Justified Love

✓ Justified Love ↠ Nicole Hite, ✓ Justified Love ↠ Nicole Hite, Justified Love, Nicole Hite, Justified Love Grabbing the beers and starting to turn towards the dance floor I felt a slight tap on my shoulder Turning around I lost it and dropped the two bottles on the ground I couldn t hear the crashing of the glasses the way my heart was beating so loudly out of my chest It s him Colton Wilson For as long as she could remember small town girl Carrington Mason had been s Grabbing the bee. ✓ Justified Love ↠ Nicole Hite - Justified Love, Justified Love Grabbing the beers and starting to turn towards the dance floor I felt a slight tap on my shoulder Turning around I lost it and dropped the two bottles on the ground I couldn t hear the crashing of

  • Title: Justified Love
  • Author: Nicole Hite
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Justified Love ↠ Nicole Hite

Justified Love, ✓ Justified Love ↠ Nicole Hite - Justified Love, Justified Love Grabbing the beers and starting to turn towards the dance floor I felt a slight tap on my shoulder Turning around I lost it and dropped the two bottles on the ground I couldn t hear the crashing of

  • ✓ Justified Love ↠ Nicole Hite
    444Nicole Hite
Justified Love

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  1. Nicole Hite Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Justified Love book, this is one of the most wanted Nicole Hite author readers around the world.

  2. Editorial ReviewNicole Hite is a new author, but she writes as though she s a seasoned one Justified Love is the story of Carrington and Colton They grew up together both secretly smitten with the other Years later, when Carrington is called back home to help her father with a legal issue, Carr and Colt connect on a level they ve always dreamed of This bookWOWhot.ionatesweetspensefulI love how this can be a stand alone book and the fact that we will be reading about Colt and Carrington in her f [...]

  3. I so loved this book How Carrington could return back home to Avery after having such a hard life Now changed and feeling better about herself and losing all that weight she was carrying she came back home to face her fears in life and save her home, for herher dad and her grandmothers I loved this story It should her two most beautiful friends that stood up for her And the romance that was in town with her true love Colton Wilson I so loved this book

  4. 4 Stars I really enjoyed this book Light, fun, sweet, and steamy, this is a sweet second chance romance between high school friends who never found the right time to confess their feelings This book deal with some serious subjects and quite emotional ones.This is Carrington and Colton s story Carrington was bullied in school Having only two close friends, she counted down the days until she could flee her small town and never return She always liked the popular guy and high school quarterback, e [...]

  5. I received this book as an ARC in return for an honest review.As I read Justified Love , I was constantly changing my mind I loved the synopsis and immediately decided this is a book I want to read and I did enjoy reading it.I think everyone is aware of the mean girls at high school the ones who think they are so much better than anyone else so as I was reading this book, I was hoping that Paisley Parker was going to get her just desserts Even her name made me cringe That, in itself, kept me rea [...]

  6. Hot, steamy, and lots of funI absolutely loved this book I decided to check it out after hearing about it on Facebook It was great I could not put this book down The relationship between Carr and Colt is so hot, it will make you melt Carr has to face Colt again after she returns home for a family emergency Colt hears Carr is back in town and he goes out of his way to meet up with her These two finally learn what they should have seen years ago, they are meant for each other A great first book by [...]

  7. Really really a cheese festThe writing was pretty good though a bit amateurish Not a lot of depth to male lead Everyone really acted very new adult rather than later new adult, almost high schoolish The flashbacks got to be so many I skimmed over because I didn t care any The repetition of I can t believe I m here with Colt, too much The run ins with former bully, too much Just an okay read that will hit the spot for those not looking for a whole lot of depth.

  8. Originally posted at Revenge of the Feels Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.Justified Love is one of the sweetest, funniest, and definitely most enjoyable contemporary romance read I ve had in a while Oh god, the humour in this novel is too much Literally I can t stop laughing or smiling to myself when I was reading this This is such a wonderful novel Honestly, my mom thought I was crazy for the constant smile on my face as I stare at my kindle [...]

  9. 3.75 Boot Scoot StarsYou might not be used to seeing gals in cowboy boots, but I am Or even guys dressed in suits and cowboy boots That s the norm here in Texas where this book is set Lots of boots and shorts, bathing suits, and suits here.Carrington left her home town as soon as possible And didn t come back She has been away from home, starting her career and only missing her home town in her dreams Her dad needs her back home and her lawyering skills is that a word Colt was the star quarterba [...]

  10. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Carrington returns home to Avery after a phone call from her father asking for legal help She hadn t been back since high school graduation Being bullied and having her life made miserable didn t leave Carrington with to many warm memories of home She missed her father and grandmother and her two best friends Harley and Skye Not even that could get her to return How can she tell her father no In all these years he has never asked he [...]

  11. I really don t know what to think of this book When I saw it on and read the content I was like Wow, this sounds good and then I started to read and it got from super to okay Normally I have no problems when a book is badly formatted but this one got me irritated No only the linespacing and stuff but also the going back and forth between present and past This got me confused when one moment we were in the present and then the story goes on and in the next sentence we are suddenly in the past.How [...]

  12. Twist you don t expect from a story that sounds like your normal small town love Carrington Carr was bullied and overweight in high school She had a crush on Colt since they were younger Her BF s Skye and Harley and Carr are three peas in a pod and after graduation insist that Carr leave to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer in NY Now in her 30 s and she is a successful lawyer and has lost weight while still crushing on Colt She takes a leave from work to go back to Avery, TX to help her dad [...]

  13. This book was so so good I could relate to Carrington so much I got picked on a lot in school but my friends stuck by my side Anyway, I loved she finally got her chance to stand up to the mean girl and got the chance to get the guy Carrington and her friends were picked on constantly in school After graduation she was determined to prove herself Making a name for herself in New York City at a very respectable law firm Trouble is brewing at home and she s needed Carrington throws herself into sav [...]

  14. 3.5 StarsI received a copy of this from the author for an honest review.I m not sure how I really feel about this book to be honest, I liked it, I just didn t love it I felt it took too long to get into the actual story and I understand it was setting the back story but for me there was a little too much To me there were a few parts of the story that were a little predictable.I really liked Carr, she had it so tough growing up and I can totally relate since I had similar treatment at school The [...]

  15. What is there to say about this book other than it was simply AMAZING I enjoyed every page of this book, from beginning to end I love books that portray women with such independence and Justified Love fit perfectly into that category Carr was an amazing character as was Colton and their relationship was too sweet I will admit that I was a little put off from Colton by the way Carrington talked about him in the beginning, but he himself changed that quickly with the way he spoke to her after they [...]

  16. I received a complimentary copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest review.Nicole Hite maybe a new author but Justified Love is a fab read Growing up Carrington Mason is the overweight girl in school the one the bullies aim for and she has the biggest crush on school quarterback Colton Wilson After graduation she leaves her home town of Avery for the bright lights of New York City and her dream job Years later she returns a different young women and on a night out with he [...]

  17. Justified Love The Southern Gentleman Series Book 1 by Nicole Hite was given to me to review This book was a great love story you have Carr who was a little overweight and made fun of in school so she leaves after she graduates and hopes to never come back You have Colt who is the football star and big guy in school who everyone loves The thing is people don t realize that things aren t always what they appear to be Carr gets a phone call from her dad to come home and her whole life gets turned [...]

  18. I have to be honest and I did find this book slow to get going, however once I became invested in the characters that all changed Carrington and Colt grew on me enormously through the book Carrington and her love for her Grandmother and Daddy shone through and how she saw karma and justice being served to the bullies and crooks of the town was done with class I think I would have been like Harley and just wanted to kick ass Colt is a dream boat, he loves Carrington but will he be able to stand [...]

  19. What a sweet story I loved every minute of it Carrington had left home after graduation and never looked back She had fond memories of her crush on Cole but he never noticed her in high school or so she thought Asked to come home by her father due to legal issues, Carrington reunites with her friends and of course runs into Cole These two have instant chemistry and maybe she was not as invisible in school as she thought This story was fun to read because of her best friends and the romance betwe [...]

  20. Wonderful storyLoved the foundation of all the relationships in this story Made for wonderful read Glad to see karma being a birch Look forward to next book.

  21. Great readI loved this book Carr was amazing and put so much together Colt was hot and smart Together they were fantastic

  22. Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin Take one high powered NYC boot scooting lawyer from Texas mixed with her All American high school crush then add in a true Southern twist and you will have the first book in Nicole Hite s The Southern Gentleman series Carrington Mason and Colton Wilson two exceptional individuals formed a unique bond in high school that even though neither recognized at the time, survives in Ms Hite s novel Justified Love As soon as graduation was over, Carrington left Avery, Texas behi [...]

  23. I was pleasantly pleased with the book and series Each story played out differently compared to the typical rich businessman falls for a regular girl It kept the story unique and kept my attention throughout It is nice to read something that is different The story has some steamy sexual scenes throughout which add to the story They don t take place of the story line As you read through each book you feel so many different emotions You loved the characters and wanted to beat them senseless at oth [...]

  24. Carrington moved away from Avery right after HS She was constantly made fun of by the mean girl of the town Colton has been the man of her dreams from the time she was 5 years old only they didn t really talk in HS.Carrington is called back to Texas to help her dad, she is a lawyer and has lost a lot of weight When she runs in to Colt he knows who she is and starts flirting with her He claims he has always wanted to get to know her better it is sweet but seems almost too perfect I didn t expect [...]

  25. Needs workFirst and foremost, this book needs an editor and proofreader A few hints the plural of breast is not breast Distain is not a word There are rules for punctuation commas have a purpose.A good proofreader would make a big difference in making this an smooth read However, the writing seems juvenile Courtroom scenes should at least have some basic guidance by someone familiar with the law The dialogue between the protagonists sounds like high school kids.I think with some maturity and gra [...]

  26. This story was good and really kept my attention A classic underdog girl gets the jock type story, but this has the emotional side too I would ve given this a 4 star if it wasn t for the story needs editing Some silly spelling mistakes and line spacing issues etc it took a little long for the story to get around to the whole house thing I m pretty sure the whole legal side of things wouldn t have been solved that quickly.But, editing issues aside, this is written well, great story and I m off to [...]

  27. Oh this is so bad So Carrington gets bullied in school while the football start looks on and does nothing Which btw is her crush Years later she returns home with a positive attitude and better body But is still obsessed with this guy If he cared back in school about her then he should ve done something then, not years later when it doesn t count any And to be that obsessed about someone who never cared for you in the beginning is poor reflections on the supposed character growth.

  28. Hot, southern sassy Super sweet and utterly romantic book with lots of Southern charm Carrington runs away from her small hometown after completing highschool Years later she s come home to help out here dad Carrington left her hunky crush Colt behind He s turned into a hunky southern gentleman Follow along on their journey together.

  29. This could have been fun but, I was so annoyed with the typos Gaming consul Really Console, dammit It irked me most of all, I mean aside from the several eyesores I ve seen along the way Also, it could ve been better if the scenes didn t appear like whiplash Well, proofreading should ve done alot in this case Still, I finished reading up to the last page.

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