One Night With The Billionaire

[PDF] One Night With The Billionaire | by ✓ Lauren Hawkeye, [PDF] One Night With The Billionaire | by ✓ Lauren Hawkeye, One Night With The Billionaire, Lauren Hawkeye, One Night With The Billionaire Certifiable genius Mari Hart has spent her life focusing on school and getting ahead Freshly out of school at age twenty with two doctorates in hand and no idea what to do next Mari decides to allow herself one night to be young something she s never done before She s smart and she s responsible what could go wrong But at Florida s hot kinky new nightclub she se. [PDF] One Night With The Billionaire | by ✓ Lauren Hawkeye - One Night With The Billionaire, One Night With The Billionaire Certifiable genius Mari Hart has spent her life focusing on school and getting ahead Freshly out of school at age twenty with two doctorates in hand and no idea what to do next Mari decides to allow

  • Title: One Night With The Billionaire
  • Author: Lauren Hawkeye
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] One Night With The Billionaire | by ✓ Lauren Hawkeye

One Night With The Billionaire, [PDF] One Night With The Billionaire | by ✓ Lauren Hawkeye - One Night With The Billionaire, One Night With The Billionaire Certifiable genius Mari Hart has spent her life focusing on school and getting ahead Freshly out of school at age twenty with two doctorates in hand and no idea what to do next Mari decides to allow

  • [PDF] One Night With The Billionaire | by ✓ Lauren Hawkeye
    360Lauren Hawkeye
One Night With The Billionaire

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  1. Lauren Hawkeye Lauren Jameson never imagined that she d wind up telling stories for a living though when she looks back, it s easy to see that she s the only one who is surprised Always the kid who read all the time , Lauren made up stories about her favorite characters once she d finished a book and once spent an entire year narrating her own life internally No, really But where she was just plain odd before publication, now she can at least claim to have an artistic temperament.Lauren lives in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada with her husband, toddler, pit bull and idiot cat, though they do not live in an igloo, nor do they drive a dogsled In her nonexistent spare time Lauren can be found knitting her husband claims that her snobby yarn collection is exorbitant , reading anything she can get her hands on, or sweating her way through spin class She loves to hear from her readers

  2. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewMari Hart is a 21 year old naive virgin who certifiable genius She is 21 years and already has two doctorates Accomplished academically, she has it all but she is lacking in a social life Mari doesn t have friends and doesn t know how to interact with the opposite sex Tired of being inexperienced, Mari decides for one night that she will let loose and have sun fun Well at least try to have fun and do what normal 21 years do When Mari attends [...]

  3. This book popped my billionaire mafia cherry and fuck, I liked it I don t know why I m surprised an alpha billionaire whose focus is on distancing himself from his mafia family meets a virgin genius who is too smart for her own good This set up is exactly my cup of tea that I have dumped lots of sugar into and I could give two fucks whether it s healthy or not Sorry not sorry, Mari.Mari s actually a genius Like a real, live, genius She also has probably the oddest background of any heroine I hav [...]

  4. Overall Stars 4 STARSAlpha MaleGeniusDoes innocence that profound still exist in this day and age Certifiable genius Mari Hart has spent her life focusing on school and getting ahead Freshly out of school at age twenty, with two doctorates in hand and no idea what to do next, Mari decides to allow herself one night to be young, something she s never done before She s smart, and she s responsible what could go wrong But at Florida s hot, kinky new nightclub she sees something that she shouldn t, [...]

  5. I so adored this book I read straight through in just over and hour, and I loved every page Lauren Hawkeye always delivers a good read, but this one was definitely among my favorites of hers I loved Alexi and Mari and the shenanigans they get themselves into.There is danger, romance, and some hilarious moments From the first page, I was laughing at some of the situations that Mari finds herself in The chemistry between Alexi and Mari is insane and it makes for quite a few great scenes One Night [...]

  6. Easy poolside reading Alexis and Mari meet under unusual circumstances She was running away from mafia after witnessing a double murder And they were hot on her trail Mari dove into the first car she saw and it was Alexi She is a genius level virgin and he a former mafia billionaire How did they, perfect strangers, become so attracted instantly and defy all odds to be together.

  7. Man, I would prefer detailed story or somewhat of character development.The ending was a bit wrapped too fast But all in it was good in my opinion.

  8. IntriguingThe story kept me involved Didn t want to but the book down I fell in love with the characters can t wait to read the next one

  9. I really enjoyed this Loved the main male character, Alexi, but the character of Mari drove me up a wall most of the time Yes, she is smart she keeps telling the reader and everyone else that but good lord, is she ever stupid at times She seriously has no idea about life outside of a book or a lab, and I just really wanted to throw something at her after awhile Still, I didn t hate her since I ve known people exactly like her My favorite characters in the book were actually the supporting ones o [...]

  10. HOT ALPHA BILLIONAIRE MAFIA BOOKWORM VIRGIN CRIME 5 STAR NOVEL BY LAUREN HAWKEYE Mari Hart is twenty one years old and a genius with two doctorates Mari s mother did not believe in devoting any of Mari s time for social events only time to become intelligent and physically fit, which left Mari now socially awkward with people and still a virgin Virgin Yes, I m twenty years old and never been touched And when I say never, I do mean never I ve never had sex, never been kissed, never held hands or [...]

  11. I received this as an ARC for my honest review I really did enjoy this story Lauren is a wonderful writer and the story line was wonderful However, the main character Mari drove me up the f ing wall I am going to do my best to not give anything away This story is about Mari She is a genius and at 21 has two doctorates and is very bland She has no friends and really no life outside of what she studies When she is trying to sleep but can t because of her neighbors having insanely loud sex, she goe [...]

  12. This is the 2nd book in A Virgin, A Billionaire and a Marriage series I recommend reading these in order, although it is not necessary to enjoy the book Mari and Alexi meet at a nightclub She is starting to realize being a genius is not enough to have a full life She flirts with his cousin and ends up a witness to a double murder.Alexi was there as a consultant to other billionaires who owned and were opening the nightclub He does not want his filthy cousin to touch or interfere with Mari s life [...]

  13. This was a super fast read, which is really nice sometimes when you want a quick pick me up, a moment of romance when you are crazy busy I enjoy category length novels a lot The story is sweet in come places, odd in a few places, a little suspenseful in others, and a little sexy I say littles for each because the story really only touches on each one.I really enjoyed the to main characters and their chemistry was cute and sexy They both had unique personalities and honestly, Mari is kind of a ho [...]

  14. One Night With The Billionaire is a fast moving novella filled with plenty of heat and suspense This is the second book I ve read by this author, and I ve enjoyed both of them Lauren Hawkeye creates interesting characters and weaves fascinating stories around them and boy does she know how to write a hot sex scene Mari Hart is super smart a real life genius but she is also na ve, has no street smarts, is socially awkward and at twenty one has never been kissed I must admit that I found her a bit [...]

  15. Usually I am not bothered by the install lust love It makes thing easier for me and the heroine This time though it did and I don t know why Maybe the problem is that the install love came too fast after the install lust The main characters don t spend a lot of time in the same room and yet they are in love with each other I believe the author should have dedicated ages with the two of them get to know each other I was invested in the John and Sylvia s story, which is very complicated I don t [...]

  16. Defiantly NEED MORE THAN one night Alexi HOT Loved the story of ALEXIOS Costi aka ALEXIOS KOSTOPOLOUS maffia family he bought his way out of this family years ago so he thought And Mari Hart 21 year old genius who goes to college at 15 and now has 2 doctorates She brilliant Test, socially, not so much She is the most na ve girl I think I have EVER READ ABOUT IN A BOOK yet, it worked in this one She moves into an apt next door to a couple who has an active sex life and makes her feel like she sho [...]

  17. Fantastic story with a Hot Alpha Billionaire and a 21 year old naive, genius, Virgin who come together through danger but stay together to protect her from the Greek Mafia Both of them have been isolated in their life and they see something in each other I enjoyed their growing connection and chemistry these two shared, and was rooting for them from almost the beginning It was fun to watch Mari come out of her shell, stop being naive and become stronger She had spunk, was feisty and was oh so sm [...]

  18. Mari is 21 and a socially awkward virgin in every sense She is a genius with two doctrines and one night she finally feels the confines of the life she has lived so far She decides to let lose and that one night everything changes for herShe goes out to a club and stands out immediately and catches the eyes of two men One sinister and another who is just trying to get out He know by looking at her she shouldn t belong and will an easy prey but he has his own problems The story line evolves from [...]

  19. Review5 Handguns When I received this book I had know idea what it was going to be about I figured it would be just another billionaire book where the billionaire meets a girl, feels and attraction, and has to win the girl over Okay so this book has this story line, truth be told we love this scenario and that is why we keep buying these books However this book is so exciting with the Greek mob twist, and how Alexi discovers how complex Mari s mind is.I so enjoyed reading this book There was a p [...]

  20. When I have read blurb I was like ok, woman will meet a man in a night club annnnd they will be together But why she will need to become his wife This question draw my attention so I decided to read it.First chapters give us info about Alexi and Mari I need to admit that when I read that part that Alexi was from mafia family I was eager to know about his life And when I have read what kind of girl Mari was I liked her so much She was simple girl who decided for one evening have fun Simple wish, [...]

  21. 3 StarsMari s a brainiac twenty one year old virgin Seriously, she s like the smartest person you ll ever meet With two doctorates, she finished highschool at 15, can hack better than Jonathan James, break through the latest security systems and just incase you re still unsure of her smarts, she continually spews out annoying factoids to keep you up to date She s also socially retarted Deciding to delve into the world of normal , she finds herself propositioned at a nightclub before witnessing s [...]

  22. Honestly I can t get enough of this authors books She s yet to disappoint me her books are always amazing and a breath of fresh air I never feel like I ve read it before and that is awesome I loved the elements of danger on so many levels in this story and the way they meet is well I think I was just as surprised as Alexi lol seriously this book rocked It had everything you could want It was also so hot and steamy that man my glasses fogged and I loved it Also goes to show you that not everyone [...]

  23. This was a really good quick and easy read and it is just what I needed I had just read a book that literally had my heart thrown into a blender and spit out so I was really in the mood for something that would grab my attention and not make me think too much This was perfect I really, really love Alexi and think he is such a yummy billionaire who takes a stand against his family and does everything he can to protect the very sweet and oh so innocent Mari who just so happens to see something she [...]

  24. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Mari Hart and Alexios Alexi Kosta come from two completely different worlds and do not realize that when they meet, they are each the answer to each others broken lives I don t want to give too much away as you can read the book and actually enjoy it, but my favorite part is the dismantling of the alarm system Made me laugh and I m not going to say why I personally live with a Mensan and it can drive you batty Read the story it has [...]

  25. Braniac Mari Hart is fresh out of college at age 20 with two doctorates and no idea what to do next She spent all her time studying so she s lacking in social skills She doesn t have friends and she hasn t had experience with men She finally decides she is due for a drastic change One night to be young and carefree But at a kinky down town night club and she sees something she shouldn t have Now even her superior intelligence can t protect her But mysterious billionaire Alexi Kosta can, if she s [...]

  26. Uh yeah Finally I m so glad I finally got to read this book I feel as if I ve waited over a year for it to be available on , who knows perhaps I did but I cannot tell you how loud I shrieked when I finally saw it in the recommended for you section Needless to say I enjoyed this book Oh my god did I enjoy this book just like I enjoyed the one previously I will definitely be looking forward to the next book from this awesome offer I loved Mari and Alexi s story Although I m not gonna lie I was ann [...]

  27. Book One Night with the BillionaireAuthor Lauren Hawkeye Reviewer Virginia Lee I RECEIVED THIS BOOK IN RETURN FOR MY HONEST OPINION Mari is a girl that has a high IQ and has hard time with things in life Alexi has money than he could ever spend What will happen with a Greek Mob son meets Mari Things get very interesting with their relationship and why they keep fighting their attraction to each other This book was written in a complex way that you get understanding from both characters views Yo [...]

  28. I was given this book for a honest review by A Kiss Down Under book blogI think the story of this book was awesome, Lauren Hawkeye did a fabulous job introducing developing her characters showing us just how they come into light in this book I just felt like the story itself was written nicely but it was a bit rushed for me I understand that it was a short story and you only have so many words but Mari and Alexi were only together for such a short time but yet they fell deeply in love, I would h [...]

  29. Alexi wasn t hard to fall in love with, and his thoughts on his woman were entertaining, I won t have coitus with you I ve come across a lot of things over the years I m pretty hard to shock And yet when Mari busted out with this sentence, I had absolutely no reply Mari knows how to stop her man in his tracks, she also knows how to make him speechless, my mind stutters for a moment I ve never been inside a woman raw Never dreamed that one day I might be I can t say no I want to be connected with [...]

  30. This was a good quick read They did fall for each other quite quick but some people do so who am I to judge She is a literal genius who has never gotten out to enjoy life and to learn who she is and the night that she does all hell literally breaks loose Alexi is there for his friends see her and wants her but doesn t approach What happens when she comes crashing into his car with people chasing her with guns Will he help her Will they be able to work out all the problems I really don t want to [...]

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