My Gal Sunday

My Gal Sunday Best Download || [Mary Higgins Clark], My Gal Sunday Best Download || [Mary Higgins Clark], My Gal Sunday, Mary Higgins Clark, My Gal Sunday Topping her bestselling success with Alvirah and Willy in The Lottery Winner America s Queen of Suspense introduces a new sleuthing couple Henry and Sunday an ex president and his young congresswoman bride Henry Parker Britland IV is wealthy and worldly a beloved former president who still youthful is enjoying early retirement His new wife Sunday is beautifulTopping her best. My Gal Sunday Best Download || [Mary Higgins Clark] - My Gal Sunday, My Gal Sunday Topping her bestselling success with Alvirah and Willy in The Lottery Winner America s Queen of Suspense introduces a new sleuthing couple Henry and Sunday an ex president and his young congressw

  • Title: My Gal Sunday
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9780613084024
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Hardcover

My Gal Sunday Best Download || [Mary Higgins Clark]

My Gal Sunday, My Gal Sunday Best Download || [Mary Higgins Clark] - My Gal Sunday, My Gal Sunday Topping her bestselling success with Alvirah and Willy in The Lottery Winner America s Queen of Suspense introduces a new sleuthing couple Henry and Sunday an ex president and his young congressw

  • My Gal Sunday Best Download || [Mary Higgins Clark]
    284Mary Higgins Clark
My Gal Sunday

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  1. Mary Higgins Clark, 1 international and New York Times bestselling author, is the author of 46 books and counting she s written thirty three suspense novels three collections of short stories a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story two children s books, including The Magical Christmas Horse and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges She has also written five holiday suspense novels with Carol Higgins Clark and The Cinderella Murder, a new thriller in collaboration with bestselling novelist Alafair Burke.Clark s books have sold than 100 million copies in the United States alone Her books are beloved around the world and have made her an international bestseller many times over.

  2. I like to think I can enjoy the occasional mindless read just as much as the next galbut unfortunately My Gal didn t do it for me.Comprised of four novelettes, the book features crime solving duo Henry Parker Britland IV and his lovely new bride Sunday Unfortunately, the hunky ex president and the feisty congresswoman were too rich, too pretty, too charming, and just too much in love to be anything short of annoying.However, reading this I was reminded of a popular show from the 80s, Hart to Har [...]

  3. Have you ever heard of a president that was so good that the people wanted to break the law in the constitution so that he could stay in office Well Henry Parker Britland IV was that president He was very good at negotiating and he married the perfect lady This book is made up of four mysteries and muy favorite one was about Henry and his wife Sunday and they bought back the old Britland yacht theColumbia This yacht has been in his family for years and was a party boat for presidents for years T [...]

  4. Fast quick read of several short stories Henry Britland IV is a beloved former President, who married a real cute girl, seventeen years younger than himself, after he left the White House She is a Congresswomen who has down to the earth roots, and is smart, and kind as well as being beautiful Together, the two of them find themselves in situations where they have to right the wrongs, or, as Mary Higgins Clark puts it, they make a formidable team of sleuths.

  5. This book contains four short stories about a young, perfect, good looking ex president and his younger, just as perfect and good looking wife, who is a congresswoman The characters in this dynamic duo seem to have no flaws In addition to being the greatest president who ever lived after having been elected in his mid thirties , he now can solve mysteries with his equally talented wife Totally unrealistic but an ok way to pass the time.

  6. This collection of shorts about an American ex President and his darling Congressman wife will suffice if this is the only book left in the hostel book swap and there is time to kill at a coffee shop Even then, the minutes might be better spent people watching.

  7. It s been a while since I ve read a Mary Higgins Clark book eh Well, blame it to my never ending reading list, which usually doubled whenever I finish a book This time, since I manage to be productive and read all five books in my reading list early than what I expected, and since the opportunity were so good to me, I was able acquire a book of MHC And who am I to decline the offer eh It is MHC we are talking here, which I boldly admitted that I m a big fan HeheThis is actually just a short read [...]

  8. Bien podr a servir esta novela para ocuparte durante una tarde aburrida.La trama de las 3 historias que incluye el libro, podr an dar para mucho, pero pareciera que el autor ten a prisa por terminarlas.Quiz s estoy demasiado acostumbrado al realismo m gico y esas novelas de autores que tienen obsesi n por escribir y terminan escribiendo libros que pesan libras

  9. I occasionally will pick up a book by Mary Higgins Clark My mom loves her books, and I ve picked up the habit of buying them when I see them at yard sales and thrift stores Her books make for decent quick, mindless reads and transport me back to a time when bold colored pant suits, shoulder pads, and permed bangs were the norm Usually, I can figure out the culprit within the first couple of chapters, but the suspenseful journey of the main character is usually a fun ride.This is not so much the [...]

  10. My Gal Sunday ReviewThis book was written by Mary Higgins Clark, it is the sleuthing team of Henry ParkerBritland IV, a loved former President with close ties to the government and his new bride of over a year Sunday who is beautiful, smart, and seventeen years younger Henry and Sunday make a formidable team of sleuths and never so then when they set out to solve crimes occurring among their friends in political high society.The first crime involves a congressman friend of theirs who is being c [...]

  11. Well, now that, as the old song has it , June is busting out all over, it stime to seriously consider a completely non serious beach or barbecue readthat will leave you with a smile and let you move onto the next book withoutdelay This is a super quick read of four loosely connected stories about twoamateur sleuths a husband and wife team He s a former U.S president she s a congressional representative.All four of these stories are absolutely free of profanity or sexualdescriptions, and while no [...]

  12. J ai choisi ce livre car il a pour titre Joyeux No l, Merry Christmas En r alit , il s agit de plusieurs nouvelles avec les m mes personnages Mary Higgings Clark met en sc ne un ancien pr sident, Parker et sa femme Sunday Les histoires n ont strictement rien voir avec No l sauf la derni re On a enlev la femme du pr sident est la meilleure partie avec du suspens et des rebondissements car pour le reste je ne suis pas tr s enthousiaste En effet, les personnages manquent de profondeur de plus, le s [...]

  13. This is a book of 4 short stories Henry is a former president that was in office in his thirties He marries a gal Sunday who is a congresswoman Together the both of them solve crimes mysteries.I will admit that this is not even close to one of my favorite stories by MHC If you are looking for a quick read, then this would be good for you You have the handsome ex president and his beautiful smart blond wife, who seem to be just perfect The stories were not all mushy and love e dovey but, it was j [...]

  14. 2.5 STARS Henry Parker Britland IV is wealthy and worldly a beloved former president who, still youthful, is enjoying early retirement His new wife, Sunday, is beautiful, smart and seventeen years younger than he, and has just been elected to Congress in a stunning upset victory that has made her the darling of the media Henry and Sunday make a formidable team of sleuths and never so than when they set out to solve crimes occurring among their friends in political high society When Henry s form [...]

  15. My Gal Sunday was not the best of the many book that I have read by Mary Higgins Clark I didn t like it or enjoy the book such as other books or hers It didn t really catch my attention and was not as interesting it was fairly good but not something that I would usually read Perhaps there could have been a bit mystery to the book in which there would be drama However if I had the choice to create a movie out of my novel that I read it would be to create the setting in a place were know one cou [...]

  16. Really, I d give this a 3.5 of 5 stars, because it s just a warm fuzzy of a book The erudite crime solving team of Sunday and Henry is built sort of on the romance of the Kennedys, the political savvy of the Clintons, and the American love for old British connections And it goes from there there s very little depth or suspense, but you still wish it had been you to marry this wonderfully unreal man And so what if all of the villains are outrageously dim and predictable That s okay, Henry will sa [...]

  17. ma non di pi Le quattro storie sono abbastanza prevedibili, e questo ancora posso sopportarlo magari io sono diventata troppo brava a capire i gialli ma non credo sia per quello , ma i personaggi perfettini NO Un ex presidente degli Stati Uniti eletto pi volte Uomo dell anno bello, intelligente e, come si direbbe al mio paese, soprattutto modesto e una donna in carriera giovane, bella, intelligente e membro del Congresso I due ovviamente sono sposati e si amano alla follia, tubando come colombi [...]

  18. I read this book because it was on a 2015 book list I am going through right now Let me just say I did not want to read it But I m glad I did I loved the two main characters Henry and Sunday, and their cute little marriage, although I did find their age difference a little creepy.My only complaint was the CONSTANT darling , my love , sweetheart between the two newlyweds I get it they just got married, and they are helplessly in love, but really I m in a long term relationship and found it to be [...]

  19. This was my introduction to Mary Higgins Clark I will say I didn t fall in LOVE with this little collection of short sleuthing, but it was a fun group of quick mysteries very readable And I enjoyed it enough I may look up another of her full length books I liked the main characters, but it isn t too surprising they manage to find the baddies when they have been literally gifted with everything an author could pull out of their arsenal political position and power, good looks, intelligence, wit, [...]

  20. Not good Don t know why I persisted in reading so many Mary Higgins Clark books Probably I figured that once I started the series I should just keep going But they re bad Very formulaic, and they all have a supposedly bad ass heroine who coincidentally always falls into some sort of peril near the end that only the male romantic lead can save her from That is some bullshit The women are clever enough to figure out anything else, but always need to be rescued by their prince at the end Bull shit [...]

  21. If you ve missed the Hallmark Channel movie version last year, then the print version is waiting for you In Mary Higgins Clark s My Gal Sunday, she wrote to use about a dynamic due that was two of a kind Meet Henry Parker Britland IV, a newly retired former President, who was youthful, popular and wealthy, and his new bride, Sunday, who was newly elected to Congress For this couple of sleuths, they came out to help solve high society crimes in politics from a cold cold case to a kidnapping And t [...]

  22. I love how this book had multiple stories in one about Sunday Being the presidents wife has its demands on its own but when Sunday finds herself in deep trouble her only hope is her wits and subtle clues she gives to her husband Being a blonde, and younger then the love of her life, people greatly underestimate her abilities I know this isn t a long review, and I ve seen some poor ones about this book, but I loved every page of this book The emotions that you genuinely feel while reading this bo [...]

  23. This is a book of short stories about an all too perfect husband wife sleuthing team They are all too perfect in that they are rich, both attractive and all around too wonderful Frankly, I found their perfectionism a bit much, and therefore, had to subtract two stars The stories were okay, but there really wasn t any suspense involved because the couple was too perfect, so you knew that everything was going to turn out okay Definitely not one of my favorite Mary Higgins Clark books I would proba [...]

  24. This is one of Clark s older books which I had somehow missed over the years However, I did not miss much This book is divided into four short stories where a former President and his wife become amateur sleuths I only got through the second half of the second story before I became bored I like Clark s other books where she leads the reader on to different suspects There isn t time for her to develop the characters in these short stories to make it suspenseful for me as she is in her other novel [...]

  25. Four short stories centered around a former President of the US, Henry Britland, and his beautiful wife, Sunday, who solves mysteries in the DC area 1 ex Secretary of State is framed for murder, 2 Sunday is kidnapped by a lunatic who holds a grudge, 3 Henry solves a 32 year old murder when a power hungry woman killed her husband, 4 on Christmas Eve a lost little boy shows up on their doorstep after escaping a kidnapping All stories could have been full novels Holds interest throughout.

  26. Love this collection of short stories introducing the character couple Sunday and Henry This is my first Mary Higgins Clark book thank you free library at the Pine Island, Florida RV Park and won t be my last This book is light and fun It s my reintroduction back into the travel and beach friendly world of the short story Glad to see you again, short story Glad to meet you, Mary

  27. This Mary Higgens Clark book had a very different feel to it than most of her other works, as it was split into four short stories with the same charismatic couple showcased in each story The couple was interesting and the stories intriguing, but they didn t have the depth and development to fully draw in and excite readers With that being said, it was a very quick and likable enough book.Grade B

  28. I have been a fan of Mary Higgins Clark for a while now I usually enjoy her style of writing The problem with this collection of short stories isey are just too short While the characters are likable, the plot line speeds along until a bad guy appears out of left field The lure of a mystery is to try to figure it out before the last chapter Not have it handed to you Definitely would not recommend this book to anyone.

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