretted her decision to servWhen unquiet ghost. [PDF] Read ✓ Emissary : by Melissa McShane - Emissary, Emissary When unquiet ghosts walk the earth the servants of Atenas God of Death guide them to their final rest in His domain For six years Zerafine priestess of Atenas and her companion Gerrard have walk

  • Title: Emissary
  • Author: Melissa McShane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ Emissary : by Melissa McShane

Emissary, [PDF] Read ✓ Emissary : by Melissa McShane - Emissary, Emissary When unquiet ghosts walk the earth the servants of Atenas God of Death guide them to their final rest in His domain For six years Zerafine priestess of Atenas and her companion Gerrard have walk

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Emissary : by Melissa McShane
    466Melissa McShane

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  1. Melissa grew up a nomad, following her family all over the United States, and ended up living in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains with her husband, four kids, and three very needy cats Her love of reading was always a constant during those uncertain years, and her love of writing grew out of that She wrote reviews and critical essays for many years before turning to fiction, and was surprised at how much she liked it She loves the fantasy genre and how it stretches the imagination.

  2. Emissary is a fantasy with an ancient Greece type of setting, but as far as I can tell after Googling several words with very little success the setting, names of gods and goddesses, types of magic, etc were all created by this author, so power to her for that The setting, as well as the fact that the gods and goddesses are quite real and periodically get involved directly in the lives of the characters, reminded me somewhat of Megan Whalen Turner s The Thief.Zerafine is a thelis a type of prie [...]

  3. I ve been debating for months what to do when this was finally published rating reviewing wise, I mean I m married to the author, so it s not like this is going to be unbiased or anything At the same time, I truly love the book and believe it is as good as I m going to say it is In other words, Melissa wouldn t dream of pressuring me to write a good review and that s just one of the many things I love about her And, I like to think of myself as honest, at least enough so that if I thought it was [...]

  4. Zerafine serves Atenas, the god of death She has traveled around for six years with her guard, tall, blond Gerrard, consoling ghosts, that is, helping them pass through Atenas s archway before they can do great harm in this world.She s sent to the ancient city of Portena to investigate a weird sort of apparition, because surely they cannot be ghosts, as they don t behave like ghosts Here she and Gerrard meet votaries of some of the other gods, and the ruling Council of the city, as she goes abo [...]

  5. I really liked this the gods reminded me of the interactions in Michelle West s Essalieyan series the magic of the words of power in her Elantra series , the banter between Gerrard and Zerafine a bit of Martha Well s Wheel of the Infinite although Zerafine at least is much younger.I don t mean stuff was copied, but deftly interwoven into something new in a way that reminds me of my fun reading in the late 80s, early 90s Mercedes Lackey s first trilogy, for example This story is fully developed i [...]

  6. So, this is OUR Melissa, you guys I got to read this a while ago, and back when I was writing the title and author down in my reading notebook over a year ago, knew it was a winner But that didn t necessarily guarantee its publication so that everyone would be able to read and enjoy it Now you can read and enjoy it, and it s wonderful, so you really should.

  7. No rating since I m friends with the author I really liked this, especially the characters and relationships The world building was interesting and everything wrapped up nicely.I was sorry to be finished with it I still feel half in the world.

  8. Like so many of the books I ve been reading lately, this one has been on my Teetering Pile since it was first published I ve been absolutely horrible about reading in recent years The author is an old friend and so I m rather sad I let it languish for as long as I did The book was filled with interesting characters and some good world building that made me want to read in the same universe although a quick look over the author s bibliography seems to indicate there s nothing else written yet Ev [...]

  9. Disclaimer The author of this book is a personal friend Even so I m pretty sure if it sucked I d tell her sod possibly run thereafter, but still She d rather I review it honestly, and that s the plan Review Emissary is the story of a priestess of Death, Zerafine and her protector Gerrard Zerafine s job is to help restless ghosts find their way into the court of Atenas, God of Death, and it s a job she s very good at Good enough that when ghost that don t act right start appearing in the capital [...]

  10. I feel like I may be the only reviewer so far not connected to the author Anyway for me, this book felt a bit off balance I thought the world building was really creative and interesting, but I got way information about some aspects of it than I wanted, and then way less than I wanted about other aspects.The narrative also felt unbalanced way too much at the start and middle, when all the character is really doing is wandering around the city talking to people, and then when things get active, [...]

  11. Reminded me in some ways of Lois McMaster Bujold s Chalion books, and of Martha Well s The Wheel of the InfiniteI enjoyed it a lot

  12. There is a lot to like in this novel It s fantasy novel of the clash of politics and religion in the presence of a potential city destroying disaster Zerafine is a priestess of the god of death which sounds like what you d expect of an antagonist, but this is her story The religion is welcomed yet feared, and her primary duty has been to console ghosts helping them get in touch with what remnants of happiness they can recall and helping them on to their final destination.But in the oldest city i [...]

  13. Just as a disclaimer, I know the author But if I hadn t liked it, there just wouldn t be a review I really liked how the heroine Zerafine dealt with the everyday misunderstandings of her purpose among the common folk It lent a depth of character that meant the story and characters were well thought out She s dedicated even in the face of ignorant superstitions and undeserved fear.It was also interesting how the main story line developed and changed in unexpected ways No spoilers here, though The [...]

  14. Great Debut I was a little blown away with this book I honestly can t say enough good things The story was unique, the characters lovable and believable , the dialogue witty, the world fully imagined, and the plot clever Thank you to the author for jumping right in and not wasting a ton of time on back story and for trusting the reader to figure some things out on our own I hate when authors force feed you every little detail to explain things that we can otherwise work out on our own Thankfully [...]

  15. Great story, over too soon Wonderful characters, unique and fascinating world building, good dialogue, and a strong plot though a little slow in the beginning and a bit rushed in the ending.

  16. I was really enjoying the book until I was disappointed by the ending, which felt cut short The book needed an epilogue to wrap up all the loose ends and questions brought up in the story.

  17. It s official I like this author She spins a great story with intriguing characters and worlds I m wondering if she s got books than the ones I know about.The Review,the Cover Eh, I could take it or leave it Zerafine which always translated to Serafina in my head even though I know the pronunciation thanks to the guide in the back looks very cool and mysterious in her cloak and writhing blue smoke but If i was judging the book by the cover, I wouldn t have picked it up The Story Interesting I l [...]

  18. I liked the ideas of this book but it felt rough Like there were sections where there wasn t enough description and a lot of the character motivations weren t fleshed out enough Although you could tell what was going to happen, because most of the characters felt familiar, the lack of individuality in the characters didn t make it too interesting Also there were a lot of character names and you weren t given enough time to learn who they were.

  19. Lots of things to like in this book but the romantic angst was a little off for me I mean, you could tell it was coming but then all of a sudden it was in your face I would definitely like to read something else by this author though.

  20. I need a Gerrard A ghost hunter with a sentare This book was so good for me The story building and character building kept me enthralled until the end.

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