[PDF] Earthrise | by ↠ M.C.A. Hogarth, [PDF] Earthrise | by ↠ M.C.A. Hogarth, Earthrise, M.C.A. Hogarth, Earthrise In M C A Hogarth s Pelted universe humans long ago genetically engineered various animal species into sapient beings who spread out amongst the stars While Earth remained something of a backwater the other races advanced and developed an interstellar trade alliance Reese Eddings is in command of the trade ship TMS Earthrise with a small crew of Pelted misfits To sIn M C A Hogarth s P. [PDF] Earthrise | by ↠ M.C.A. Hogarth - Earthrise, Earthrise In M C A Hogarth s Pelted universe humans long ago genetically engineered various animal species into sapient beings who spread out amongst the stars While Earth remained something of a backwater t

  • Title: Earthrise
  • Author: M.C.A. Hogarth
  • ISBN: 9781501468438
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Earthrise | by ↠ M.C.A. Hogarth

Earthrise, [PDF] Earthrise | by ↠ M.C.A. Hogarth - Earthrise, Earthrise In M C A Hogarth s Pelted universe humans long ago genetically engineered various animal species into sapient beings who spread out amongst the stars While Earth remained something of a backwater t

  • [PDF] Earthrise | by ↠ M.C.A. Hogarth
    243M.C.A. Hogarth

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  1. Daughter of two Cuban political exiles, M.C.A Hogarth was born a foreigner in the American melting pot and has had a fascination for the gaps in cultures and the bridges that span them ever since She has been many things web database architect, product manager, technical writer and massage therapist but is currently a full time parent, artist, writer and anthropologist to aliens, both human and otherwise.Her fiction has variously been recommended for a Nebula, a finalist for the Spectrum, placed on the secondary Tiptree reading list and chosen for two best of anthologies her art has appeared in RPGs, magazines and on book covers.

  2. Dec 31, 2017 Her Instruments Series Box Set books 1 4 only 1.99 Buy it buy it buy it Well I ll Be Damned the MacHalos Actually Picked a Non Despicable Book to Read for Once Buddy Read WIBDtMHAPaNDBtRfOBR With the MacHalos Duh Actual rating 4.5 stars Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I m on a nauseating book loving roll So sorry about that I promise to read some pure, undiluted crap ASAP Friendly warning Petronilla, my air headed, blonde mojo with a silly smirk on her face is still unavailable at the momen [...]

  3. 3.5 starsFree on Kindle at time of reviewA sci fi story that is not bogged down by unpronounceable words and textbook like descriptions typical in a lot of sci fi books Reese is the captain of the Earthrise, a freighter ship with a crew of mixed species you ve got cat like aliens, a Phoenix, and one that walks on four legs and has wings They decide to go on a mission to rescue an almost elf like alien called an Eldritch He is several hundreds of years old and has mental abilities Once they rescu [...]

  4. 3.75 A buddy read with the MacHalo Freaks I had no clue what to expect apart from this book being classified as a Sci Fi, so I was very pleased to discover a fun Universe of pelted races, humans and Space Elvs I know, how cool is that Well, we get to meet one of them, at least, when a Captain of the trader ship Earthrise, Reese is charged with finding and rescuing a mysterious Eldritch Hirianthial who has been captured by pirates and about to be given to slavers Reese has no experience at rescui [...]

  5. The cover The cover I adore this cover So much awesomesauce with this cover A heroine with dark skin and braids How often does THAT happen in any genre Julie Dillon is just so amazing when it comes to creating incredible fantasy art with PoC front and center.Happy happy Joy joy Dancing around the room listening to the latest Blind Guardian It s been ages since I ve read such a kick ass swashbuckling sci fi adventure The last one I d read with a Black female lead was Ascension which was also kick [...]

  6. Free ARC, provided by Netgalley, thank you Wasn t so sure at first, if I would like it, but about a quarter into the book I was in love with all of the main characters I adore Hirianthial, his psychic landscape is fantastic The Harat Shar are great comic characters and the bird like Bryer is fascinating The Flitzbe is like a advanced tribble.Throw in a classic run chase and hide scenario with an asteroid field, and your swashbuckling space adventure is off to an entertaining ride.I really liked [...]

  7. I should learn to prioritize the books my dear wife recommends because this was great It s been a while since I got so caught up in a series I actually finished it in a week Sure there were just three books but still Especially since RL has been a bitch lately and my reading time is severely reduced Back to the book Earthrise introduces the reader to a universe filled with genetically engineered species called the Pelted At some point the Pelted left Earth and colonised their own planets I loved [...]

  8. Ufffffff It s complicated.On one hand, Earthrise is a book with an intriguing plot, well rounded characters, creative world building and, most importantly, a cover that borders to absolute divine perfection On the other hand it took me several months to finish it Why Let s just say that despite one of the most likable and unique casts that exists in fiction, despite the huge amount of creativity in terms of races, worlds, psychology and the complete unpredictability of the plot, there was one si [...]

  9. Alright, here it goes A semi crappy review bulked up with some pretty crappy pics but honestly, it s all I have the brain cells for any.I purchased and listened to the audio for this one, and I ll be honest, I don t think he was a great choice for this book Big shocker there, right His voice was way too raspy, whispery, and gravelly for the role He sounds like he should be voicing an old time, down and out cowboy like this,not a 30 year old woman like this, I listened to bits in the car and my d [...]

  10. This came highly recommended by people I respect, but I guess it s just a matter of taste The writing and editing were done well I love the space camp y feel But I just disliked the heroine so much that it ruined the book for me By the end, her TSTL actions because of her anger towards everyone close to her drove me crazy She almost got them all killed, because she refused to listen to an ally who had proven himself I HATE heroines like that To me she acted like some middle school brat.edit Plus [...]

  11. TL DR Review 3.5 stars Where have you been all my life, book Even with my few complaints, where have you been Longer Review Full Disclosure A review copy of this book was provided to me by Studio MCAH via Netgalley I would like to thank the author, the publisher, and Netgalley for providing me this opportunity All opinions expressed from here forward are my own.I almost put this book a little lower on my NetGalley pile because the NetGalley description had a side note that this was a space opera [...]

  12. The main character oh man I shucked three stars from this otherwise excellent sci fi novel just because the MC Reese is so poorly written I get that she s supposed to be an anti hero, oh boy do I get that, but the construction of her personality just makes no sense, at all, in any genre She s constantly combative and angry that s her personality, period she has the galaxy s worst decision making skills and shows absolutely no command capability, let alone the ability to be in a room with anyone [...]

  13. Abandoned DNF d I m sorry to say that I just could not keep going with this audio book The narration was just too off putting The narrator s voice is extremely deep which under normal circumstances would be a plus for me, however in this case his voice was so raspy that it sounded to me like he was just recovering for a bad bought of laryngitis There are odd sections of the audio that feel spliced together along with some kind of odd ambient noises in the background I think that I like the story [...]

  14. 3.75 stars I found myself deeply annoyed by the main character s combative attitude and poor decision making, but I kept reading to follow the other beings the storyline introduced Here s hoping Reese is tolerable in the next book in the series.

  15. After having read and reviewed A Rosary of Stones and Thorns for Hogarth, I d kicked her campaign for Earthrise mainly because it was 1 a book 2 by an author I was familiar with 3 that was offering a signed copy of the book upon completion for an exceptionally reasonable amount of money.Sold So when I finally got my copy of Earthrise after having copy edited Mindtouch for her, I was ecstatic Earthrise promised me Eldritch and Pelted people and interesting times in the space world I am a firm [...]

  16. 3 1 2 starsI ve been awful busy these days writing my own series, but I finally had the LONG, ARDUOUS, 4 HOUR FLIGHT INDUCED free time to read a title about a black female protagonist in a sci fi setting Thankfully, I was recommended this book, and it s a delightful change of pace from things I ve tried previously Don t let the 3 1 2 star rating fool you I m prepared to go into detail, and please don t think there is anything overtly WRONG with the book I actually like it than I ve liked a fema [...]

  17. This book was absolutely perfect for me.I don t know how to explain it, maybe by making a list perfect characters, action but no non stop action, alternative humans and aliens, an every day live story, endearing characters, humour, a lot of good psychology, people who act like real people, a sentiment of reality in an alternative world and, at least but not last, a very easy and comfortable read.Some people could say that the tonality is a little bit naive, but not me On the contrary, I love thi [...]

  18. 4.5 StarsWhen I picked up this full length sci fi novel for free on , I was hoping for something with a bit of a Firefly feel, and it scratched my itch It may not be quite as humorous as Firefly , but the relationships between captain and crew and the solid world building did it for me Since I don t read a lot of sci fi I had a little trouble at first with all the different aliens on the ship and there aren t many, it s just me and wasn t sure if I d enjoy a book with only one human as a main ch [...]

  19. A cranky female space freighter captain unintentionally gets involved with interplanetary drug dealers and slave traders It s not an overly original story, but it s entertaining enough for a light read It s mostly a space opera with a fair amount of chaste romance, some fantasy, and a bit too much introspective angst for my taste I found some of the prose.ard at times The protagonist is not entirely likeable or believable She seems slow on the uptake, and her reactions often do not seem to flow [...]

  20. Oh, heh heh, fluffy space opera I love fluffy space opera Dealing with pirates, everyone s broke, awkard situations well that s some buried trauma we just dealt with And that s some trauma OH WOW that s a lot of trauma BLOOD SO MUCH BLOOD AND TRAUMA WHY IS EVERYTHING TERRIBLE RUN RUN START THE SHIP WE NEED TO RUN.

  21. You really have to look a gift horse in the mouth Reese Eddings took a loan that is now putting her ship the Earthrise, her crew and herself in danger I loved the characters in Earthrise Reese Eddings is at the center the story She has a lot of internal problems that play out throughout the story Her mixed race crew is full of interesting people I loved the pelted ones They added a lot of humor.In spite of the danger at the heart of the story this is a slow moving story Hogarth takes the time to [...]

  22. Book one of a great seriesWith a crew of alien species, human Captain Reese is flying her battered merchant ship through space attempting to make a profit trading Unexpectedly she is called to pay off a debt by picking up a Eldrich man being held prisoner for sale to slavers This begins a series of adventures filled with danger, including those of emotional attachment The characters are all well developed with both lovable quirks and weaknesses, and you will soon be strongly invested in their li [...]

  23. Actual Rating 3.5 for the plot and world 2.0 for the characters he felt as if he was embracing an armful of naked swords Best line to describe Reese, our main character and Captain of the Earthrise merchant vessel This has to be one of the most emotionally inept characters I have ever read Childish temper tantrums are not just tantrums, but how shespeaks to her crew Throughout the entire novel I was telling her to grow the f up My niece was polite and socially intelligent during her terrible tw [...]

  24. I didn t expect to be marking a best read of the year in January, but Earthrise earned it from me I went into it not knowing much except the description and that it was a space opera, one of my favorite genres Earthrise definitely delivers in the adventure department, with space pirates, chase scenes, and shootouts, but what really made the story stand out for me was the depth of the characters and their relationships Everyone in this book felt real, and while their external problems with evadin [...]

  25. Ok WOWNow I ve seen this book come up on my recommendation list all the time, but I always ignore it because.I m not into reading science fiction, I like watching science fiction movies and TV shows but I do not like to read em Not that I don t ever read them.just not my first choice.But somehow I had a change of heart and I though ehwhat the heck and decided to just give it a try and see if I liked it aaaand I LIKE IT HAHAHA this may be a long review SPOILERS ALERT Let s start with how I was ho [...]

  26. A fascinating, new to me multi species universe and castThis is my second book by M.C.A Hogarth, and it s nice to know that I would have found her from Alien Diplomacy Interspecies Friendship list even if I hadn t already read Thief of Songs While this Pelted universe populated with various races, including humanoids engineered with the addition of various animal species DNA space opera adventure which features a struggling merchant crew evading and or fighting slavers and pirates has a very dif [...]

  27. I ve been waiting to read this book for a long time, so it was great to finally get my hands on a copy through Kindle I was drawn to it partly because of the beautiful cover art and partly because it features a female not white captain as protagonist what s not to love So I dove into the story of Captain Reese Eddings and her merchant crew of aliens who get into trouble than they deserve and I had a lot of fun So much fun that I bought the two sequels when only 80% done with the story.I like th [...]

  28. I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 13667220I had a nice experience with this book Comfy Space Opera.Captain Reese Eddings is a bit of a romance reader and her character is a typical romance heroine in many ways The attraction to the mysterious albino space elf is instant and she habitually throws up roadblocks to the attraction It s over the top the amount of denial she s in and her crew drags her along the path of most resistance for her own good as well as the plot s.Part [...]

  29. I enjoyed this by the most part, it seems to be a start of a very interesting series The only part I didn t enjoy too much was when it came to Sascha and Irine, a sort of cat people, they have tails, fur and ear like a large cat, they walk up right and are intelligent Those two are bother and sister, twins, they are also lovers, they have an incestual relationship The argument might be made that they are cats, aliens with a different culture, well, that s all well and good but I have no interest [...]

  30. This book will catch the attention of nearly anyone who enjoys a good space saga centred around a ship and it s crew Especially when faced with challenges that put the characters out of their comfort zone and require growth If you enjoyed things like Firefly or Andromeda then I think you will really enjoy this one The third person narration was smoothly done and elaborated details nicely It didn t try to shovel tons of it at you all at once, or give you no clues at all The steady, but manageable [...]

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