Chaps and Chance

¼ Chaps and Chance ¾ Jessie Evans, ¼ Chaps and Chance ¾ Jessie Evans, Chaps and Chance, Jessie Evans, Chaps and Chance A steamy suspenseful romance from NY Times bestselling author Jessie Evans How far will they go for a second chance Years ago Layla Parker s romantic dreams came true She married her high school sweetheart and settled into a house on his family s ranch to live happily ever after But sometimes dreams turn into nightmares and when Layla s husband became abusive sheA steamy suspe. ¼ Chaps and Chance ¾ Jessie Evans - Chaps and Chance, Chaps and Chance A steamy suspenseful romance from NY Times bestselling author Jessie Evans How far will they go for a second chance Years ago Layla Parker s romantic dreams came true She married her high school swe

  • Title: Chaps and Chance
  • Author: Jessie Evans
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition

¼ Chaps and Chance ¾ Jessie Evans

Chaps and Chance, ¼ Chaps and Chance ¾ Jessie Evans - Chaps and Chance, Chaps and Chance A steamy suspenseful romance from NY Times bestselling author Jessie Evans How far will they go for a second chance Years ago Layla Parker s romantic dreams came true She married her high school swe

  • ¼ Chaps and Chance ¾ Jessie Evans
    325Jessie Evans
Chaps and Chance

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  1. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessie Evans, gave up a career as an international woman of mystery to write the sexy, contemporary romances she loves to read.She s married to the man of her dreams, and together they re raising a few adorable, mischievous children in a cottage in the jungle She grew up in rural Arkansas, spending summers running wild, being chewed by chiggers, and now appreciates her home in a chigger free part of the world even .When she s not writing, Jessie enjoys playing her dulcimer badly , sewing the worlds ugliest quilts to give to her friends, going for bike rides with her house full of boys, and drifting in and out on the waves, feeling thankful for sun, surf, and lovely people to share them with.Learn at jessieevansauthor.

  2. I have read the whole Lonesome Point TX Series and love each one They all have a unique love story and the characters are not perfectCole never forgot the girl he grew up with and then fell for as a teenager He missed his chance to ask her out back then and he was not about to miss it againLayla was back in town and now that she was not taken, he wanted her to give him a chance He never forgot her after all the years apart, he might of had a girlfriend or two but nothing came close to what he fe [...]

  3. Chaps and Chance is another amazing addition to Jessie Evans Lonesome Point Texas series With each new novel, Ms Evans surpasses the last this time packing the story with romance, suspense and even some sad and sorrowful moments that left my heart saddened and tears in my eyes Layla and Cole have been friends for years both secretly attracted to one another but never confessing their feelings to the other When Layla ends up married and leaving town, Cole is left playing the field though never fi [...]

  4. My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review OMG I seriously can t get enough of this series, and it seems to go from strength to strength Each character takes a piece of your heart, making you care about them, laugh with them and share in their pain.Cole is Bubba s brother and you honestly cannot help but fall in love with the man When he see s that the girl he has always loved is now available, he takes his chance, but also shows her how a real man acts toward [...]

  5. Jessie Evans has this way of making words flow from the page and into your heart They just taste good Delicious and heartwarming Chaps and Chance is the newest addition to the Lonesome Point, TX series and hot damn is it great Cole is Bubba s brother and Layla is the girl he always has a crush on We ve met them before and I m so happy that they got their story There was always something about Cole that was intriguing Now I know what it was He s hot, sexy, silly, dirty and did I say hot He still [...]

  6. We met Layla in Reece and Grayson s book She is a woman that is trying to get away from a very abusive husband Layla no longer has dreams of peace or happiness, alone or with someone else She has basically given up and is a shell of the person everyone knew her to be ten years ago We learn about what happened in her marriage and the things that she had to do to finally get away from Wayne He has been laying low for the last couple of months and she has gotten complacent about her safety, but sh [...]

  7. I just LOVE Jessie Evans books They come out and I just have to read them They always seem to have the perfect combination of sweet and sassy, sexy and fun and Chaps and Chance had those as well as some suspense I have to say, I loved Cole Lawson, he is a great character We have had bits and pieces of Cole prior to this book, but in getting the full Cole experience I can only say I love him He is sweet and ridiculously sexy, he is an awesome uncle and brother, he stands up for what he believes i [...]

  8. Only Jessie can do this to me and keep me coming back for I laughed, I ugly cried, and I was literally yelling at my Kindle, nearly threw it too before I remembered that I wasn t reading a paperback LOLis book is a must read.I do have to admit that Layla was NOT my favorite character when she was introduced in Glitter and Grit In fact I down right didn t like her But as her character is fleshed out in Chaps and Chance I found myself cheering for her and the woman that she had become And Cole, W [...]

  9. Jessie Evans has an amazing ability to pack a wide variety of emotion in a very well written book Each new book of hers I read is better than the last Cole and Layla s story is packed with serious, funny, ugly tears, fear and love This one you will not be able to put down.Lonesome Point, Texas sounds like an amazing place to be Looking forward to the next book in the series and my happy reader self can name several characters I d like to see get a happily ever after.

  10. Jessie Evans has outdone herself with Chaps and Chance Ms Evans tackles a subject so throughly, carefully, and honestly that it will pull at every emotion you can imagine Layla and Cole will capture your heart and most of all, Layla s strength will give you chills Well done Love love loved this book

  11. Love Layla and Cole Layla was physically abused by her husband and fled back home to Lonesome Point Cole was one of her best friend s before she started dating and then married Wayne This book has so much, love, abuse, deception and so much it was a very emotional read but so worth every tear Loved Chaps Chance.

  12. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.Loved loved loved Layla and Cole are super likable and I was really glad to read their story Great romance and fantastic story The Lonesome Point books are all fabulous reads Highly recommending every book by Jessie Evans

  13. I adore this series and this is one of the best so far This story will have you turning page after page, never able to put it down The emotions that jump from the pages are a real roller coaster and will leaving you gasping, laughing, and crying at times It s a great story of a woman finding her inner strength and trying to live life on her terms Reconnecting with a lost love is the one thing that really shows her how life should be lived I highly recommend this one

  14. I m not sure how Jessie manages to make these Lonesome Point TX books better and better, but I m sure glad she does Chaps and Chance sure didn t disappoint in any respect and matter of fact it exceeded my expectations on many levels Cole and Layla were so good together and I love a second chance romance, so I was hoping that they were gonna be as good as they were Cole Lawson was a surprise because when we met him first in Saddles and Sin, well if you ve read it you remember that he wasn t overl [...]

  15. Wow, Jessie Evans just Wow I loved Cole from the minute I was introduced to him in Glitter and Grit and was so excited to read about him in Chaps and Chance Cole is one of the lovely Lawson men, brothers with Bubba from Saddles and Sin Cole is the man you want on your side Not only is he HOT, SEXY, SWEET and LOYAL, but also a man to not mess with He protects his family and friends, especially the woman that he LOVES Layla Parker is the woman that Cole just couldn t forget Yea, he may have the p [...]

  16. Another great addition to the Lonesome Point series And OMG this one was by far the most suspenseful with lots of heat Cole is one sexy cowboy who we ve already met before, but we get to see all the sexy sides to him this time around Layla is trying to recover from an abusive marriage and has known Cole since they were kids It s great that they find their way back to each other This one had suspense, heartbreak, steam and sizzle Can t wait for the continuation of this series.Each book can be rea [...]

  17. I don t know where to start there is so much that I loved about this book I ll start with Cole, where can myself one of those The man can cook and he has a great sense of humor then throw in how fiercely he loves, man oh man The chemistry between him and Kayla whew hot Layla, what she has endured and still is makes you feel for her and you want her to get that HEA.This book pulls everything out of you, laughs, tears, and sighs The build up at the climax of the book holy cow keeps you on the edge [...]

  18. Another winner from Jessie Evans filled with great characters and strong storylines as we ve come to expect with each new Lonesome Point story Will be sad to see this series end.

  19. This is a second time around read for me I love Lonesome Point, with all it quirky , family, friends and mess that you can get in to in Lonesome Point Oh and I forgot to mention the hot cowboys and the women that ride em and rope em.

  20. This book, just like all the other Lonesome Point books, keep you on your toes from beginning to end You can t help but love Cole and root for Layla It s clear that they are both pushing against their feelings for one another and you find yourself wishing they could start from scratch, or jump in a time machine and zoom back to the day Cole comforted Layla You ll be depressed just thinking about all the hurt and destruction Layla could have saved herself if she would have looked up into Cole s d [...]

  21. Please note This story deals with domestic abuse, and is addressed somewhat in this review Please take this into consideration before reading further and or purchasing this book This story opens up to heartache, tragedy and sadness I was blindsided by the depth of emotion in it and the power it had over me I cried and I couldn t stop It might ve been minutes, maybe an hour I don t know But the pull was so strong and left me drained.There is, I think, nothing worse than feeling helpless and hopel [...]

  22. I swear, every time I revisit Lonesome Point, Texas, I fall irrevocably in love with Jessie Evans latest cowboy Case and point, my new book boyfriend, and current favorite Texas cowboy, Cole Lawson.For years, Cole s been wishing for the one that got away, Layla Parkerw Layla Wheeler Seeing her again for the first time since her return to Lonesome Point, and her separation from her abusive husband, just confirms what he s suspected all this time There s no getting over her.But when her past comes [...]

  23. Chaps and Chance Lonesome Point Texas 5 By Jessie Evans4 5 starsAfter Cole Lawson was held captive by Grayson Layla Parker s dad, Neil, and not being sure if he would make it out alive, he decided that he needs to take the bull by the horns and live life to its fullest He s not willing to let any second chance at life pass him by So when he hears that Layla Parker is getting divorced from her husband Wayne Wheeler, he knows that he can t let the chance go when he s pined for her since they were [...]

  24. My favorite thing about the Lonesome Point Texas series, and Jessie Evan s writing period, is that she doesn t dwell on a backstory for her characters She s doesn t spend chapter after chapter telling how each character got to the point they are currently but somehow she still manages to keep readers up to speed Which is probably helpful to those who might read this series out of order She also is great at speeding up the rate at which the hero and heroine fall in love without making it seem lik [...]

  25. Jessie s Lonesome Point, TX, series just keeps getting better and better I know, I say it after each book, but it is absolutely true When each new installment in the series releases, I know that it s going to have me riveted from the first page, unwilling to do anything but read, and Chaps and Chance delivers in the most wonderful way.Once I met Cole Lawson, there was no way that I was willing or able to do anything but fly through this book as fast as I could All of the Lawson brothers are yumm [...]

  26. Another Opportunity Cole Lawson always had strong feelings for his best friend Layla Parker but never did anything about it until she came back to Lonesome Point after her dream marriage with her high school sweetheart turned into a nightmare.Layla Parker left her abusive husband and head back to her childhood home with her brother Grayson and his wife Reece.Layla closed her heart off to happiness that is until Cole Lawson busted back into her life offering her what she had always dreamed ofUNCO [...]

  27. Oh wow I have no words for Chaps and Chance and no I don t mean that in a bad way I mean that in the best possible way I have to say this was the first full length book in this series I got to review Well except for a novella But it was nice to be able to review a full length novel in the Lonesome Point series Where oh where should I start Well let s go ahead and start with Layla Sweet, sweet Layla I really don t even know where to start with Layla Not because I didn t like Layla, because I did [...]

  28. It s no secret that I adore the Lonsome Point series Each and every character is real, down to earth and addictive Every time I read a new book in the series I think, Well, this is it This is my favorite in the series way it could get better than this but then it does With every well developed character, every beautifully written sceneevery event that is so gut wrenchingly realisticI fall in live with Jessie Evans writing Her style is just so perfect I can honestly say that I don t think I will [...]

  29. Chaps and Chance was another exceptional addition to the Lonesome Point series All of these books have heart and fantastic characters, all of which have flaws, which make the stories that much impactful.Cole Lawson and Layla Parker have known each other for years and both have harbored romantic feelings for the others for as long as they can remember, but their lives took them in different directions Cole didn t have the guts to ask her out all of those years ago and because he didn t, she woun [...]

  30. This is the second book that I have read by this author and I can say I might have actually enjoyed this one just a TAD than I did Leather and Lace That being said though, HOLY CRAP The INSTANT chemistry between Layla and Cole was awesome You could tell they both wished they could go back and change what happened in the past, but that s just not possible This is only the second book of Jessie Evans that I have read, and I can say it will not be the last Both books that I have read are in the Lo [...]

  31. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The fifth book in the lonesome point, Texas series Layla has returned to her brothers house after escaping from her abusive husband Wayne Cole Larson has had a crush on Layla since he was a teenager but before he could say anything she started dating Wayne and then married him He always wondered what would have happened if he had said something first Now he gets his second chance When Wayne doesn t want to let Layla go, Cole steps u [...]

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