Crashing Into Love

[PDF] Crashing Into Love | by ✓ Gregory Jonathan Scott, [PDF] Crashing Into Love | by ✓ Gregory Jonathan Scott, Crashing Into Love, Gregory Jonathan Scott, Crashing Into Love Sean a single California Interior designer sets his sights on going home after a short business trip on the island of Kauai On his way back to the States Sean s world literally spirals out of control when the flight he s on takes a course he hadn t expected and into the masculine arms of Kale a drop dead handsome pilot with attitude spontaneous charm and a hint of reSean a. [PDF] Crashing Into Love | by ✓ Gregory Jonathan Scott - Crashing Into Love, Crashing Into Love Sean a single California Interior designer sets his sights on going home after a short business trip on the island of Kauai On his way back to the States Sean s world literally spirals out of contro

  • Title: Crashing Into Love
  • Author: Gregory Jonathan Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Crashing Into Love | by ✓ Gregory Jonathan Scott

Crashing Into Love, [PDF] Crashing Into Love | by ✓ Gregory Jonathan Scott - Crashing Into Love, Crashing Into Love Sean a single California Interior designer sets his sights on going home after a short business trip on the island of Kauai On his way back to the States Sean s world literally spirals out of contro

  • [PDF] Crashing Into Love | by ✓ Gregory Jonathan Scott
    226Gregory Jonathan Scott
Crashing Into Love

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  1. Gregory Jonathan Scott Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crashing Into Love book, this is one of the most wanted Gregory Jonathan Scott author readers around the world.

  2. Crashing into Love by Gregory Jonathan Scott is a romantic comedy in the literary sense of the word This is the kind of book you can read over and over again because the witty humor and the snarky sarcasm and banter between Sean and Kale is spot on.The first time I read this book was back in January 2015, and since then I ve read it two or three times because it is a feel good book The first thing that I thought about when starting to read it back then was how it reminded me of a movie that cam [...]

  3. Between 2 and 3 You absolutely have to keep remembering as you read that this is a comedy, because some of the reactions made me shake my head It is along the lines of a parody at times, which I wasn t really expecting Sean is from California and has been working in Kauai He just wants to get home and Kale is the gorgeous pilot who is going to fly Sean there Unfortunately, problems arise almost right away and the plane is toast Which means the men are literally falling from the sky and here was [...]

  4. This is my first read by this author but it certainly won t be the last as this was a great read From start to finish I was totally sucked in.A plane crash leaves Sean and Kale stranded on an island Talk about opposites attract these two were completely different This author gives us a really lovely story Some great laugh out loud moments Let s not forget the hot steamy sex scenes between these two Although a short read I really enjoyed it.

  5. This is a great short sexy read The two leads could not be different Sean is always flipping out being a drama queen Kale is a complete clown, making a joke of every situation There s lots of action with their plan crashing and lots of sexy when they figure out ways to spend their time And it ends on a super sweet note I had fun reading it Sometimes I found myself laughing out loud I have been stuck in bed sick, and reading this totally made my day better.3.5 stars Copy given in exchange for an [...]

  6. Crashing Into Love, starts with Sean, about to board his flight home from the Island of Kauai to Maui Although his brain tells him the small plane looks as though it should be in a junk yard and he should run for his life the smooth talking, good looking pilot reassures him he will get him to his destination in one piece What follows is a breath taking story of a life changing accident, being stranded on a deserted Island, humour, attraction, hot sex and interrogation Oh, I forgot love Meh Grego [...]

  7. A Joyfully Jay review 2.5 starsThis story is billed as a romantic comedy I was indeed looking forward to a lighter love story and two men stranded on an island was certainly looking good As the story gets started, I had to really adjust my expectations of what was being offered It was supposed to be a comedy, but as the men were falling from the plane, I then realized it was supposed to be a slapstick, completely fictionalized, nothing to do with reality type comedy Kale is the only one that has [...]

  8. 3 star review by CindyI picked up this book because of the interesting premise Who doesn t like a good plane crash with lots of strong men and some good old hurt comfort Sean is an interior designer on a business trip who ends up in the worst possible scenario He knew there was gonna be trouble as soon as he took his first look at the dilapidated plane and it s gorgeous owner.Kale is a man who s dedicated his job and his clients and if he notices that Sean is beautiful, he decides to keep it to [...]

  9. Crashing Into Love is a sweet, touching, raunchy and at times, laugh out loud, novella Gregory Jonathan Scott has imagined two characters who are polar opposites Kale with his dry sarcasm and Sean with his diva like tendencies These two are placed in a dramatic if unlikely situation, but the author s attention to detail maroons us on the island with the two men, They wandered through dry bush and weeds for what seemed like than an hour, finding no life of any kind not even a mouse or a bird The [...]

  10. So, first off The Writing irritated me, because it was just not flowing Not one bit and I just couldn t get into the story Now, my bigger problem If it is supposed to be a comedy, write it as a comedy This It s way over the top, surreal at times which would be fine for slapstick or parody, not a comedy Yes, there is a difference But it is not a parody Because for that it is too sincere, maybe Or trying to be Trying to hard All I can say Book, you take yourself too seriously to be a parody, and n [...]

  11. HOT, HOT AND MORE HOT Kale and Sean did a lot of living in a very short time in this enchanting short story Kale was a drop dead gorgeous pilot, who had a not so great plane Sean is a sexy by the book business man, who doesn t have time for foolishness He should have never gotten on Kale s plane The relationship between these two characters was priceless The dialogue, had me laughing my butt off The sex was explosive and magnificently written The feelings they have for each other was just what I [...]

  12. Crashing Into Love is a fast, enjoyable and entertaining read Kale and Sean seem like such opposites in the beginning that their interactions can t be anything but funny While the fact they end up crashing is not surprising to Sean, given his thoughts on the plane from the beginning, their survival is not an easy ride, and their deserted island paradise is cold, barren, and threatening.Yet despite all the accidents and hardships these two can t help falling in love with each other Steamy and rom [...]

  13. 3.5 StarsCrashing into Love was fasted paced and showed what two men would do when stranded on an island.The story was a little confusing I seriously wanted to know what happened to the plane One minute they were flying fine, then the next they were jumping out of the plane.I liked Kale, Sean not so much Kale tried to think on the bright side, while Sean was Mr Doom and Gloom Crashing into Love put all the other insta love books I have read to shame Which isn t a bad thing Hopefully there will b [...]

  14. What a fun bookThis was one of the best books I ve read The humor was so cute, the overflowing sexual tension between these men was predictable after all, how would you expect two gay men to act when planewrecked on a deserted island off the coast of a Hawaiian island Aloooooha, baby But best of all was the love that blossomed like a rose, opening up a little bit each day until it completely burst open full of undeniable love The only negative with this book It was too short I always hate to se [...]

  15. when i started reading i was a bit confusedbut after reading a couple reviews and realizing it s supposed to be over the top funny, i changed my review a bit sean seemed like a bipolar, whiny b tch while kale was actually pretty entertaining and funny the writing seemed a bit forced at times but pretty good most of the other times the sex scenes were okt quite what i expected i think i pretty much agree with other reviewersyou will either love it or just think it s ok

  16. Lots of strange word combinations and repetitive exposition Should have been free for anyone willing to read this silly story.

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