[PDF] Masquerade | by ✓ J.S. Cooper, [PDF] Masquerade | by ✓ J.S. Cooper, Masquerade, J.S. Cooper, Masquerade We first met Bianca and Jakob in Illusion stranded on a desert island and thrown into one another s arms But each of them has dark secrets yet to be uncovered In this new e novella tied to the Swept Away series New York Times bestselling author J S Cooper reveals even surprises about the dangerous Bradley family Jakob knows Bianca s appearance at the Bradley IncWe first met Bianca an. [PDF] Masquerade | by ✓ J.S. Cooper - Masquerade, Masquerade We first met Bianca and Jakob in Illusion stranded on a desert island and thrown into one another s arms But each of them has dark secrets yet to be uncovered In this new e novella tied to the Swept

  • Title: Masquerade
  • Author: J.S. Cooper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Masquerade | by ✓ J.S. Cooper

Masquerade, [PDF] Masquerade | by ✓ J.S. Cooper - Masquerade, Masquerade We first met Bianca and Jakob in Illusion stranded on a desert island and thrown into one another s arms But each of them has dark secrets yet to be uncovered In this new e novella tied to the Swept

  • [PDF] Masquerade | by ✓ J.S. Cooper
    233J.S. Cooper

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  1. J.S. Cooper Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Masquerade book, this is one of the most wanted J.S. Cooper author readers around the world.

  2. Another Layer Peeled BackLittle by little, this confusing, and yet captivating, story is coming together This short novella, told from Jakob s POV, focuses on the months leading up to the kidnapping It quickly becomes apparent that Jakob knows far about Bianca and frankly, most everything, than what he s said I m still in shock, honestly I really liked Jakob, despite his many omissions and half truths I never thought that he was this duplicitous He was so much involved in the foul play that ha [...]

  3. I m so torn on how to rate this one On one hand, I m even intrigued to see where this story is going to go At this point, I don t know if I ll be happy with any resolution because I dislike most of the characters so much In this novella, we get Jakob s point of view up to the time of the abduction Jakob is like the king of manwhores and I wasn t crazy about reading all the details of his sordid sexcapades That being said, I can t wait to read the final book in this series to see how all the pie [...]

  4. I m as intrigued as ever in this story Before tackling this one, I d read Charade, Illusion, and Disillusioned all though NetGalley I still anxiously await the series conclusion, Resolution.Masquerade is markedly different because it is narrated by Jakob, while the others have all been narrated by Bianca from what I can remember Much of this novella focused on Jakob s relationship with his mom, thereby providing context for his relationship with David, his preconceived notions of Bianca, and his [...]

  5. 4 stars About the book Release Date June 8, 2015We first met Bianca and Jakob in Illusion, stranded on a desert island and thrown into one another s arms But each of them has dark secrets yet to be uncovered In this new e novella tied to the Swept Away series, New York Times bestselling author J.S Cooper reveals even surprises about the dangerous Bradley family Jakob knows Bianca s appearance at the Bradley, Inc stockholders meeting was no accident He knows her family ruined his mother s life A [...]

  6. 5the islandStars SO its no secret that I love the Swept away series I have gotten incredibly luck and received books 1, 1.5, 2 and now 2.5 via ARC Its also a fact that 1.5 was one of my least loved books from all of JS Coopers booksSo why did I enjoy this tiny little novellete JAKOB BRADLEY We all wanted to know his thoughts We are all still asking ourselves is he a friend A foe Evil WHAT IS HEEEEEE There are so many different angles in this series that either book 3 the projected end of the ser [...]

  7. 3.5 starsThis is a very quick read can be read in under an hour , but despite its short length, I felt like it was an important piece of the puzzle in this whole series.In this novella, we finally get Jakob s POV, both in the past and the present, leading up to the kidnapping From the past, we get his interactions with his Mom and how her comments set him on a path for revenge What surprised me was how many people he wanted to take down Has he been misinformed along the way I think so, but we ll [...]

  8. Masquerade is the perfect novella to allow us to see Jakob s point of view and why he got involved with Bianca I have slowly come to love this series, and was excited to get my hands on this book to see if we got to know any of Jakob s secrets, and we got to know some, and I m hoping in Resolution we get to the bottom of them all.This novella is told solely in Jakob s point of view, and we get to see the dynamic of him with Daniel, Larry, and Steve before the time on the island We also get some [...]

  9. And the plot thickens Once again we meet Jakob Bradley and Bianca London, this time getting the background from Jakob s perspective When his little brother David expresses concern about a woman sniffing around the family company, begging him to help figure out her angle, Jakob sees it as the perfect opportunity to further his own agenda He simply wants to plot his revenge against Bianca for the sins of their parents Jakob s deep adoration for his mother affects every aspect of his life, and he l [...]

  10. 5 Keeping my interest StarsThis is book 2.5 in Cooper s Swept Away series, and I have to say, this book is just another piece of brilliance I really loved the first book, with the mystery and chemistry Book two had me frustrated as there were questions and less answers In between these, and now in between book 2 and 3 are short novellas which I find to be brilliant Do I think they are brilliant because of the writing, no Though don t get me wrong, the writing is very good I find them brilliant [...]

  11. Thanks to JS Cooper, Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, and NetGalley for the chance to read an ARC of Masquerade for an honest review Masquerade by JS Cooper was a quick but intriguing read I loved getting to know about Jakob and his motivations He seems cold at times and definitely has family issues For some reason, the flashbacks with his mom and just how it read for me, especially the mom s guidance about love and her wanting revenge on the people who wronged her and Jakob s need to get that [...]

  12. Absolutely Amazing this author never fails to amaze me with her creativity This is the second prequel novella in J.S Cooper s Swept Away Series and focuses primarily on Bianca and Jakob All throughout the series we are being drawn in to figure out the truth about Bianca s mothers death and the connection her father has to Bradley Inc.Told from Jakob s POV, in Masquerade we finally try to uncover who Bianca London really is and what she is all about Bianca s family is somehow connected to the dea [...]

  13. This novella is short but insightful It does its purpose, shed light into Jakob s mind and life Since the story is told through his point of view it is easy to be inside his head and understand why he is the way he is I liked the read and feel it is a good addition to the series It is always nice to see things from his point of view My rating stands at an easy 4 stars.

  14. Jakob s POV and certain unanswered questions from prior books in series are answered We discover Jakob s upbringing and his real intentions for Bianka s You want to despise and love him all at the same time I m for team Jakob ARC provided from the publisher for a review Pre ordered on.

  15. Masquerade is a wonderfully intimate and highly charged view of Jakob s perspective from his part in the delightfully complex mystery that surrounds Bianca London and the people of Bradley, Inc There is never a dull moment in the action, and we find that the twists and turns are always in a state of constant flux Not even Jakob is able to keep up with all of the players and their shifting roles This causes the danger levels to increase exponentially and his list of trusted individuals to dwindle [...]

  16. Masquerade is the second prequel novella in the Swept Away series This novella is from Jakob Bradley s POV In the previous books and novella in this series, most of the ongoing story is from Bianca s POV or perceptions This novella sheds some light on Jakob s motivations and how he got from point A to point B.Jakob has the need to uncover the secrecy of who and what Bianca London is He needs to know her ties to his family and the family s corporation He is convinced that Bianca s family is tied [...]

  17. Copy provided by publisher via Netgalley I read Charade, Illusion, and Disillusioned all through NetGalley, before reading this one And I am waiting on the much anticipated conclusion book Resolution of the whole Swept Away series Masquerade is a short novella about Jakob s life written in his POV In this book we see how life was with Jakob when he was young to present This story focuses a lot on his relationship with loving mother, who took care of him with so much love while trying to prep him [...]

  18. This addition to the Swept Away series is Jakob s side of the beginning of the story.If you have read Charade, Illusion and Disillusion, you will love this glimpse into how this story starts from Jakob s point of view But it is just that, a glimpse and will leave you wanting the last book in the series even This is not a stand alone book and should be read after reading all the other books in the series for it to make the most sense.My thoughts POV all from JakobQuick hook or slow starter 5 I w [...]

  19. So, after a bit of research, I read this novella in the Swept Away series before any of the other books, since it s a prequel of sorts It was intriguing and piqued my interest to carry on and start reading Illusion I know that I ve given myself some plot spoilers but I m not overly concerned.This is a well written novella from Jakob s POV and gives us insight into his psychology and what makes him tick It shows us his first meeting with Bianca and takes us right up to the point where Illusion st [...]

  20. I will try to avoid spoilers.Masquerade by J.S CooperJakob has the finer things in life but unlike his half brother David he has worked hard to get where he is.Now that he is successful his brother acknowledges him in his world They were never close and have never bonded.Little does he know Jakob is the one keeping David, his poor businesses and their family business Bradley Inc afloat.When Bianca, the daughter of a former employee of Bradley Inc starts sniffing around and wanting answers The ke [...]

  21. ARC Received from NetGalley for honest review.I was so excited to finally have a look into the enigma that is Jacob I literally sat down with no plans of putting down my kindle until this one was finished and that was exactly what I did This was a great short read that gave you just a sneak peak into the world of Jacob with a solid understanding of why his drive to seek out Bianca started This book will patch together all those tiny missing pieces that had you scratching your head and wondering [...]

  22. This short little novella gives the reader so much backstory for Illusion and Disillusioned It s fabulous because we get into the mind of Jakob The book only reveals tiny little bits of the mystery being unraveled, especially since it covers the time right before the kidnapping However, what we really get is a deeper understanding of Jakob, through childhood memories and the events leading up to the start of Illusion What I found most interesting is that it really shows the bastard that he is an [...]

  23. I cheated and read this book, 2.5 before reading 2 after I learned it s from Jakob s point of view and gives you insight into the events leading up to Bianca s kidnapping This really made me excited to now start book 2 I ended 1.5 kind of liking David thinking he was a bumbling idiot, but he s a lot complex after all Everyone continues to be suspicious of everyone else even on Jakob s side of this plan Rosie totally put that one together The first 2 books were a little lackluster and all over t [...]

  24. Received an ARC for an honest review Still IntriquedIt never ceases to amaze me the depths that JS Cooper puts into her books She can successfully write full lengths novels and companion novellas that are so woven together you get than a complete story You get alot of extras and back stories and mysteries concerning the families of Jakob and Bianca If you read Illusion and Disillusioned, you will want to read this novella In Masquerade, we get back story on Jakob and what has happened up to t [...]

  25. I received this book from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books through NetGalley for an honest review After reading the first 3 books, there s no way you don t come away with questions regarding these folks outside of Bianca I liked getting inside Jakob s head and getting his take on some things The way things were actually set up from the book 1 and the relationships he had Of course this also made me weary of him since you get what his intentions were and the things he did to get what he wanted.Th [...]

  26. Wow, mindfuckery much Masquerade had me questioning everything I thought I knew about Jakob and Bianca J.S Cooper has taken me on a journey that I am not ready to give up And I really am going to go crazy waiting for the next installment Connect with GSBBWebsite Facebook

  27. We got the answers that we needed from Jakobs point of view, now we know why Jakob was a part of the kidnapping in the first place I think that Jakob is going to have feelings for Bianca, at least I hope so Bianca has already had such a hard life, maybe it s time something goes her way, that she doesn t get hurt any J.S I really like how you told the story from Jakob s p.o.v it told us do much about him, and what it was like for him growing up As always, J.S Cooper has done it again, I can t wai [...]

  28. Okay, this was a good tease I haven t read the previous books, but I want to now I already have a love hate relationship with Jakob, hate at this point, but I have hopes for him He has a lot of issues He has mother issues, and issues of feeling inferior, so now he has to prove himself, and I hate guys who have sex with tons of women, so there s another negative on his list I m definitely intrigued though, and the previous books are definitely on my to be read pile

  29. After reading Disillusioned, Masquerade is a glimpse into the twisted and somewhat creepy mind of Jakob Bradley A prequel novella, it relays the inner workings of Bradley Inc s key players, leading up to Jakob and Bianca s supposed abductions But there is someone unknown even to him that is really orchestrating the events that are about to occur and he is not only putting Bianca but himself in danger too.Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

  30. A Prequel Novella to Illusion, the Swept Away series from the perspective of Jakob Bradley I enjoyed how you get to see into Jakob and find out reasons to why he does the things he does in Illusion You also find out his attraction to Bianca started long before they were on the island You also get to see into characters of David and Larry This series just keeps on giving and I am totally loving it

  31. Masquerade So cannot wait for the last book to come out, it was so good to read Jacob s view of things, although I think it could be a bit biased on his mom s part, since she had ill feelings towards Bianca s mom Only time will tell, cannot wait to see what Jacob and David, and Bianca are doing in the next book, will be a very interesting read, suspense, mystery, romance, never dull.

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