[PDF] Weightless | by ✓ Sarah Bannan, [PDF] Weightless | by ✓ Sarah Bannan, Weightless, Sarah Bannan, Weightless When year old Carolyn moves from New Jersey to Alabama with her mother she rattles the status quo of the junior class at Adams High School A good student and natural athlete she s immediately welcomed by the school s cliques She s even nominated to the homecoming court and begins dating a senior Shane whose on again off again girlfriend Brooke becomes Carolyn s biWhen year old. [PDF] Weightless | by ✓ Sarah Bannan - Weightless, Weightless When year old Carolyn moves from New Jersey to Alabama with her mother she rattles the status quo of the junior class at Adams High School A good student and natural athlete she s immediately wel

  • Title: Weightless
  • Author: Sarah Bannan
  • ISBN: 9781250078988
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Weightless | by ✓ Sarah Bannan

Weightless, [PDF] Weightless | by ✓ Sarah Bannan - Weightless, Weightless When year old Carolyn moves from New Jersey to Alabama with her mother she rattles the status quo of the junior class at Adams High School A good student and natural athlete she s immediately wel

  • [PDF] Weightless | by ✓ Sarah Bannan
    219Sarah Bannan

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  1. Sarah Bannan was born in 1978 in upstate New York She graduated from Georgetown University in 2000 and then moved to Ireland, where she has lived ever since She is the Head of Literature at the Irish Arts Council and lives in Dublin with her husband and daughter sarahkeegs

  2. This was nothing like I expected it to be Yet it quite easily and most definitively got placed on my favorites shelf Because this was a most memorable story You know what I d actually recommend not reading the synopsis entirely, or believing that it is the only thing or so that the story is about, because I did and almost didn t read the book because of it It sounded too unoriginal, overdone, predictable, when it was much, much than another story dealing with heavy and impactful subjects.In an [...]

  3. When I started reading this book I completely and totally hated it I kept thinking I shouldn t dnf another book since I had already done so that day Thank the book goddess that I kept reading.Now why am I giving five stars to a book that I m going to rant about Because this book makes you feel things Not necessarily good things, but you can t help but feel something.The book reads from the point of view of we The reader never learns who the we of the book are, but that makes it even powerful in [...]

  4. 5 Stars She was thin before, and she was thinnier now we tried to get the guys to say it was gross, to say that they liked to have something to hold on to But they didn t say much and deep down, or maybe not even that deep, we wanted her body to be ours To know what it would be like to be that light, to be that invisible, to be weightless that was something we wanted to know Weightless was a gut wrenching, though provoking story that moved me so much I can t even describe It was one of the best [...]

  5. WOW what an excellent novel Powerful stuff At first I was kind of annoyed with the book, but after a few chapters I was no longer annoyed, I was hooked I think this might be the first book I ve read that s written in first person plural While it was very different at first, it ended up working really well for the story New girl, Carolyn has just moved to a small town in Alabama, where gossip runs rampant, especially in High school At first 15 year old, Carolyn fits in easily, making friends with [...]

  6. 4.5 starsOut of the almost 700 books I have rated and reviewed on , Weightless emerges as the best book I have read about bullying I loved the prose, hated the characters, and by the end of the story I started to question my own complicity in the cruelty I have witnessed within my own life I may have finished high school two years ago, but this book brought that time of my life back like an unforgiving roundhouse kick to the heart.Carolyn Lessing is the girl everyone wants to be Born and raised [...]

  7. Well Jeez Louise, what a darkly unrelenting, brilliantly emotional and utterly authentic book that was This one incidentally is another one that author Louise O Neill insisted I read yep thanks Louise As with Bright Places you ve managed to find me another story that has left me emotionally traumatised You and I are going to fall out keep em coming So Weightless then deals in a unique way with the subject of bullying in the modern era, but it is so much than that A picture of life in a town whe [...]

  8. Adamsville, Alabama is the sought place where not much happens Part of America s Bible belt, the town loves Christianity and it s Junior football teams It s a place that likes to prides itself on it s moral and community spirit, but will be shown to be a bunch of hypocrites after the arrival of an outsider and a terrible tragedy forces it to look deep inside it s soul.When Carolyn Lessing and her mother move to the town from New Jersey the kids at the local high school are fascinated To the narr [...]

  9. Ok I HATE, HATE, HATED the beginning of this book I m too old to listen to whiny, snobby, teenage gossip since this book is told in first person plural I only kept reading to find out the incident Ahhh.en it came together and made sense Unpleasant, important topic that needs to be addressed and unfortunately happens in urban, suburban, and rural high schools.

  10. This is a book about teenage bullying But, wait, don t stop there It s really just a book about life as a teenager in a small Southern town Period I ve been a teenager in a small Southern town This could be my life OK, fine, I haven t been a teenager for decades It s not a sermon on bullying It s just a slice of life in a particular time in a particular place, I think And that s the genius of it.e I walked away not really knowing how I would have felt at sixteen and not even knowing I feel at fo [...]

  11. divabooknerd 2015 04 rWeightless was dark, confronting and enthralling read, where the reader is told Carolyn s story via a group of unnamed girls They gossip, speculate and form their story and opinions on hearsay, making for a dangerous and disturbing read Carolyn in the new girl in a small town where no one ever moves to All they have is their appearances and prayer, rallying behind their local football team where the boys never do no wrong They all attend church, where sermons are delivered [...]

  12. Weightless tells a story you ve probably heard before, in YA books like Tease or media stories about girls like Phoebe Prince new girl moves to a small town and catches the eye of a popular guy, starts dating him, is bullied relentlessly by her classmates, view spoiler starts an emotional and psychological downward spiral, and commits suicide hide spoiler I flipped ahead to the end to see if the ending would be different than what I was expecting, but view spoiler sadly, there often isn t a diff [...]

  13. This review was originally posted on Between My LinesThe words that sprang to mind when I finished this book was devastatingly brilliant It s a must read even if will make you hate the direction that society seems to heading in So many of the characters are shallow and empty and will make you ragey But it s an important book that tackles a difficult topic in a very readable, attention grabbing way First line of Weightless by Sarah Bannan They came out in groups of three, wearing matching shorts [...]

  14. This is a DNF did not finish review There s plenty of 5 star reviews of this book, so go ahead and check them out I tried to read this book a few times I really did It just didn t call to me I was bored Nothing happened I m sure that if I kept reading, something would have grabbed me, however, I just didn t have the patience Thank you to NetGalley and St Martin s Griffin for a review copy of this book.

  15. Be prepared this book will probably spark a lot of debate, which will likely place this book on hundreds of school reading lists It ll be on this list for a good reason While there are books out there that deal with the subjects of online bullying, school bullying, and peer pressure, I haven t really read many that approach it in the way that this has This review will have some slight spoilers because in order to describe why I loved this so much I ll have to spoil one or two small things Don t [...]

  16. This book was nothing like I thought it would be Even though it s a fairly depressing subject matter, I really enjoyed it and rattled through it in less than a day can you tell I m on my Easter break It had been on my reading list for a while and when I finally got around to picking it up I d kind of forgotten what it was about.I ve pasted an abridged blurb above as it pretty much encapsulates the story However, I would point out that the video that was circulated wasn t of Carolyn and Shane mak [...]

  17. Weightless has some serious issues that can t be written about enough I was literally sick to my stomach throughout the book with the way these kids, and the adults, acted Not only with the bullying, but there was also racial discrimination among other things that made me cringe The whole time I was reading I kept thinking how vain and ignorant these people were How ridiculous it was that they valued materialistic things and in their twisted and oblivious minds believed that it was okay to treat [...]

  18. Everyone needs to read Weightless You are most likely not going to enjoy it It will make you uncomfortable If you are an adult, it will probably make you uncomfortable from two perspectives Read it anyway Weightless is written in first person singular, with the narrator never being identified aside from their inclusion through the use of we This is very difficult to pull off, but works perfectly in this situation At the beginning of the book, you already get the sense that you do not like this w [...]

  19. This book made me feel completely uncomfortable, because for many it will hit too close to home, whether you were part of the problem, the bystander or the victim And what makes this novel even worse, is the fact that the victim here is a popular, beautiful girl who made enemies with the wrong people in high school It is an incredible and beautiful novel on a horrible subject bullying It is written completely in the first person plural, making it an unusual, yet completely invoking novel The mel [...]

  20. So powerful This book destroyed me It absolutely destroyed me Try not to read this book in public It is NOT emotion friendly I finished it this morning and I still can t get Carolyn out of my head The way Weightless is written packs one hell of a punch We never get to know the narrator not really The book is written in a format that you never really get to know any of the characters The narrator refers to herself as we This book has created an unreliable narrator at her best I found myself wonde [...]

  21. Very average in my opinion Not a page turner and nothing major happens throughout the whole book I liked the narrative from the plural first person but at times I think a regular first person would have been beneficial to engaging with the story Idk This just wasn t as good and unique as everyone made it out to be Cyber bullying is a growing problem and I don t think Weightless adequately covered it.

  22. Mean Girls meets The Virgin Suicides Maybe Pretty Little Liars without the murder Okay, enough comparisons I loved delving into the world of a high school I d have never wanted to attend.

  23. Actions speak louder than words, the old saying goes Through the way this book is structured the author has tried to demonstrate this maxim The way this book is written is quite unusual We never get to know who the narrator is, or anything about her Rather the book is made up of the observations of the narrator, supplemented with Facebook posts, Carolyn s school assignments, and other documentation One of the interesting things about how the author has written this book, is that the narrator nev [...]

  24. Review with giveaway and author guest post readinglark 20This is a book that should be read by high school students and their parents It highlights not only the damage that can be done by bullying face to face or online, but also how damaging it can be to sit on the sidelines and say nothing Enough of the preaching, let s get onto the story Carolyn Lessing arrives in Adamsville, Alabama during a prep rally, allowing the student body to check her out She s pretty, thin and has 1057 friends on Fac [...]

  25. Never have I read a book that has provoked such visceral, frustrated and angry emotions, Weightless broke my heart into a million pieces It follows the story of Carolyn, who can only be described as the main protagonist because the events connected to her drive the narrative to it s tragic conclusion, we, the reader, never truly capture her personality and depth, and that is the point of this spectacular, bold piece of writing.This is American High School, this is teenagers and this is bullying [...]

  26. Adamsville is a town where everything has been the same for years Nothing happens and many generations of the same families have lived there Adams High is a school where the popular kids are having an almost royal status It hardly ever happens that there s a new kid in town When Carolyn Lessing moves to Adamsville something does change all of a sudden Carolyn is pretty, she s artistic, she s smart and she s athletic, she has it all The guys want to date her and the girls want to be like her She [...]

  27. Be prepared to be torn to shreds and NOT be stitched back up This book will leave you a weeping mess, with a huge hole in your chest where your heart used to be Weightless was unforgettable, and will haunt you long after you have read it.I don t even know how to do this review without spoilers There is so much I want to say But I ll try.Weightless is about bullying Extreme, pack bullying And it had me in a rage as I was reading it.Not because of the book itself, oh on, it was full of beautiful, [...]

  28. I was lucky enough to win a copy of Weightless through First Reads.This is a powerful, mesmerisingly terrible story focusing on bullying within a high school I will say here that I found the subject matter hit a little too close to home, I was friends with a girl exactly like Carolyn when I was 16 Thankfully her story had a happier ending, but I did find myself feeling quite queasy reading things that were so personal to my life on paper I would not recommend this book for anyone who may find th [...]

  29. Wow, this book should be compulsory reading for all parents and teenagers It tells the story of the typical new girl at high school Carolyn has just moved into the area and doesn t know anyone at the local high school She is a bright, talented student, who is just keen to fit in and make some friends Unfortunately she befriends the ex boyfriend of one of the clique of girls, and from there on she goes from being a normal girl to a victim of unfounded gossip The clique even stalks her Facebook ac [...]

  30. WeightlessBySarah BannanMy in a nutshell summaryCarolyn.s to a small Alabama town.t she is a person of interests do envybut soon enoughe haters come out My thoughts after reading this bookI was engrossed in this book It felt seriously real It was told in the first person plural which felt weird at first but then it didn t It s amazing the way every piece of Carolyn s life was analyzed and taken apart by her peerseven down to the soaps used in her guest bath Scary small town girls watching and wa [...]

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