Macabre Magic

Macabre Magic Best Read || [L.H. Cosway], Macabre Magic Best Read || [L.H. Cosway], Macabre Magic, L.H. Cosway, Macabre Magic Included in Shiver Sexy Tales of Humor and Horror When you re married to an illusionist you never know what surprise is around the corner Matilda believes she doesn t scare easily Horror films make her laugh rather than jump in terror Jay begs to differ With just the right magic trick he thinks he can give his wife a scare for Halloween so the two make a bet WilIncluded in Shiv. Macabre Magic Best Read || [L.H. Cosway] - Macabre Magic, Macabre Magic Included in Shiver Sexy Tales of Humor and Horror When you re married to an illusionist you never know what surprise is around the corner Matilda believes she doesn t scare easily Horror films mak

  • Title: Macabre Magic
  • Author: L.H. Cosway
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Macabre Magic Best Read || [L.H. Cosway]

Macabre Magic, Macabre Magic Best Read || [L.H. Cosway] - Macabre Magic, Macabre Magic Included in Shiver Sexy Tales of Humor and Horror When you re married to an illusionist you never know what surprise is around the corner Matilda believes she doesn t scare easily Horror films mak

  • Macabre Magic Best Read || [L.H. Cosway]
    234L.H. Cosway
Macabre Magic

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  1. L.H Cosway lives in Dublin, Ireland Her inspiration to write comes from music Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind They tell the best stories.Facebook facebook LHCoswayTwitter twitter LHCoswayMailing List lhcoswayauthor p mailiPinterest pinterest lhcosway13 Website lhcoswayauthor

  2. 4 Magic Stars Ohhhh just had time for a quickie.How could I not have one time with the handsome and charming Jay when he surprises his wife Matilda, for some Halloween Fun I m a huge L.H Cosway fan and as always, she pulled another great little read out of that hat of her sTOTALLY MAGIC

  3. 5 Magical StarsIf this author decided to write 100 books on JayI m going to read ALL OF THEM.This was a short and sweet read I enjoyed reading about the newly wedded couple giddy in love and starving for each other It Halloween and Jay decided to get her lovely Wife scaredFind out what Jay came up with

  4. In Macabre Magic, Matilda challenges her smart, handsome and charming husband to try his best to scare her, because she believes it s a close to impossible to task Can he succeed and win the bet they ve made Will Matilda s immunity to horror films and all things that go bump in the night be enough to not fall for Jay s ingenious mentalist tricks Your tricks are cool and everything, but they mostly astound and amaze me rather than scare me Besides the gripping tricks performed by Jay and describe [...]

  5. Love LOVED this L.H Cosways grants us a 30 page novella featuring Jay and Matilda from Six of Hearts , one of my all time favorite reads and book couples Celebrating their first Halloween as a married couple, Jay and Matilda make a bet that he can t scare her and Jay accepts this challenge as only Jay can There s sexy intrigue, thrills and a bit of warfare with a temptress I loved this insight into their lives after their story in Six of Hearts and I wish with all my book loving heart we could g [...]

  6. This was a short story released free in the author s website file d 0By5l Its a continuation story from Six of Hearts and its set around Halloween so its a bit suspenseful but still keeping the humour and steam I loved Six of Hearts and I loved this continuation Jay Fields is amazing and he can bet with me and hypnotize me anytime.

  7. 5 Jaylicious StarsIts L.H Cosway and Jay plus Jay naked, Jay grinning, Jay with bedroom eyes, Jay with a Come hither looks OBVIOUSLY a 5 stars all the way novella for me Now imagine this aaaand Jay trying to scare the HELL out of his wifes just a HELL lot of fun.

  8. Macabre Magic es una novela corta dentro de la serie Hearts de L H Cosway y vuelve a tener a Matilda y Jay Jason como protagonistas.Cuando lees un libro con el que disfrutas no quieres que acabe pero desgraciadamente llega un momento en el que llega a su fin, por esa razon me encanta cuando algunas autoras crean peque as novelas como esta cortas, esta en concreto tiene solo 70 paginas , ligeras y bonitas, la solucion perfecta para cuando te cuesta despedirte de ciertos personajes.Macabre Magic f [...]

  9. A ver, la historia es cortita y est muy bien pero realmente a m no me ha hecho gracia La culpa tambi n es de Matilda por decirle adelante con lo que sea, jodeme viva pero el truco de Jay de pas de la raya UN MONT N Hay sustos y sustos pero vamos este se le fue de las manos

  10. This was somewhat cute, somewhat clich I m glad to see the couple from the 1st couple blissfully married in this one However, I am not a fan of girl hating and the trope of girls getting all mean JUST FOR A GUY Moving on

  11. This was just OK, the Jay and Matilda relationship parts were awesome but the scare was really lame

  12. No me canso de Jay y Matilda Me encanta su relaci n Esa broma fue lo M.XI He mencionado ya que amo a Jason No Pues aqu vaJODIDAMENTE AMO A JASON FIELDS

  13. I am sad because I looooved the first one Jay an Matilda are great, the story it was amazing and the writting too, so now I am dissapointed with this short story, why is she not scare about anything now It is supposed her mum was killed in front oh her soI don t understand the story on this

  14. 4 starsThis was a very good short that continues the story of Matilda and Jay In this story, they ve just gotten married and are taking a few days for a honeymoon before Jay has to go back to work doing his shows Matilda and Jay make a bet about whether he can truly scare her since no horror movie ever has and the end date for the bet is Halloween which is coming up within the week.I really enjoyed this story and liked seeing Matilda and Jay happily together I was a bit annoyed that view spoiler [...]

  15. 5 Stars BOOK 1.5 in the HEARTS series Quickie novella about Jay Matilda 30 pages POV first person, heroine PLOT It s Halloween and Jay Matilda celebrate their first holiday as a married couple with a sexy bet that Jay will won t be able to truly scare her Throw in Jay s beautiful assistant that has the hots for him, Matilda s jealously and a funny costume mishap STEAM LEVEL moderate, 3 5 QUOTES I was also dying to get him into a Dixie bow Don t ask why it just needed to happen.

  16. I need to know what you limits are Do you want me just to scare you, or are you giving me permission to mindfuck the shit out of you I love this short novella of Jay and Matilda It s Halloween and Matilda doesn t think Jay can scare her She doesn t scare so easily, but don t tell that to a stubborn Jay because he loves a challenge I love every little piece of these characters I can get My only complaint is that I want

  17. an absolutely cute, although short novella ish type of stories and I added the ish ending cause it s only four chapters but it s still an absolutely lovely glimpse into the lives of Jay and Matilda and you know me I love me some Jay XOXOAfor book ish stuff visit my blog bookworm8619 my facebook page facebook bookworm8619

  18. Matilda tells Jay that there is no way he can scare herLike full on scare her So they make a bet Jay must full on scare herheart rate up, perspiration, screaming the full nine This is a short story to hold back your withdraws Loved every minute of it.

  19. The perfect novella Any chance to get Jay Fields is than okay in my book This just made me excited for Hearts of Fire

  20. 4 Stars Creepy, Sexy, Entretenido, divertido,as es este relato, un peque o regalo y un pedacito m s de Jay y Matilda, no me canso de ellos, son as de divertidos y amorosos son QUIERO M S

  21. I really don t know why it took me so long to pick this one up But I m glad I did because I forgot how much I loved Jay Fields He s charming as ever I wish a guy like him exists Although I could kill him for that trick OMG.

  22. Friggin love this series of books, was rather surprised and very happy to find this short story for Jay and Matilda x loved these two and was great to just have that little bit x

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