Dirty Promises

[PDF] Download È Dirty Promises : by Karina Halle, [PDF] Download È Dirty Promises : by Karina Halle, Dirty Promises, Karina Halle, Dirty Promises Dirty Promises from cover to cover is a hauntingly dark tale of drugs and sex greed and bloodlust murder and revenge With her beautiful prose and gritty plot Halle eeks out every drop of emotion a reader can possibly feel until there s nothing left stars Angie and Jessica s Dreamy Reads This book is going to leave scars I m infatuated and repulsed and impres Dirty Promises f. [PDF] Download È Dirty Promises : by Karina Halle - Dirty Promises, Dirty Promises Dirty Promises from cover to cover is a hauntingly dark tale of drugs and sex greed and bloodlust murder and revenge With her beautiful prose and gritty plot Halle eeks out every drop of emotion

  • Title: Dirty Promises
  • Author: Karina Halle
  • ISBN: 9781472228888
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download È Dirty Promises : by Karina Halle

Dirty Promises, [PDF] Download È Dirty Promises : by Karina Halle - Dirty Promises, Dirty Promises Dirty Promises from cover to cover is a hauntingly dark tale of drugs and sex greed and bloodlust murder and revenge With her beautiful prose and gritty plot Halle eeks out every drop of emotion

  • [PDF] Download È Dirty Promises : by Karina Halle
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Dirty Promises

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  1. Karina Halle is a former travel writer and music journalist and The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky, Racing the Sun, The Pact, Love, in English, The Artists Trilogy, Dirty Angels and over 20 other wild and romantic reads She lives on an island off the coast of British Columbia with her husband and her rescue pup, where she drinks a lot of wine, hikes a lot of trails and devours a lot of books.Halle is represented by the Waxman Leavell Agency and is both self published and published by Atria Books Simon Schuster and Hachette in North America and in the UK.Hit her up on Instagram at authorHalle, on Twitter at MetalBlonde and on Facebook You can also visit authorkarinahalle and sign up for the newsletter for news, excerpts, previews, private book signing sales and .

  2. Wow Karina Halle wasn t kidding when she said that this was the darkest book that she s written I knew when I opened up this book to find a couple of pages of forewarning from the author about how dark and disturbing the content was, that this was going to be a book that I loved It certainly did not disappoint I have been a die hard Javier fan from the start There is something about him that I just can t resist He definitely isn t a nice guy by any means, but I find him absolutely irresistible I [...]

  3. 4.5 PATRON STARS After everything, he was still everything Please take Karina Halle s warning in the beginning of this book very seriously This is the most brutal and disturbing novel she has written to date No joke friends Check your morals at the door, keep an open mind and enjoy the ruin and resurrection of Javier and Luisa Bernal This was a great final installment that at times I had to take a breather from the torture scenes and and well I m just going to say it, I waited the whole book for [...]

  4. IT S LIVE amzn 1FJ9fr95 DARK STARSThe word amazing isn t enough to describe how good and how much different this story is It s one of these books that you haven t read before It s so dark,cruel,brutal and violent I was on the edge of my seat throughout this reading, not knowing what to expect.d I was afraid for what will happenHe was the King and she was his Queen but now their marriage is falling apartJavier has become cruel due to the fact that his sister is dead and he is pushing away Luisa b [...]

  5. 4.5 Stars Dirty Promises is the third and final installment in Karina Halle s series entitled Dirty Angeles and features the couple for the first installment in the series Javier Bernal and his wife, Luisa This installment was without a doubt my favorite installment in the series It was darker, brutal, disturbing and I devoured it in one sitting An anti hero was still a hero in the end, but I would never be than a villain Since one of his younger sister, Alana, died several months ago Javier [...]

  6. Javier Bernal is the bad guy I couldn t help but love in The Artists Trilogy, his ruthlessness, arrogance and complexity was enthralling like a moth to a flame I was drawn to him An anti hero was still a hero in the end, but I would never be than a villain Dirty Angels furthered my infatuation with this man He and Luisa became one of my favorite couples flawed and passionate, I loved these two together Going intoDirty Promises, with Karina s warning, I was worried What was to become of these tw [...]

  7. Dirty Promises is the 3rd book in Karina Halle s Dirty Angels Trilogy and part of her The Artists Trilogy.I ve really enjoyed the two trilogies so far but Dirty Promises was hell to get through fact, I nearly gave up halfway The storyline was a total throbbing migraineThe violenceter a while I gave up on how many rapes there were in this story.I am not sure how I feel about Javier and Luisa right now Sorry, but I can t continue with any further rantingjust ending with.is was a total disappointme [...]

  8. 5 Stars Now LIVE US UKThese are bad people They do bad things They are immoral Depraved Ruthless and brutal.Take heed of Karina Halle s warning because not only did this story test my limits as to how much brutality I could handle, but it also reminded me that not every story has to follow a certain set of rules for it to be considered a beautiful love story because for me, Dirty Promises was exactly that It takes a monster to know a monster He was the worst of us all A marriage between the king [...]

  9. 6 STARSAcutally, 6 stars won t be enough This is Karina Halle at her best I am in awe of her sick, twisted, lovely dark dirty mind Is it wrong that I love her depravity so damn much Complete PERFECTION Is this a dark read Yes.Is it full of sexually graphic violent scenes Yes.Does the corruption, greed and lust border on insanity Yes, yes, yes.Have you ever researched Mexican drug cartels Even a basic internet search will confirm that Dirty Promises is completely realistic and possibly even a lit [...]

  10. LIVE early amzn 1gmZpnZDirty Promises is a fictional ride into the cartel where you have to check your morals at the door The world of the cartel is brutal and the characters lack morals A romantic story won t be found between the pages but instead one of love and fortitude The wife of a drug king The queen of corruption.Luisa s world is crumbling around her after some tragic news in Dirty Deeds book 2 The ability to cope with the bleak outcome has lead to amoral copy mechanisms Normally when th [...]

  11. Full review now posted Sept 24th5 dirty stars Luisa s life as wife to Javier Bernal, one of the greatest drug lords in Mexico, had been nice, until a tragic loss in Javier s family Javier is now changing, becoming cruel, souless, but mostly what hurts the most is that he becomes distant She used to be his partner in crime, helping him with his business, but now Luisa feels lonely and betrayed by the man she loves and vowed to stay by his side for the rest of their lives.Esteban s plan is worki [...]

  12. 5 Dirty Stars Dedicated to the ones with the black hearts and dirty souls Halle Dirty Promises is the third book in Karina Halle s Dirty Angels Series This book has an intoxicating blend of action, passion, violence, romance, heartbreak, and brutality It was ugly It was raw It was perfect Readers should pay close attention to the NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR in the beginning of the book Ms Halle was not exaggerating The two of us sat on our thrones, king and queen, with the kind of ease you d find from [...]

  13. 5 She Was Mine Just Mine Always Mine Stars ARC provided by author Dirty Promises In Dirty Promises Javier Luisa are on top as King Queen of one of the most powerful cartels in Mexico, but it takes sacrifice hard work to be the Patron Javier has suffered so much loss as a result of his success, he is now slowly unraveling He is consumed by anger guilt and wants others to suffer as he is Unfortunately his pain is affecting his relationship with Luisa Javier feels he needs to keep her at a distanc [...]

  14. Type Book 3 of 3 from Dirty Angels seriesPOV Shifting MultipleRating Javier Bernal was a broken man after losing his sister He fueled his devastation by unleashing it to anyone and everyone With his attention ruthlessly focused on expanding his empire, his relationship with his wife Luisa started to crack.And that crack didn t go unnoticed to his ever determined right hand man, Esteban Mendoza With stakes high for both his professional and personal life, Javier had to fight for his right to be K [...]

  15. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED We were terrible people who did terrible things to each other We were slaves to hate because hate was strong and we sacrificed love to fuel it O M G There are simply no words to describe this story and do it justice A dark, gritty read start to finish, I felt like I was having an out of body experience for the most part because I found myself enjoying things I most definitely shouldn t have, and I am now convinced that Karina Halle could make me jump out of an airplane wit [...]

  16. What on earth did I just read This book is 50 shades of cray I mean seriously I can t even begin to describe my thoughts while reading this Karina Halle how dare you do this to me To anyone planning on reading this seriesI m going to go put some music on Hopefully, that will be enough to soothe me.

  17. And BOOM that s how it s done Well shit.Fuck.Dayum.Aye Dios Mio.AwGet him Get him That is the jist of what you ll be thinking when reading Dirty Promises This book will push at your comfort zone It s not easy It s brutally honest on how the cartels work and with how the characters you ve come to love or hate portray themselves Way back when Karina introduced us to Javier Bernal, we knew how his mind worked He s conniving, vindictive and dramatic but he s also a lover, a fighter and the king to h [...]

  18. Holy hell, for everyone who said Javier was too soft THINK AGAIN I was in shock and yet I couldn t look away There were moments I was literally cringing at the cruelty and brutality in Dirty Promises However, as I read I was captivated by the story and heart broken, well, I was just a complete mess of emotions This is the final installment and when things begin I was immediately gutted at seeing Javier and Luisa and how their relationship was Javier is devastated by his sisters death, he is a st [...]

  19. In Dirty Promises we are reunited with Javier Bernal applause, bows, kisses, blowsand anything else he may want me to do lol Ok now that I have that out of my system, let s get serious and always dirty In the third and final book of the Dirty Angels series, Javier and Luisa are confronted with unexpected challenges Javier is at the top of his game as El Patr n but is not prepared for death of his sister, Alana, and the betrayal of his wife In his grief, Javier retreats to himself and shuts out e [...]

  20. 1 Dirty Angels 2 Dirty Deeds Well, this is the worst book I ve read all year I can t even believe Karina Halle would write this monster She s trying to pretend it s dark and edgy, but it s disgusting and repulsive She tried way too hard, and is way too over the top This book was so bad, this is going to be a rant than a review with everything I m feeling right now.The amount of rape in this book is insane She could have cut the number in half and the readers would have gotten the point Every ot [...]

  21. Damn When Karina Halle said this was the darkest book she has ever written she wasn t joking Kidnapping, interrogation, torture, drugs, murder, rape, the taking off of body parts yeah, it was intense Ms Halle went to dark places in this world of Mexican drug cartels and I will never again question why she took a time out and explored contemporary romance for a while Dark is definitely where her true talent lies but Ms Halle can t live there and after reading this I would never ask her to Dirty P [...]

  22. For people looking for safety.Well there is noneThere helpless cheating h cheats with H right hand manH lets his right man fuck his wife in front of him to get the truth out that h and right man are fucking Rape gang rapeKilling

  23. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review He was the worst of us all And I was going to rip him from limb to limb, tear him from ass to mouth, skin him alive and piss on his broken bones until I lost all traces of whatever humanity I had left I was living, breathing wrath and I was never going to stop Bloody Fucking Brilliant That s all I have to say about Dirty Promises by Karina Halle Dirty Promises was everything I craved, wanted, and needed in a dark romance Karina Halle did an [...]

  24. Give this book all the fucked up, dirty, bloody stars Dirty Promises may be Halle s best writing since Sins Needles It s definitely the most exciting The most brutal The most uninhibited.Javier was never a good guy, but he s moved beyond just a bad guy He s vicious and focused so thoroughly on rage and revenge that he almost misses what is unraveling right in front of him Almost.Luisa is caught up in a marriage falling apart, a cartel on the brink of either exploding or imploding and a spiderweb [...]

  25. It s LIVE Dirty Promises I missed dark and gritty Karina It s her best grit and gore to date Leave your boundaries at the door, this isn t your mama s romance The drug cartel world isn t full of rainbows or ponies but betrayal, blood and hunger Full review to come

  26. 4.5Mexico s violent realitySTARS They all died because I kept climbing Family is everything That is the creed in this country But that creed gets others killed And it slowly kills you Your family is the first thing you ll lose Your soul will be the last Honestamente no se como Karina logro tan gran reto, entrar en las mentes de personajes tan perversos y depravados como lo son Javier, Luisa y Esteban Sin duda la prosa de Karina es lo mejor del libro, releo todas las frases que subraye y wow se m [...]

  27. Good god that was brutal, extremely ugly, unbecoming, and holy cow it was captivatingly epic Again, why I put reading this series off so long, I ll never understand Javier Luisa are a force to be had Yes I was forced to skim over some areas of this book, I had to, it was just that bad but I Absolutely loved this story And if I could have been Luisa when she got her revenge, I would done exactly what she did to that jerk A book that was definitely worth the pain of reading, I d do it all over aga [...]

  28. Dirty Promises He wanted everything I had, he was always that way When you combined that with the fact that I had been screwed by my partners and co workers before in this business, I knew I always had to keep Este at arm s length.All hail to Karina Halle in this epic conclusion to Dirty Angels Dirty Promise picks up where Dirty Deeds left off Same heart pounding action packed excitement, twice the amount of tear jerker drama and one riveting end that will leave your jaws punching holes into the [...]

  29. e brutality of our compound, the screams or the breaking hearts or the ending marriages or the lives full of bad choicesThere are no happy endings within the drug cartel wars of Mexico There is only pain and violence and the thirst for power Sometimes there is momentary peace before the bottom falls out and blood is shed once again, the cycle of pain and violence, the struggle to survive never ending Dirty Promises is a love story written in blood It s that never ending cycle of carnage and viol [...]

  30. I might have to go back through and re read this just for quotes on GR But basically, I loved this book so much it made me a little concerned for my mental well being This is NOT a sunshine and romance book Not even a little These people are FUCKED UP And I loved every single horrible torturous minute I don t know where to begin ever since we met Javier in Sins Needles or On Every Street depending on the order you read them in I have been in lust Not in love Javier is not a man you want to fall [...]

  31. 4.5 Bloody Stars Family is everything.That is the Creed in this country But that Creed gets others killed.And it slowly kills you.Your family is the first thing you ll lose.You re soul will be the last What the hell was that I truly believe that this author is crazy.A genius yes but straight up crazy.I had my hand over my mouth for the most part of this book and I gotta tell you I didn t know whether I wanted to throw up or just start chugging pepto bismol.Javier Bernal is still grieving the los [...]

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