The Knight of Redmond

The Knight of Redmond Best Download || [Jennifer K. Clark], The Knight of Redmond Best Download || [Jennifer K. Clark], The Knight of Redmond, Jennifer K. Clark, The Knight of Redmond Lily is desperate to experience the world beyond her small village A summer trip through the kingdom in the company of her uncle promises just the sort of escape she yearns for until scarcely a day into their journey the threat of battle on the road ahead ends her exploration before it s even begun But the path home proves perilous than she could have imagined AfLily is des. The Knight of Redmond Best Download || [Jennifer K. Clark] - The Knight of Redmond, The Knight of Redmond Lily is desperate to experience the world beyond her small village A summer trip through the kingdom in the company of her uncle promises just the sort of escape she yearns for until scarcely a day i

  • Title: The Knight of Redmond
  • Author: Jennifer K. Clark
  • ISBN: 9781621080725
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback

The Knight of Redmond Best Download || [Jennifer K. Clark]

The Knight of Redmond, The Knight of Redmond Best Download || [Jennifer K. Clark] - The Knight of Redmond, The Knight of Redmond Lily is desperate to experience the world beyond her small village A summer trip through the kingdom in the company of her uncle promises just the sort of escape she yearns for until scarcely a day i

  • The Knight of Redmond Best Download || [Jennifer K. Clark]
    245Jennifer K. Clark
The Knight of Redmond

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  1. Jennifer K. Clark Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Knight of Redmond book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer K. Clark author readers around the world.

  2. 3.5 stars First off I must say I love the cover of this book The Knight of Redmond was an enjoyable read though not nearly as romantic as I was expecting For the most part I really liked the main characters Wren was perfect for a knight I like that Lily was flawed and not perfectly beautiful Before I get into my criticisms about the book, I do want to reiterate that I really liked it and enjoyed reading it despite the few things that bothered me My biggest problem with the story was the characte [...]

  3. 3.5 StarsIt started out a little slow for me I understand that Lily had a lot of reasons to be negative, but she seemed to really dwell on those things and for me, it bogged the story down for the first little bit About 1 4 of the way through, things started to pick up , although Lily was still pretty negative It s crazy because she had an awful family who should she trust even her own parents had their lies I guess in spite of all these feelings, I wanted emotion from her Not drama queen emoti [...]

  4. I couldn t stop reading it last night, much to detriment this morning It was full of adventure and romance There are some battle scenes in this book, but they weren t graphic or overly violent I hope this author keeps writing

  5. This was a fun adventurous book Lily was strong willed even with her mark I love the way it was written that at first the face mark wad bigger than life and then through finding love and herself the mark seemed to disappear It was a great example of a show not tell descriptive book I will admit even with some fun twists and turns it was fairly predictable I think it added to the charm of the book I liked it.

  6. Wow really impressed I didn t like the first book by this author and her sister It was a mess but this one was wayy good I loved it It took awhile to get going but the character development was great and I fell in love with both the leading lady and her man The story line was great and flowed well and there were tons of little unexpected surprises The characters do believe in God but rarely talk about it and it is silent prayers when faced with tough situations They are all so morally good and [...]

  7. I love the cover for The Knight of Redmond and have enjoyed the medieval romances that I ve read, so I was excited to read this book.The Knight of Redmond has quite a bit of action with a good romance It also has some great characters I especially liked how Lily was so observant This character trait reminded me a bit of Sherlock Holmes, and made figuring out what was going on intriguing.This clever story was pretty engaging early on with its inclusion of witches , knights, superstition, secret [...]

  8. 3.5 stars I liked this, but it wasn t what I was expecting after seeing the cover I LOVE the cover, but the story, while well written, just didn t grab me as much Probably because I was in the middle of the series, but the story felt like a romance version of the Ranger s Apprentice series A fun read, but not as good as her Mark of Royalty I re read this to see if I liked it better the second time and I am pleasantly surprised to say this time through was better Isn t it funny how your mood is r [...]

  9. I had a hard time at first liking the main character, but she got better and became a sympathetic character as the book progressed It s the first medieval romance I ve read in a long time and I enjoyed it Clark did her research well and has a very engaging writing style.

  10. I was disappointed in this book The story was roughly what I was expecting, but there wasn t much to hold me in and keep me reading The only reason I pushed through it was that I chose it for my book club and wanted to finish it Lily had a hard life but man is she dumb Seriously though how many dangerous mistakes did she make just by not thinking things through first Wren wasn t as dashing as he ought to have been and the chemistry was weird between them It just wasn t what I was itching for So [...]

  11. I think I would have enjoyed this book if I had read it rather than listen to it The reader made Lilly an extremely whiny creature that I wanted to stab in the throat But the end carried the book pretty well.

  12. Good read, although it got a little too wordy for me in some parts in the description of the areas of the kingdom For those that like alot of detailed descriptions with won t be a problem I liked how there was the mystery behind why Lily and her mother were labeled witches and cast out by their royal relations They mystery unfolds and truths set lily free from prejudices that she has been taught due to her upbringing She learns to trust her heart and instinct to lead her in knowing what to do an [...]

  13. Lily Tidwell and her mother are believed to be witches Ostracized by her family and friends, Lily hides behind her cloak hoping to go unnoticed At the same time, she wishes desperately for a chance to break into society where she feels she belongs After all, she was born with noble blood Her birth mark does nothing to help her however Sir Wren Berdain is struggling to rebuild his family s name after his father was put to death for treason Wren is from Redmond, Lily is from Burbank Both regions a [...]

  14. KNIGHT OF REDMOND by Jennifer K ClarkQuite delightful 4 stars for adults, but 5 for young ladies.All English medieval or renaissance, a young girl s beauty is marred by a spreading birthmark on her left forehead and cheek which the locals agree is the mark of a witch Born of the nobility in Burbank, teenaged Lily has been rejected for her birthmark, while her mother is rejected for having married a man of Redmond, an enemy fiefdom He is deceased and shamed for an unknown reason The two women liv [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this book This is a local author I read her first book and it was not very polished but I really thought she had potential, and this book proved that I hate to compare it to her last book, but the writing in this book was much better The characters were realistic and easy to relate to They developed very well.The thing I loved about this book was that the main character Lily had a talent for observation I thought that was really well done I ve always wanted to have the talent of [...]

  16. This was my second time reading this novel and it was a little slow going for me but I was also on vacation It was a great book though and I was wanting to find time for reading but too much to fit into my schedule for reading time too Lily is a young girl who has been hurt by everyone around her except her mother and uncle She doesn t trust easily and is very anxious for a summer trip to visit an aunt who has invited her for the season Lily s trip is ruined by a war She is seen with her uncle b [...]

  17. Lily is the daughter of the local witch and faces persecution and desires to fit in She hides in a green cloak to hide a birthmark on her face the mark of a witch and to protect herself from those around her Wren is a knight who is fighting to reclaim the honor of his family and who is the first person who sees Lily as she really is without prejudice In the beginning, I believed Lily to be a strong female character, but she does too many things that are foolish and just plain dumb So while the b [...]

  18. This is set in a made up medieval country, based loosely on England Lilly is determined to leave the life as the witches daughter, and while trying to visit a distant relative meets a stranger she feels akin to somehow When she continues to see him, she decides it isn t coincidence After realizing she s being hunted, along with all her family, she must decide if her sword hatred of Redmond is important that saving the family who have never accepted her I liked the history of the country and the [...]

  19. In The Knight of Redmond Lilly Tidwell had to overcome many adversities and come to accept who she is The story itself was well written and good However it wasn t my favorite I liked the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, it was a good Segway into the chapter I felt that there wasn t a lot of heart and soul when it came to Lilly and Wren s relationship I liked most of the characters but most others were dull and not a whole lot of heart in them There was a few funny and heartfelt scenes bu [...]

  20. Wow That was fun Mrs Clark is a REALLY good story teller I could barely put the book down Her writing style and character development pulled me right in Orrick, Lily s uncle, is wonderful as well as his horse and falcon Wren s reserve partners Flynn, Cain Donato are all so different from each other, but have wonderfully, interesting abilities The ending is intense and exciting I loved it I suppose this is a stand alone novel, but I would love to know what happens to this kingdom in the future.Gr [...]

  21. This is a nice little romantic adventure It may not have been the most compelling, skillful, or sophisticated But it was written well enough to keep my interest It had a decent plot that kept me engaged in the story and with the characters And the best part she kept it nice and clean It is hard to find a lot of novels any that don t have some bad language and or overtly sexual content I really appreciated the lack of it in this book which is why I m willing to give it a little higher rating Ther [...]

  22. Pros Jennifer K Clark depicts a very orignial take on a clique genre I appreciated her strong plot and character development The work kept me engaged until the end Cons Warning Spiller Content It could have just been me, but the reading is bumpy for the first half of the book I did not appreciate the open ending feel at the end I am still wondering if a sequel will be published due to the extra characters mentioned and the way Wren treats Lilly at the end Overall The author has a lot of talent a [...]

  23. I thought this book was very entertaining and very well written It wasn t exactly what I thought it was going to be, but I liked how it had a lot of suspense and action When I first started to read this book, I wasn t sure that I would like it, but then when I started to go further into the book it just started getting better and better I never was really a fan of the medieval type of books, but this book changed my mind I loved how this book included a love story as well Books are way better wh [...]

  24. I ended up liking this book, even though the beginning was really hard for me to get into I m not sure why, there was plenty of action and fighting at the beginning, maybe it was just too much to be cast right into Lily s turbulent world right then I liked Lily, she s smart, loyal and by the end confident of who she is I liked Wren too, he s full of honor, and love for his family and country There is plenty of action in this book, and a touch of romance too This is a very good debut novel from J [...]

  25. Talk about Teenager Itis This girl could not stop whining and moping about her rotten life and wishing she had no family She had some rude relatives, but her mom was caring, talented and lenient Her big flaw was that she liked to care for people and was thus deemed a witch and cast off by society How much it would have hurt to have a daughter resent you for existing as well Yet the daughter is the hero I have enough whiny teenager at home I expect from protagonists in a fiction novel It may be [...]

  26. Absolutely LOVED this book I don t prefer descriptive books but her style kept me interested and I m a huge fan of this genre of books Short clear sentences packed with details The book had many twists and I looked forward to every page Intense and engaging A new favorite Loved Wren and Lily and her thoughtful journal entries I liked that everyone had a special talent, creating a deeper story about looking past the surface I felt like I really got to see their characters develop and could crawl [...]

  27. This was a really interesting read It was certainly different If you want a clean, medieval, action packed romance, this is definitely one to check out It s kind of a smaller book, but it features a strong female character, and a wonderful male lead This story is a mystery, and it keeps you on your toes the whole time I liked the fact that it was different from the other medieval romances I ve been reading I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a clean mystery romance medieval story

  28. First off, I love the cover and it represents the story so well I really enjoy Medieval time stories and this book was a perfect shorter story The story line and plot were solid and kept me so interested in all the different twists, battles, history, and mysteries But on a down note, the author tends to repeat the thoughts from the main characters too much and a few other things that could have been better But good for Jennifer K Clark She is a great story teller.

  29. While I enjoyed this book and especially the story line, I felt like it lacked the intensity and emotional pull I needed I wanted I came away feeling like it was lacking that something that made me emotionally invested I m not sure I can explain it better than that I did like the book though It was clean, easy reading.

  30. While I didn t absolutely love this I didn t absolutely hate it I think I was expecting something different from what I got I think that for me this book would be a sort of shoulder shrug Meh Give it a whirl and let me know what ya think hahaha Apparently I can t make up my own mind about it Ironically I felt the same way about Mark of Royalty so maybe I m seeing a pattern

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