Lie to Me

[PDF] Unlimited á Lie to Me : by Angela Verdenius, [PDF] Unlimited á Lie to Me : by Angela Verdenius, Lie to Me, Angela Verdenius, Lie to Me Ryder Montague and Dee Miller have been striking sparks off each other for years They ve blown hot and cold argued laughed and clashed Half the townsfolk wonder if they ll kill each other the other half if it will turn to romance No woman was ever going to pin bad boy Ryder down but something is happening something that will make him look at the curvy blonde with nRyder Montague an. [PDF] Unlimited á Lie to Me : by Angela Verdenius - Lie to Me, Lie to Me Ryder Montague and Dee Miller have been striking sparks off each other for years They ve blown hot and cold argued laughed and clashed Half the townsfolk wonder if they ll kill each other the othe

  • Title: Lie to Me
  • Author: Angela Verdenius
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited á Lie to Me : by Angela Verdenius

Lie to Me, [PDF] Unlimited á Lie to Me : by Angela Verdenius - Lie to Me, Lie to Me Ryder Montague and Dee Miller have been striking sparks off each other for years They ve blown hot and cold argued laughed and clashed Half the townsfolk wonder if they ll kill each other the othe

  • [PDF] Unlimited á Lie to Me : by Angela Verdenius
    361Angela Verdenius
Lie to Me

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  1. A member of both the Romance Writers of Australia the Australian Romance Readers Association, I live in Australia, where I am happily ruled by my cats When not procrastinating and sneaking peeks at books, or at work as a nurse, I can usually be found at my trusty computer procrastinating by playing on the internet I started writing sci fi romance some years ago before spreading my wings and writing contemporary romance But there s always room to spread my wings further So, apart from romance, I also wrote a short horror story Zombie Hospital I mean, get it I love zombies and I m a nurseI was influenced by night shift, I tell you I love supernatural horror films not slasherey make me queasy and cringe and I stand up and say proudly ZOMBIES RULE They are truly the coolest of the monsters.Reading has always been my escape, writing my dream Horror, crime, mystery, thrillers, humor, myths, legends, fantasy and history ,there are no limits to the wonders to be found And romance Well, that adds the spice, hope and happiness ever after

  2. ARghhDNFThis story was terrible And the writing was just bad.Ryder was just a sleazy std infected dirtbag.Dee was a pathetic loser who dribbled after this pathetic manwhore for years while he went about banging every female in sight instead of her.Dee is an embarrassment to ALL women You just keep chasing after the town slut and keep pining for him while he jumps into bed with every female in sight but you You dumb idiot Yes the pathetic little virgin who keeps herself pure because she only want [...]

  3. In the third Gully s Fall book, Ryder and Dee have been doing their version of the mating dance for years, but when another man starts to pay attention to Dee, Ryder starts to realize very slowly that what he s been searching for has been in front of him all along And then, romance.The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between Always enjoy visiting Gully s Fall Ms Verdenius has created a lovely little verse of characters in Gully s Fall She s painted a lovely picture of a quiet little town in Aust [...]

  4. I LOVED IT SO MUCH IT HURTS This book is the 4th installment of Gully s Fall series and I ve been waiting to read Ryder and Dee s stry even from book 1 If you love enemies best friends turn into lovers theme, then you re gonna enjoy the hell out of this book All I can say is, I love Ryder so bad Dee and Ryder always on each others head But when the rumor that Dee s finally got a date , Ryder is bothered by it It s not a secret that Ryder s a manwhore and he never really think about Dee that way, [...]

  5. 5 starsThis is Dee and Ryder s story and it was a fantastic addition to this series It definitely captured Dee and Ryder as we have known them in the first 2 books and I loved the fact that Dee was still snarky but we also got to see her softer side I also liked the part Jason played in this story and I wonder if he will get his own book So you will love this book if you have read the first 2 books in Gully s Fall because Angela Verdenius has stayed true to her characters as they first appeared [...]

  6. 4.5 stars rounded up I m a sucker for friends to lovers stories and this one reeled me in Full review It was such fun to read about Ryder and Dee.ey ve been friends since they wore nappies How cute is that My thoughts about this book are a little cluttered so I m going to just express them in a list I wish there were heart to heart conversations between Dee and Ryder It would have been nice to read angst from Dee considering she s been in love with Ryder for years and years Similar to book 2, [...]

  7. Ryder and Dee have a long and strange history of friendship.Dee has a sharp tongue, a huge heart and is fiercely protective of it, even against the one she loves.Ryder is a sweet and caring guy, but acts like a tom cat and never thinks twice about it He s completely clueless regarding Dee s feelings.Somehow everything changes when Ryder finally understands why Simon kept calling him a poor dumb bastard.The further the story progresses, the you see layers of the main caracters you could have nev [...]

  8. I enjoyed this book even though it has the Virgin and the Man ho trope, which I am tired of, made worse that she s a virgin because she s been pining over him for years The heroine was stubborn and sarcastic, and the hero was clueless, but they weren t unreasonable So much of the book and so many years before the book is about his man Ho ways and her pining for him, that I would have liked time spent on the hero s possessiveness and jealousy and need to fight for her That part felt pretty quick [...]

  9. Holly M of sweet books Looooooooveeeed this one sooo much I was pinning for Ryder s story since book 1 Hot, sweet interesting and did I mention hot Loved everything about this book, the plot, the characters, even the effing cats and I m not a cat person Dee and Ryder are perfect together and yes, I am totally aware that I m talking about them like they re real But I can t help it man, this book was that good Can t wait for Simon s story, I need it like yesterday, oh and also I am so totally inte [...]

  10. I eagerly awaited this book and was not disappointed I have enjoyed the Gully s Fall series immensely but the character I connected with most was always Dee so I couldn t wait for her story to be told It is rare for me to come across a character I so strongly identify with, flaws and all That s what I ve always appreciated about Angela Verdenius s work She portrays women who are real and complicated and flawed who you definitely have met in real life but who rarely are portrayed in fiction It is [...]

  11. SensationalI absolutely loved Lie to Me I loved Dee and Ryder s characters from the first Gully s Fall story, and was so glad when they got their own story The chemistry between the two characters is explosive Dee s prickly attitude and snarky comments are one of a kind, and combined with Ryder s egotism and player reputation, it is a recipe for hilarity I am looking forward to reading Simon s book.

  12. I have been awaiting Ryder and Dee s story, somewhat impatiently if do say so myself, and I was most assuredly not disappointed These two spark off each other like flint and steel and it is so enjoyable to watch them finally get their act together Thank you Angela I cannot wait for Simon s story and maybe a little something something for Jason who seems to be actually turning out to be an alright guy

  13. I LOVE RYDER AND DEE This is a definite favorite I soooooo enjoyed watching the buildup to their book and Dee s angst about her feelings and Ryder s reactions and basically I loved everything about this Also, view spoiler OMG is Jason Dawson gonna get a book Or show up I love tragic damaged redemption storylines hide spoiler Well, that one will be tough to follow up How much longer do I have to wait for another Angela Verdenius book

  14. Praise to the queen of BBW romance Loved the bickering but loved also the softer and serious side of the characters I m so looking forward to Simon s story I have a serious thing for young good looking guys with reading glasses I hope Jason s story will start a new series Please please keep em coming, Angie

  15. After rereading this book for the tenth time I decided it needed a review There is just something about a book that if it tares at my heart even for a few seconds, I fall in love My heart went to Dee than once here Sure I wanted to punch Ryder but in the end, he wasn t ever mean to her They just went at it all the time I loved this book As you can tell my my constant rereading of it.

  16. MUST READ I have wanting Ryder and Dee s story since the first book and the author is not disappoint I couldn t put this book down It has every emotion from family, love, and laughter You get a glimpse at the other couples and their lives I cried, laughed, and cheered for the couple It had everything I can t wait for the next book

  17. It was so fun to read the story of Dee and Ryder.The sparks flew through their friendship and relationship Dee has sharp tong and she s not afraid to tell it like it is, she sstubborn and sarcastic, but also has a huge heart.Ryder is a sweet, clueless guy whit a player reputation, the hot dumb arse.I loved this story

  18. I am a big fan of this author and while I loved the continuation of the characters I did feel it was wrapped up rather quickly Would have loved to see a slower progression once Ryder figured out he was a dumb arse

  19. This is my first book by this author I liked the writing style but the H was an idiot and a ho The h was a doormat when it came to him She has to live in a town where almost every single lady has slept with her man Yikes.

  20. Ryder and Dee have been best friends since childhood, but Dee has been in love with Ryder since high school Ryder on the other hand is oblivious, preferring to have every woman in town service his sexual needs He s a free loving man to the nth degree This of course hurts the virginal, yet extremely snarky Dee, who wants nothing than for Ryder to suddenly realize that Dee is his everything But she KNOWS that s not about to happen, so she keeps her walls up But friendly contact with a disreputabl [...]

  21. I ve been having an Angela Verdenius binge I absolutely love to fall into her sassy girl naughty boy stories To be honest, I have been putting off reading Lie to Me because I couldn t see any way for Ryder to successfully maneuver out of his man whoring ways without Dee getting hurt I should have trusted in AV, of course she pulled it offautifully, I might add.I m assuming that you ve read the blurb at least, so no recaps here straight to the good stuffRyder is a ho, or to paraphrase Dee the tow [...]

  22. I ve been waiting for this book since the series started, Ryder and Dee has been putting out all kinds of fireworks, the prickly, sarcastic humor and banter between them has been so entertaining through the series And this story didn t disappoint.The bad boy Ryder finally sees the light, and what has been in front of him his whole life, who knew he would have such a romantic side They are scorching hot, all fire and heat, combustible, and not just verballyLittle intrigue mixed into the story, wi [...]

  23. Love this series Dee and Ryder have been friends since childhood and one night he drunkenly kisses her and passes out She falls in love and he forgets about the act but throughout the years to come is haunted by an erotic dream with a mystery girl and a kiss They are part of a group of friends already introduced in earlier Gully s Fall novels and strke sparks off of each other at every opportunity Everyone except Ryder knows that they are in love with each other but he is an unrepentant man whor [...]

  24. Yay, so we finally got Dee and Ryder s story I expected angst man I wanted Ryder to work HARDER I mean, she was pining after him since nappies, he basically screwed every filly in the town, then all of a sudden he finally realize it was always Dee SMH I would have stop being his friend, torture him and make him sweat But I loved the banter and the humor Dee is such a pain in the ass with her smart mouth and Ryder was a dumb ass The bad guy was a let down I mean with Jaci, not that other random [...]

  25. Ryder and Dee have clashed and sparked with each other for years Dee has been in love with Ryder for years but he just doesn t see her, he was blind when it came to Dee Until that is a kiss that opened up his eyes for him And finally realized what was in front of him all along Now he isn t going to let her go.Angela Verdenius did it again She brought us readers another great book that makes you laugh, cry, want to yell, swoon, get hot n bothered and fall in love with the characters all over agai [...]

  26. Ryder and Dee, the couple everyone knew should be together, except for Ryder Spare me from a clueless man Although, good friends, Dee has been in love with him forever and he was too oblivious to see it He finally figures it out and decides to pursue it, even though, she does not want to get her heart broken His past stands in the way if their happiness.Funny, emotional and sexy Just wish that Ryder felt angst about discovering his actual feelings for Dee He needed to suffer a little

  27. Another great read from Angela Verdenius Her books just keep getting better and better Ryder and Dee s story This captures the Dee Ryder we have read about in the last 2 books Dee is still snarky, and still madly in love with Ryder Ryder is still the play boy But when Ryder finally start to realize what he is searching for is right in front of him the whole time, Dee The love scenes are hot and a really great story Keep them coming, Angela I just love your stories.

  28. Praise to the queen of BBW romance Loved the bickering but loved also the softer and serious side of the characters I m so looking forward to Simon s story I have a serious thing for young good looking guys with reading glasses I hope Jason s story will start a new series Please please keep em coming, Angie

  29. Finally I got to read about Dee and Ryder who were introduced in the first novel of the series and who kept getting interesting as we learn about them I was not disappointed in the slightest In fact I am mentally grieving that it ended A definite re read for me

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